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  1. Offense is not going to get it done at this pace in the SEC. Lead-off batter hitting .200 Time to sit her and let someone else have a shot. Wonder if the are using the Pro-Batter System, that CMD, raved about that would be of great benefit. Is it broken still????
  2. Wonder why Handley has not had a start yet this season?
  3. Here is the most updated schedule as of 2-2-21. Many teams dropping due to the Covid testing protocals. https://auburntigers.com/sports/softball/schedule?path=softball
  4. SEC schedule has been released. Preseason to come. https://auburntigers.com/news/2021/1/15/sec-announces-2021-softball-conference-schedule.aspx
  5. NCAA granted every player an extra year of eligibility. I have heard that Auburn will honor scholarships for all but the NCAA has to rule on whether to allow schools to increase the number of players on their roster to accommodate for the extra players. For the 2021 season, the NCAA expanded roster sizes and I am hopeful that they would do the same for all the players that lost a year due to Covid and not just the 2020 seniors..
  6. Overall, Lexie is improving IMO. Her losses have come against some top teams in the country and the offense has mustered only 6 total runs in those games. Hard to win only scoring an average of 1 run per game. Florida game 3 was not her best but give kudos to the Gators for attacking her pitches.
  7. Based on the last few outings from the 2019 season, I would not count out Handley. She pitched well against Florida in the SECs coming in relief and turned around and pitched well against Arizona in the first game. IMO well enough to win but lost 2-1. I think her and Swindle have improved and will have a good year. KK is a wild card since she hasn't thrown since coming to Auburn.
  8. The NCAA gives you 5 years to compete in 4 seasons athletically, with the fifth year being a red-shirt year. A red-shirt year gives athletes the opportunity to sit out a year of competition (for reasons such as injury or competition for playing time) and still be allowed to compete in all four years athletically. Hasn't her time elapsed by now? I fully support her going after the coaches if there was any wrong doing.
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