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  1. Here's to a break out game for your boy. I've got confidence in my man, Worm!
  2. Someone used to put all of our replays up on YouTube. I relied on that having to work basically every Saturday, and having no cable. I haven't seen a full game replay available since the Tulane game, and it appears that one has been deleted. I think ESPN may be battling against it. The Oregon game is still available.... sucks, made watching little details -- especially blocking and defensive positioning/schemes -- a lot easier. Let me know if you find a solution!
  3. Auburn 31 Florida 10 (that TD is against the 3rd string)
  4. Feels like it could have similarities to a 2016 game. AU - 42 State - 14
  5. When Spencer Nigh and Shenker are in motion at the same time.... Is that not an illegal shift? I mean, I'm glad Bo got the first, but am I wrong?