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  1. Cadillac is humble. Not in it for fame and fortune, but for the love of the kids and their future. His time will come to head a program, but he needs a little more experience and he knows that. I admire him for it.
  2. We gonna finish the game with enough players to field a team at this rate?
  3. We just trying to run the clock. Zero passing allowed lol
  4. I always hate the phrase “holds a lot of promise” pertaining to coaches.
  5. Caddy still built like he could take on the entire offensive line of every SEC school. lol War Eagle! Love how genuine he is in this interview.
  6. I don't expect anything magical, but I do hope this will stop the bleeding at least and rally the team and fans to finish the season on a more positive vibe. I too am curious to know Schmedding's ace up the sleeve to stay on. lol
  7. Still a great day because we got rid of the dumpster fire.
  8. Does this shakeup potentially allow us to try and reclaim some players hitting the portal or is that water under the bridge now?
  9. “This is so ugly that we’ll have to wait another week to fire Harsin.” - Auburn administration because it makes no sense
  10. We are 2 weeks past when Harsin should've been let go, but because the administration has played the pacifist, Harsin is now conducting scorched earth. *slow claps sarcastically*
  11. "We paint this grass blue and we could get some wins. That's the key element this team is missing."
  12. Would be nice BUT you have the good ole Auburn booster problem. Yet another problem with getting a good coach here.
  13. You have to beat teams at recruiting to be “good enough”. We are years behind in quality depth imo
  14. Hardest schedule, ultra demanding fan base due to Bama/Georgia success, coaching carousel started, list goes on. What great coach would walk into that even with a blank check offer? Seriously. It’s painful, but I just don’t see a good path for a long time.
  15. And for every one of those, you have a vast majority commit insider trading(illegal) to get filthy rich. So they get "disbarred and impeached" then live in luxury and laugh at the plebs that think "justice was served". Justice will never be served to the corruption in US politics.
  16. While not technically "punished" in prison as many desire, he's having his s*** raided.
  17. One man rightfully punished...soooo many other political figures untouched. Say America isn't corrupt with a straight face. I've never thought I would hate a political system more than modern day American politics(Republicans AND Democrats).
  18. Or maybe I don't think it's my job to give out the specifics of a criminal case. That's for law enforcement or his family(that won't happen) I'm a nobody just like everyone else on an internet message board. So I will delete my posts all except the one where I believe he should receive a most severe punishment because I'm extremely confident that is 100% accurate. Apologies for stirring a pot that wasn't intended.
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