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  1. Great insight coach. enjoyed you input of the game. War Eagle!!
  2. Its amazing, after all this time things are beginning to come out. who do you think run the Sec officials, the NCAA, etc. you can just about bank on it, most things that goes on, Bama got their hands in it. this year for instant, they are letting the offense have their way with all the none call. until the officials are held accountable along with the NCAA and all others entities, this will continue.." The Power That Be" Early Power!!
  3. Good observation Coach. I definitely agree with you on the game plan or the like there of, at some point as a coach when you see that your QB is struggling and wide eyes, it don't or wouldn't hurt to set him on the side line for a few plays and let him watch from the sideline. Florida Field is different then most field in that it is very close to the sideline, my daughter graduated from the University of Florida and I been there several time.its not that Florida out played Auburn, I think their (Dan Mullen & DC) just had a better game plan against what we was running.. offensively we did not adjust or try to help out a young QB. other word I hate to say this, Out coach!!! still a tigers and will continue to be a tiger,
  4. on that note, I know we want to stop the running game; all we have to do is put a spy on his every move while keeping containment. he's alright.
  5. Hey Coach How are referees assign to games ? also what happen in the booth on sat to rule that a fumble when replay clearly showed that he was down ?
  6. Great point coach, definitely wasn't a fumble. its amazing on some of the calls the referee made in this game. and the holding is just is just crazy!!