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  1. Agree. Solid in the SEC could find you finishing as one of the last four teams.
  2. I agree, and while we should never base a Spring scrimmage on a starting QB, at this point, I do believe Ash is the best QB. TJ has the size, Calzada has the most experience, but the ceiling appears to be lower for each of them. BH has to find a way to win at least 7 this year counting a bowl and TJ nor Calzada will get him there. Start w Ashford and if there are packages for TJ put them in, because in the end Holden will be the best. Then again, I also believe in giving Harsin at least 3 years to prove his point of changing the culture and dynamic of what has become a very stale program the last four to five years.
  3. Agree. Bo was all world coming out of HS and it never translated into greatness at the college level. Not convinced he even wins starting job at Oregon. Hopefully Holden will turn out differently.
  4. Gus was kept too long, on the merit of 1 great but very lucky season. Harsin deserves at least three years if not four to see whether or not his vision can work at a high expectation SEC school. AU embarrassed themselves as usual with the off season crap. If you can’t take being yelled at and told what to do, for your own good, then stay away. That is exactly the reason why I think our last few teams under GM faltered. True, players loved him, but that’s because he really never held them accountable for poor play or missed assignments. Top coaches DO that. To me, if Harsin gets kids to buy into what his vision is and the ones that are truly on track to play at the next level, buy in, then that is worth a few years winning less. I mean we should have possibly won at least 8 last year and after the transfers, it showed who didn’t buy in/ or in my opinion was lazy, so that’s why a number of them followed GM to UCF.
  5. Agree. This program needs consistency and if it comes from a non experienced SEC guy that has a vision, he needs at least 3 to 4 years. I don’t expect this year to great, but a break even, could mean this coach and his staff have a true plan in place and most plans at big schools, especially with the damn portal deal, still take at least 3 classes of recruiting to implement. Now, if after this season, the team is non competitive and looks in disarray, there will be some merit, but in my opinion, he would still need another year. College football is becoming so NFL like that it’s hard to hang on to anybody, much less being a guy with a coaching acumen from the Midwest area. Just my thoughts, but he deserves time. In my opinion, the program just gave the last coach too much time based off of one season, that weren’t his recruits necessarily.
  6. I do find it a bit odd that Bryce Young entering the portal isn’t really being discussed. He wants to prove himself in his last year before the draft, but wants to do so with a team that is not a powerhouse. Not saying he would ever come to AU, but it damn sure wouldn’t hurt to inquire. Also, we are currently so far from being considered a powerhouse at this time, it could potentially cost him millions on a contract if injured behind a very weak OL.
  7. I tend to agree. He will not escape the rush like Bo did. I’m not sure he’s really any less accurate than Bo was though. He has a great arm, but that’s only worth the salt if the WR’s get open and he improves his accuracy. With Calzada out for spring, this is def his chance to prove he’s the guy. Our true freshman may be the actual guy after a few games into the season depending on how things go. It seems obvious after the fiasco with Harsin a few months ago, that Harsin may not be given the amount of time he truly needs to instill his culture and blueprint on the program. Honestly, I really don’t see anything more than a 6/6 record again.
  8. Disagree. Damari Alston may or may not be really good. It sux Jacquez has the injury, but recruiting wise, Alston is considered better. Yes, stars don’t equate to play on the field, but it often means enough Scouts saw him and thought he was a good TB. I also like Ingram, though we saw very little of him last year and Jackson appears to be a beast. Harsin obviously knows he has this year and maybe one more to prove his program change and currently, that’s still a long uneven road to have to navigate. If TJ is our QB, I just don’t think we improve one bit over last year.
  9. I will say it. We are and were overrated this year. This team had at the very least, 2 of the best 20 players on the country. We have ZERO for decent guards. This in my opinion is far from a successful year. On top of that, we’ve wasted one of the few years you get an all time talent at forward and center. Had we had Jared Harper running our show, which is the guards, we may could have won it this year. Winning the SEC is nice, but damn, this team fell apart the last 8 or so games of the season. Just an opinion, but seems par for the course with AU.
  10. Most everybody in the SEC has been saying it for years. Too many wanna be cooks and not enough continuity in the program. Pops up every few years at AU.
  11. Agree and our D line returned a lot of talent. Our kicker stuck around even tho we signed the top HS kicker, so there are a couple of decent areas. Otherwise, a TON of work to do to even remain competitive and win 6.
  12. I hope the fact that are recent poor play is not due to jealousy of another players success or implied ability to be a one and done. With that being said, you do raise a valid point. While WG is a serviceable guard, I have never thought he was one capable of leading us in the way that Jared Harper did a few years ago. Quick thought is, he’s just not near the player or leader. Not a knock on him, but it’s very obvious at this point in the season. As for KD, he was UGAs best player last year but jumped ship when he saw where the program was headed. He, to me is a much better player than WG, but he does take a lot of ill advised shots. I’m not sure this team has a run in them for the tourney, because everything appears to be crumbling and that’s on BP. I hope he’s not becoming too complacent since the big new contract. At AU, that tends to happen quite often unfortunately. Just my two cents.
  13. Thank you. I think we were overrated and now we seem to be playing like the team we really are, good, but far from elite. I’m glad AU basketball is very relevant, but the last month has been very frustrating and now we lose two of the best to ever play at AU. Hope BP has his eye locked on some upcoming freshman and portal guys and I damn for sure hope we get a guy that is a three point threat. Haven’t really had that since Bryce Brown. Been a fun year anyway, but I just don’t see this team doing much else this year.
  14. That’s wishful thinking at its highest at this point.
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