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  1. Stan was great to listen to and he will be missed. I hope that we have an entire new radio crew. Andy is a great guy, but just isn't good with calling a football game. Hugh Freeze and a new radio crew will make Auburn football fun again!
  2. The Spun is reporting Charles Kelly to Colorado with Deion as DC?
  3. ESPN being ESPN...I flipped over to watch the interview and turned it as soon as it was over. I haven't, and won't, watched since 2004. I don't miss their corrupt BS!
  4. Kent Austin, Hugh's OC at Liberty, would be a good OC. I'm sure there may be better known names, but he has a LOT of good experience.
  5. I like this hire! He has had some great receivers! War Eagle, Coach Heard!
  6. If Matt Luke isn't an option, then Jeff Grimes as OL coach and OC. I would like the DC at Moo State, but he may be their head coach if the Pirate has to call it quits. I want a strength coach that has a full supply of deer antler spray with a side of piss and vinegar!
  7. I agree...Tracy needs to enjoy the NFL or wherever he is! I would prefer the return of Rodney Garner vs. TRocker
  8. What's the board's thoughts on Charles Kelly as DC?
  9. I thought that he aced the press conference! WAR DAMN EAGLE, CHF!
  10. Anyone confirmed who's staying and who he's bringing in?
  11. Who would you prefer your daughter(s) to be underneath?
  12. They're hypocrites! We have a bunch of holier than thou MORONS in our fanbase. They will find something wrong with everyone, except themselves! We are in the company of a bunch of miserable people that claim to be Auburn fans.
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