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  1. Agree. Plus playing for same DC where you weren’t very successful prior year basically translates to undrafted FA. Good luck to him.
  2. I wouldn’t touch him. He said about 6 months ago if he got fired from TN, he would go back crying to Saban for a job to ready him for his next HC failure. I feel for the guys that may be following Steele there, as he will be named interim HC according to Pete Thammel. It also sounds like Fulmer is out as AD. They are a dumpster fire and the guys from AU better consider the consequences of transferring there. That’s why I say, if they want to jump the AU ship for the TN hangrinade, then good riddance. We will sign some JUCO guys that are capable to fill positions for 21.
  3. Good points, but it may take Harsin until year 3 to gain traction. The ncAA is beginning to hurt football just as they do basketball. You need 3 years removed from highschool in football to declare for the draft, but now w the portal, everything has opened up and the kids just don’t have the loyalty to a school like they did years ago. A full scholarship to them means nothing, beacause of the portal. It’s a shame, but this is the current direction of college sports. Just my opinion, but Harsin has a harder job than Gus did in year1. As for those players that are supposedly being stolen by Stee
  4. Agree. While I am not overly high on Tutt, he does bring experience and with different coaching, who knows what kind of SR year he could have. This is good news. Experience in the SEC is just as good as a four or five star newcomer. Plus, I think he was a four star when recruited anyway. It will be very intriguing to see what Harsin is able to do with some of the underutilized talent on the roster.
  5. Exactly. I for once was attempting to be less pessimistic than I normally am. In eight years, as HC, I was just never impressed w Malzahn. Frustration, anger and boredom with AU football was really starting to get to me and I’ve been an AU fan for over 40 years. Bottom line is, if the Coach is refusing of just not smart enough to evolve, then nothing was going to change. While Harsin will have his work cut out for him, this may be a two year turn around, which would be unheard of from a coach with no prior Southern ties or experience. At the very least, I expect this team will play harder and
  6. That would be great. I do think JC was already a more polished QB than Bo though. Of course that does not mean the light won’t click with a new OC/QB coach. Bobo has coached some great college QB’s at UGA. If Bo improves by 20%, then he will be a totally different QB in 21. Of course the O line must improve as well, but he was bailing the pocket after one unopened progression instead of stepping up to buy another second or two. Not sure how easily that can be corrected. He needs a full Spring practice with Bobo though. Just my thoughts. On D, if we are going to run a 3-4, then we will need a b
  7. My initial thoughts were the same, but I think now it is becoming more apparent to them that they may have to do some real work to maintain their positions on the depth chart. I don’t like the number of them leaving and this portal is doing to college football what the one and done has done to ncaa basketball. The ones returning are the important ones, as no one player is irreplaceable. Next year may be tough, but once we have a year under a new coach, a new mentality, more accountability and a good recruiting class, the program will begin to come alive again. Let’s just be honest, for as good
  8. Agree. Not a big loss in my opinion. Good luck to him, as I think he may not be next level material.
  9. Just saw an article that the SC Qb commit 5* Gunnar Stockton has decommitted and that may likely come down to GA and AU. He’s from NE Georgia area.
  10. Seems like it. Will we even be able to dress the max players next season. Sure haven’t heard about any players choosing us as their destination through the portal.
  11. That’s what I hope. Legacy doesn’t mean you are the best.
  12. I wonder that too, but I am not sure if Harsin gives him a long leash. Bo may break AU records, but when it comes to his record as a starter, there is a lot left to desire. Just my opinion.
  13. Agree. We can only hope Harsin is a better QB coach than what we’ve had. I’m not anywhere near convinced he is even a serviceable QB in this league. I hope we sign a good transfer and that Harsin puts Bo on notice, that legacy means nothing if you aren’t the guy to get the job done.
  14. He’s not a durable back and that spells doom in the Sec. good luck to him, but other than having no depth now, it isn’t really a huge loss.
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