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  1. So I guess this is case in point “know the whole story”. Kinda like believing everything you read on the internet. Like choosing to believe someone said something when there are some that said it happened and some that said it didn’t. And I’m fully aware of military humor.
  2. I’m sorry but no. I can’t get on board with that attempt of justification. It was a stupid statement by someone that should know better. Let’s not justify an inappropriate statement just because we hate the other so much. This was inappropriate just like Trump’s “loser” comment.
  3. I wouldn’t even do that. You know there would still be those that try to say “Did you see <insert POTUS> violently try to punch that kid. Glad the kid’s fist got in the way.” 😂
  4. Here's an idea that will solve the issue for POTUS/candidates. Just don't touch children....ever. Boom. Never another video of this crap again.
  5. "Wuhan/C***a virus"(self edit😂) is a Trump grenade. It always fails at making the impact the thrower anticipates. It just makes a loud noise and annoys people to a dangerous level.
  6. I really want to shake that possibility off, but I fear you may be right.
  7. A Bob Uecker and an Office Space meme IN THE SAME DAY!! What a time to be alive. Thank you sir for making my day!
  8. I think you meant to quote savory for this? Nothing was said to me that merits an apology.
  9. No no no..."Smack Talk" would cease to be effective, informational, and humorous. 😂
  10. That one? Yep...MiG-29s silhouettes. Far left seems to have American loadout. Center guy also appears to have an M249. However, #4 seems to be carrying an AK-12 or 100 class. Trump campaign displays Russian and American soldiers teamed up together? Oh...I can't wait to watch the sides "discuss" on this one.
  11. "AUFamily Bingo" with a variety of popular phrases/key words used on the card. The "loser" is the one who's words/phrases mostly comprise the BINGO. As punishment, one day ban or drink until you can't type. The choice is your's. 😂
  12. Watching a looped video of Shivers trucking Mckinney will get that response every time. I'm not saying I love that video, but I may have to watch it one more time......for the 211th time.
  13. Too many are focusing on the vehicle and not the source. The source isn't firearms, racism, police officers, etc. The source is evil. Simple as that. Focus on the minds and hearts instead of physical appearance. Also, focus on the home. If there's one place that evil has dismantled...it's the home. We have kids growing up in homes that have no stability, no direction, and no true leadership. You want to start a strategy? Start there and you will make some progress. *And the"You" there is not pointed at you individually. Just a general statement*
  14. Similar to how you can state facts that "It is very dangerous to text and drive." People hear but they don't listen. Then they clip a 6 year old in the neighborhood responding "I'm on the way." Well now it's too late to say "I should have listened to the facts." So @johnnyAU, individuals may not listen to advice from governing powers, but sometimes personal judgment can be just as dangerous to oneself or others.
  15. But everything on the internet(esp. Twitter) is factual, right? The Internet doesn't lie!!
  16. Trying to hit people with facts against professional dodgers.
  17. Hey! I've been there before. Go down the stairs and take a right. When you see a random gentleman standing in front of a red door just say "Benjamin wants on the table". He will let you in. It's a $500 buy in and some really good poker players. DON'T order the midnight special from the bar.
  18. Imagine my confusion in reading the title wrong as "Reverse Punter enters transfer portal". I was over here saying "Thank God! Why would we even want one of those?" I need more coffee and better vision.
  19. Is there a difference? I believe so. Does that negate the fact that people said the same thing as you did, with Obama? No. So that indicates a certain point of view for me. People hate Trump as much as people hated Obama. So who is right? You because you claim to be on the side of the righteous due to Trump's plunge? Well Trumpers believe they are too because Biden is awful.
  20. You just had to bait me in to a response with that gold nugget. 😂 The EXACT same thing I heard from the Republicans during Obama's last term(just put Obama in place of Trump). Seems dependent on point of view. In my opinion, we are in peril either way and it's sad to me that no one sees that.
  21. I will respectfully disagree and respect your views. But I will say this exchange, for me, is over. That last part tells me everything. That type of mental slavery is exactly what is wrong with America today. The idea of "Your vote is worthless if it doesn't align with our side". That is exactly the monster of s*** that is the Republican party and Trump. You silence someone's voice and say "it's worthless and not real" makes you part of the disease that has corrupted this country. Again, in all due respect, your opinion is your own. Have a good day. Stay safe and stay well.
  22. Perhaps it gets perpetuated because it could in fact have some accuracy. Biden wasn't the first choice for many because he wasn't the best option. Very palatable choice compared to? Trump? Sanders? Yeah he's not COMPLETE garbage, but even slight garbage is still garbage. Democrats CAN'T hate Biden because he is the only option there is now to oppose Trump. I would classify a dog turd of a candidate to be one of questionable policies, attitude, and leadership qualities. So why vote for that unless the other candidate is absolute absurdity. So voting a dog turd(figuratively) would, in fact, be voting just because "at least it's not the absurd choice".
  23. There’s no changing minds on this. The divide between the two candidates is too far. This election is solely “It’s not Biden/Trump”. Policies be d***ed. Just like last election. So ultimately, it’s a waste of time changing minds with either side. Trump is a POS but it’s ok for Biden to say frankly “If you question who to vote for you, ain’t black” or.... Biden has clearly lost cognitive ability, yet it’s ok for Trump to make some of the boneheaded statements he does frequently. smh....that is all.
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