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  1. This. That should've been a worm TD, imo. Much riskier throw that worked out
  2. Maybe I'm misinterpreting what it is you are trying to say, but we already have a QB committed, and Kool-Aid is on the other side of the ball entirely, so this seems like this thought isn't pertinent to the situation he's talking about? As far as reasons to be silent at all though, I'd imagine a kid (especially a 5 star and top rated prospect in the state of Alabama) would have a plethora of reasons to not publicly commit but still have made up his mind. The strongest one I can think of is a recently passed feller named Harvey. The antics of a questionably sane and highly delusional fan a
  3. Here's to a break out game for your boy. I've got confidence in my man, Worm!
  4. Someone used to put all of our replays up on YouTube. I relied on that having to work basically every Saturday, and having no cable. I haven't seen a full game replay available since the Tulane game, and it appears that one has been deleted. I think ESPN may be battling against it. The Oregon game is still available.... sucks, made watching little details -- especially blocking and defensive positioning/schemes -- a lot easier. Let me know if you find a solution!
  5. Auburn 31 Florida 10 (that TD is against the 3rd string)
  6. Feels like it could have similarities to a 2016 game. AU - 42 State - 14
  7. When Spencer Nigh and Shenker are in motion at the same time.... Is that not an illegal shift? I mean, I'm glad Bo got the first, but am I wrong?
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