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  1. We are nowhere UGA’s level. We might could upset Bama at home, but I’m not willing to hold my breath for that either. Great road win today!!!!!
  2. I agree. That’s my point. Our schedule was front loaded with our supposed cupcake games and that’s never a good thing. I DONT think DD is ready or that he’s a better choice, but the O has to be more consistent and get the running game going. Def a very good win against a ranked team on the road.
  3. Well I for one will eat crow. I was happily surprised at the start of the game, but began to be more pessimistic the second half. The D showed up when they needed to. Still scared of OM, TAMU and Bama, but this is a great win on the road against a good team.
  4. That’s the problem, our D can’t stop them. Going to hinge on how well our O plays rest of game, because after last week, we know Arky can score. If you think about it, our D has not stopped any team w a pulse except for LSU and they are way down this year.
  5. I can agree with that. And just like that, our D scores and another long O TD. I’ll happily admit to pessimism if we pull this out. Far from over, but my question is why is Eku Leota not on the field for 95% of the D time? He’s our best pass rusher by far.
  6. Maybe our prior talent evaluators were not very good at their jobs. Stars don’t mean crap except for rankings in recruiting. This is about to get out of hand along with the rest of this season. This is at least a two plus year fix and will require a lot of overhauling of the roster and maybe some of the coaching staff. I mean we fired the WR coach and if anything, it’s gotten worse.
  7. They can do that because our QB and receivers can’t beat them. That’s basic football. They don’t respect Nix.
  8. Momentum has swung and this is not going to end well I’m afraid.
  9. I agree. Our receivers are doing good to catch a ball hitting them in the numbers. We don’t have a stud who can just go up and grab it. I hope Harsin looks into recruiting a couple that may fit that bill.
  10. It’s mesmerizing. I think they have the momentum and this may not end very well for us. In thinking back, wasn’t our secondary supposed to be a strength this year? Seems it is been a liability of late. Granted, you have to put pressure on the QB, but when we do that doesn’t translate into much either.
  11. Just flew back in town from LR today. I so hope you’re right. Would be a really good win.
  12. Are we not in Fayetteville tomorrow? I just watched the head to head w Lauren Sisler and Cole Cubelic and she said the whole time how they win in Jordan Hare. That’s obviously awful preparation. Never heard Cole correct her. They both picked AU which is another omen.
  13. And there in lies our problem. While he can scramble, opposing defenses are not scared of Bo beating them through the air and the dropped passes make it even worse.
  14. Very true. Many moons ago, Dameyune Craig had one of the best QB seasons ever for an AU QB and he had so much less of a run game than Bo has had. The line was also not that great that year, maybe 95 or 96 when they lost to Manning in ATL for SEC championship. It’s getting really old hearing people say don’t jump on the QB, but the BOTTOM line is, he is not a very good QB. I mean, he’s getting paid from Milos is he not? I have never seen or heard him act like a true leader. A spectacular play or three, does not equate to a serviceable QB in this league. He is and has been in the bottom half of
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