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  1. It's none of your DAMN BUSINESS!🤣
  2. Gus should have! Ellis Johnson sucked and should have never been hired!
  3. How many games was Smoke thrown out for the same issue? Seems that he has a long learning curve.
  4. You would probably be more of a glass half full person if you cured your E. D.!
  5. I believe that he will. I watched a few of his games and he stays calm and doesn't make many mistakes. He also has a big time arm with pretty good touch!
  6. WAR EAGLE, ZACH! Disregard the idiots in our fanbase.
  7. I'm sure that Dabo being the upstanding guy that we all know asked for permission to interview Eason, so this should be no surprise to CBH. I expect a replacement to be named soon.
  8. I will always respect Bo Nix as an Auburn Athlete. He entered into an impossible situation at Auburn with his legacy and expectations. I wish him nothing but success and I hope that one day he and the family will realize it wasn't personal and that Auburn is the GREAT University that they love(d). It's time for both Bo and the football team to move on, as it was with Tuberville and Malzahn. WAR EAGLE, Bo!
  9. We have the right man for the job, if our PTB will stay out of his way and let him do it his way! WDE, Coach Harsin and team!
  10. This is EXCELLENT! War Damn Eagle, Mr. Sledge "Hammer"!
  11. Does this mean that Harsin want's the Seattle OC job? That seems to be how this board works...
  12. I want to keep him! This may not be anything more than wishful thinking on A&M's part (if this is actually a thing for them).
  13. Just from the board...kind of like all of the candidates that we dream up here?
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