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  1. I think that had more to do with Shrife Cooper, he focus so hard on him an didn’t want to cover him up with another pg also he couldn’t of known Isaac would be a 1 an done
  2. Yeah good point but in 5games he couldn’t get deep once I saw him kinda get behind a ga db who was still in phase he couldn’t run by him 1on1 he caught it and the db rip it out his hand and sent us out with another 3&out. He need to get stronger to play football at this level he gotta add muscle he need to choose Olympic sprinter or a football player. &If it’s that easy to stop a great wr obj, randy moss, Julio, cooper, never played with 4 great wrs and they still got behind great defenses
  3. Lol it’s not like that he was right but I’m jus at work kinda talking to the board in txt mode wasn’t in the mood too to be corrected by the smartest person in the room when he could’ve jus address the point I was trying to make instead keyboard whip me🤦🏾‍♂️
  4. I don’t give a f***k about the English lesson but what good team or player he ran away from & waddle did it ever time he touched the ball against us. Is ever opponent dbs Usain bolt or jus our dbs slow like the fl slant for td or ga over the top on the 1st drive or the waddle game but y is his affect different on the game vs flash
  5. Let me fix it for u bradtx! All good teams we play dbs had no problem running with seth & flash cause they didn’t get behind any dbs also who is faster waddle or flash?
  6. Ahah complex with Gus started when he watched film trying to evaluate js for the draft
  7. So that means Gus/Auburn offense does the same every year?
  8. The fanbase feels the same way about Gus offense for the last 4yrs week after week, I cannot even think of player that was fun to watch but kj. I love Auburn so much but it hurts & no fun to watch us lose to who’s who of college football wen we have the better roster
  9. We could be a powerhouse if we win all these games that not if for some of worst offensive performances in Auburn history so many games we couldn’t get 10yrds on 3 plays. I kinda like Gus I like the players he recruits besides all the offensive misses ie Justin Ross, George Pickens, Wyane Morris, Jwuan Pass that’s just off top of my head I like his defensive staff and I like the ideal of his offense in theory the problem with him is he like his offense more than winning very film he watch he see offensive staff working around a great defense cause Auburn always have 1 why his ego so big he can’t steal some of their concepts for dealing with a tough defensive line u just can’t run on
  10. No bo don’t deserve play while struggling aka “sucking” Marlon Davidson&Derrick Brown deserve for the head coach to do everything he can to do to win every drive every situation KJ Britt could’ve got paralyzed on the the helmet to helmet Gus can’t look that man in the eye and say he tried everything losing is losing weather bo or jg