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  1. Nike sucks!!! Adidas!
  2. Can someone point me to the best streaming service for Auburn Sports? I know this has been discussed before, but can't get the search to work in order to find the threads.
  3. There's a post in this thread that you disliked where the person asked a question. So pot=kettle! You can STFU and GTH! I have a better suggestion, but will get banned!
  4. I suggest you google Hoovergate. Rush knows exactly how those two operate. He was knee deep in it with Jeremy Pruitt. Rush may be a shyster, but he is or was a successful shyster in many places.
  5. It proves the fact that most of the people bitching about who should be playing are clueless. The same goes for Malik Willis, as he stated in an interview that he wasn't preparing properly at Auburn.
  6. I was at that game as well...cold and miserable, but we won.
  7. If you want to see clowns, go to the circus. This type of article isn't new and will continue. Don't feed them!
  8. Until proven otherwise, I will believe in Coach Harsin and his decisions! War Eagle!
  9. Not at all...laughing at the drama Queen, board trolls...creating a narrative that doesn't exist...typical. I hope that Christian returns, MAR returns and all of the players that want to be an Auburn Tiger.
  10. I love how our resident, self righteous posters are claiming that some posters were hating on Christian for having an opinion on whether Christian should go to the NFL and/or transfer. Some simply stated their opinion that they didn't think that he was ready for the NFL. Some were not pleased that he may want to leave for another program. Most of the post that I have read wished him luck wherever he may wind up. However, I haven't seen many, if any, that attacked him personally or said that they never wanted him on the team. I hope that you overly dramatic AUFamily trolls feel good about tryi
  11. TOO many of our fans don't understand this. I'm happy for Gus that he has escaped and was well paid. It was time for a change.
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