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  1. My thought is that GM simply did not know how to plan a strategic game against a tough opponent. I know we snuck a few upsets in there during his tenure, but once 2013 was over, real college coaches weren’t fooled and knew how to out coach him. He may do well at UCF if he is willing to rethink some of his plans. I’m just glad we finally have a chance to move on with a guy that has real college HC experience, even if it takes him a couple of years to acclimate to the SEC. I think he will change our football program from the better, because if he is a bit nervous, chances are we won’t notice it.
  2. Good video. Never seen Vernon Jones before, but he had some very good insight. Outside of the PSU game, I think he believes DD will push if not supplant Nix and he seemed high on our secondary which is good. His take on our potential OL was spot on in my opinion. Some depth with some experience and a hopeful spring under their belt will not hurt at all. I actually think our DL may be better with the TN and NW transfers. At any rate, I believe Harsin will change the competitive culture and get us back to a scary team to have to play. Next three years will be fun at the least i am expecting. Tha
  3. My biggest question is: Did his winning in highschool make him grade out as a 5 star? As you stated, if he’s never been a accurate passer even dating back to highschool, then it is probably too much to expect him to all of a sudden become a great QB at a SEC school. I just hope his footwork, his mental strength and coaching will help him improve. He’s talented but needs to take a step forward.
  4. Good assessment. No doubt he has heart and talent, but unfortunately that does not always translate to a top tier athlete in any sport. I for one am hoping he gets a full spring w the new coaches, takes their coaching to heart and then come fall practice, Chalyil Garrett will push him for the job. This is a new regime and basically nobody, but Tank is immune to losing a starting position.
  5. I agree. We are just not a very good team this year. Hopefully Cooper sticks around and we build off of this year. We are very young as well, but no excuse to lose to this KY team this year, because you can bet this is most likely an aberration for them. We have talent, but to me it seems the players are not geljng this year. We lack a true veteran leader.
  6. Agree. This worries me a bit. We’ve lost a couple of great recruiters and replaced them with inexperienced Southern recruiters w the exception of Bobo and Mason. The thing w Mason will be can he recruit what we need on D as a DC instead of a HC. Just a waiting game for the next year or so. Malzahn and staff had definitely let recruiting slip year over year.
  7. Agreed. Bo really needs to show improvement this year. My hope is that DD comes in and really pushes him to the brink of losing the starting job. I think Harsin and Bobo, assuming they have a chance at some practices, are going to give the job to the best QB at the end of Fall camp. Yeah the D was not it’s usual self last year, but they spent the prior four years digging a poorly coached offense out of awful situations. Doesn’t matter how good a line is if the QB is too jittery to go through the reads. I think we will see some improvement in many areas, but the wins may take another year.
  8. Opinions vary. There has been plenty of criticism for multiple high profile players. Maybe the issue with underperformance was and is coaching, but criticism is part of sport when a player or player doesn’t perform to the standard they are thought of. We can argue this point until the season starts, but everybody has opinions. Maybe he succeeds at TN or wherever he ends up and maybe not. I wish him and all others success and if he balls out, then maybe it was a coaching issue. Byron Cowart is a prime example. Not very good in college but yet starts for the Patriots if I’m not mistaken.
  9. I faintly remember those years. My main point was that so many come into college after being catered to during recruitment. Many turn out fine and have nice careers, but there are tons that don’t. When highly regarded players don’t perform, criticism is part of the game. Do you think Saban doesn’t criticize his top players when they’ve underperformed? Thick skin is often needed to succeed in sports. That’s not to say an attack on someone as a person is okay, but rather as an athlete. Many times this starts in pee wee leagues. That’s just my opinion on what I’ve seen over the years.
  10. These kids should be immune to reading fans’ opinions on them. It does not mean anybody wishes the young man failure at any thing in his life, but the comment from what I took from it meant, he was highly recruited, yes, but under the coaching he received, be it good or bad, he just did not live up to expectations. During the Gus era, there were multiple players that met this opinion. When you play football or baseball or even basketball, for a school at any level and you are considered cream of the crop, then it’s best to develop thicker skin. If he chooses to stay w UT, then good luck to him
  11. I think we go 7/5 or 8/4 at best which is good w me all things considered. I think we should beat PSU as well and Miss St. I think our 4 losses would be almost obvious as usual. Bama, Ga, LSU, and Tamu. A fifth possible loss to me would be Ole Miss. I do think our outside chance at only 3 losses in regular season would be Bama, Tamu and I could actually see us finally winning in Baton Rouge and possibly pulling our biggest upset beating Ga. If we manage a win against LSU or Ga, i don’t see why 9/3 isn’t possible, but that’s definitely the highest ceiling in my opinion. Would like to hear more
  12. I second that. Was so bored watching Malzahns same offense for 8 years with very little change or new ingenuity to it. Our recruiting class was in trouble even before he was fired. I do think a lot of this will be corrected with better coaching and may show up on the field even without all the four and five star recruits. I think 7 and possibly 8, but I’m just hoping to see progress and tough play. I’m expecting no major miracles and hope we are back in the elite discussion by year 3 of this new era.
  13. We just got a good pass rusher from Northwestern w 2 years eligibility remaining. Eku Leota. Our best get yet since Harsin started. War Eagle. I think he starts right away. Great pick up.
  14. The Gus regime was sinking after 8 years and it had become obvious. 21 will not be a miraculous turnaround, but that will not have anything to do with the current coaching staff. There are a lot of areas and coaching that need to be purged and that just wasn’t the case in Gus’ first two years. A new actual college system versus high school systems takes a while to implement. For all intents and purposes, the Gus Bus had become a train wreck and just wasn’t working anymore.
  15. Agree. I see 7 wins and possibly 8 by beating someone we aren’t supposed to. One good thing is, teams can watch tape of Boise State, but it’s w different athletes. If we win 8 in 21 then to me that is success for a complete overhaul. I mean think about it, with GM we were still trailing way behind in recruiting. While the cupboard is far from bare, the depth just isn’t where it should be. I just want to see toughness and positive response from the players from a whole new scheme. I am looking at year 3 of Harsin as a major jump.
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