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  1. I didn't like the play, but they were in the correct defense. It would have been better is the wide side would have been to the right. I would have preferred a back shoulder throw to the goal line.
  2. What's going on with Tar'Varish? Where was he last night?
  3. When will the game time be announced/confirmed for the LSU game?
  4. Bo seemed really CALM last night and played under control. I am overly excited about what I saw out of TD Moultry! I appreciate his efforts and not giving up on being a star at Auburn. The best part to me was that we seemed to play as a TEAM and that everyone wanted to be on that sideline! It was great to see most all, if not all of the team make an effort to congratulate Jarquez after he scored. I'm excited about our future and look forward to Penn St!
  5. Some can't comprehend this. It's a few of the same clowns that muddy most every thread. They don't want to see anything but what fits their agenda.
  6. What was the outcome? So you want Bruce fired?
  7. He can't see the light that Greene is the one that was interviewing and trying to leave.
  8. Greene is the one looking to leave. I thought that it was a great hire. I would have fired his ass after the first interview with USC 2019. If he's not committed and doesn't want to be the AD at Auburn, then get the HELL ON!
  9. What? I take it that you are/were an english major? Greene is the one interviewing and lying about it. I know that you can't see that thru your dark colored vision. Put down the pipe!
  10. Some don't want to believe the truth. Conspiracy theory works better for them. I trust what WDEWDE says. Greene needs to go! I was stoked when he was hired, but it seems that he has checked out.
  11. If Grant Loy plays before TJ and DD, some on this board will never recover and may need to be institutionalized!
  12. Super excited that we landed him! Go HUSKIES and WAR DAMN EAGLE, Omari!
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