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  1. At least they did until Clemson held them to 10 points yesterday
  2. Where is Thornton from? He may be the most important hire behind Caddy. We have had an awful OL for years now and that’s where games are often won. Never heard of him, but that means nothing if he can recruit and coach.
  3. Yeah I know, but I dismiss all that crap. It’s not a racist overtone like the media wants it to be. I’m so glad the Braves refused to fold to the pressure like all the other pro teams have.
  4. Thank you. Agreed. Jeremy was all world for a couple of games. I’m not sure what Freeze wants, but I would like to see Holden behind a line with at least 3 to 5 seconds to read his receivers. Ashford is an athlete for sure, but that doesn’t mean he will turn into a Nick Marshall. Also, there are a lot of good QB’s hitting the portal.
  5. I agree. He’s back in big time ball now and most of those transgression questions will fade as he begins to turn the program around. I Watch ESPN for games but they have always had a bias against AU and the ATL Braves for some reason. I think it’s a toxic work culture to an extent. Rece is the moderator, but Herb and Des know more and McAfee is just a good change of pace.
  6. Ok. Those are impressive numbers. Why would he leave ND or why did he?
  7. Where is Pyne from? Never heard about him. Just curious.
  8. Please no. He didn’t do that well in the ACC, so no thanks.
  9. I agree. He was not one I was for and still have some doubts, but he owned up to his mistakes and I am ready to forget that part. I do hope he is not the second Gus. I know what he did at Liberty and while impressive, it’s nowhere near the competition of the SEC, which luckily he has experienced with OM. If he can go out and get recruits wanting to come here, utilize the portal, keep his personal life under control and be a motivator as he claims, this could be a hire AU has been waiting for. I know we are behind in the recruiting game, but if he manages to improve that in the short time he has, maybe AU finally hit on a coach. As always, there are plenty of unknowns, but I will no longer speak ill of the hire. I also don’t expect a one year turn around, but just some direction and consistency. He’s excited and maybe that will play into how he recruits. Going to be fun from now until signing day. There are still some top players out there to grab.
  10. I didn’t want HF, but will roll with him as I have with all AU coaches over my 40 plus years as a fan. With that being said, we were one bad second half away from beating LSU and one bad first half away from beating MSU. Win those as we could or should have and we are 7/5. Of course I know, hindsight is a dangerous idea to live by, but we are about to see what HF can do with the ever turning portal and the rest of the HS signing class. I think a 7 win season next year is very plausible. Just my thoughts, but I don’t expect anything over that. 7/5 with a bowl and a chance to be 8/5 with some incoming studs and a building block for 2024.
  11. Agree. Maybe it was coaching. Experienced OL are the last guys we need to lose, but every team, good and bad will now go through this. It’s like NFL free agency after one year.
  12. Auburn is a joke. Hard to even care anymore.
  13. Agree. I really don’t care anymore. The circus continues.
  14. Thanks but no thanks to Lanning.
  15. Well I’m happy, but this team has a lot of work to do. Good win regardless.
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