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  1. I think D.J. breaks a long one and Boobie is available on a limited basis. Our O line may have their best game of year and pave the way for a running game GA has not dealt with. Bo needs about 225-250 yds or so with at least 2 tds and no more than 1 interception. Our linebackers and secondary must be prepared for a different game plan from GA.
  2. I agree. Let me preface my forthcoming statement in saying, I have been a fan of AU for 40+ years. With that said, after rethinking much of my dismay and anger, GM is 60 and 29 at AU. While that is not great, it is not shabby either. I agree, he needs to adhere to how football offenses have changed in the last five years. We have a true freshman, that is going to win at least eight games his first year and as up and down as he has been, we could have won both. Yes, we will lose our d line after this year, but if we hang on to Steele, I believe we will be okay. Plus, Bo will have had a full season of playing the top competition in the nation. I do think if we stay in the top 12 of recruiting, this program will be in the playoff pic by 2021. My oldest friend is a GA grad and they are not as happy as they sound or appear to be. Kirby is not Saban and never will be. We lost Joey, but they lost Fields who had his team in the top four currently. We have played a brutal schedule compared to AL and GA with a true freshman QB and we are still in the hunt for a New Years 6 bowl which would actually be a great accomplishment. I believe if our players make enough plays on O against GA, then our D will keep us close enough to gain a win. And that goes for the Bama game as well. Thoughts everyone?
  3. To me, this is the main catalyst for us to have the best chance. I don’t think we need to get to tricky with the play calling, but rather just call a solid offensive game. Our D will be okay as long as the O does not put them in precarious unmanageable positions.
  4. Unfortunately, Sagarin is a joke!!! Our kicker is very inconsistent just like our OC. GA can be beaten as I believe they are overrated. Unless Gus dials up a great game plan, which I do not trust against elite teams, this game is over by mid 3rd quarter, even at home. GA- 27 AU- 13. Not even a close game. Nix folds under pressure which is expected to a certain extent, but this game will be his 10th start freshman or not! Our D deserves better and Steele should honestly be coordinator of the decade bailing out his inept boss.
  5. Agreed. Time to stop the talk and excuses that we have a freshman QB. The bottom line is, he has not been good at all. If there is anything anyone should realize at this point in college football, it’s this “4 and 5 stars mean absolutely zilch without coaching and good game plans” and then again the stars still mean nothing unless the player lives up to the billing. Nix may go down as a serviceable QB during his tenure, but I definitely do not see him as a championship QB. I’m not ragging in him at all, as I think he is a decent QB, but I simply do not see him as a QB that will lead AU to an sec championship, much less a national title. I do not blame him completely at all, as I do feel his coach has reached his ceiling. This is AU football with Malzahn running the show. I don’t like it but I won’t leave it.
  6. Good post. Gus is nowhere near an offensive guru. All teams with partial talent on defense are not fooled by his pee wee brand of football. As fans, we all have the right to our opinion and the bottom line is this: 1) we are going to be in big trouble on both sides of the lines next year 2) our recruiting has been creeping outside of the top 10 in the last few years and 3) I for one do not expect to compete for a national title every year, but averaging 8 wins is well below what AU athletes and fans should expect. Many of us on here could argue these points all day, but the bottom line which is the record and the way our offenses have looked the last 4 years is just not getting it done. Don’t get me wrong, I do not put all blame on Gus, because he didn’t miss three field goals last night, but play calling and execution definitely contributes to a field goal being 45 or 35.
  7. Good points. The kid is the son of a QB and former OC at GA Tech. Yes, I do truly believe AU has hit a low hanging ceiling w Malzahn, but as far as things like overthrows on easy routes and overthrows when our receivers are 3 to 5 yards separated from the DBs, is not all on the coach. True he is young and was thrown into the fire, but had his completion percentage been just 50% versus the 40% it was against UF and LSU, we likely win both games. In my opinion, 50 is not expecting too much from a true freshman that was so highly recruited. I stand by my thoughts, in that I believe w Gatewood starting both of those games, we are sitting in 0 losses. Just my thoughts.
  8. Mullen builds quarterbacks, whereas Malzahn tears them down and ruins them. Watching the team with him coaching and staying stagnant like pond water year in and year out is getting to the point where it is no fun to watch an AU offense. Hate to say it, but against good teams, it’s quite pitiful to watch a moron making 7 mil get out coached each and every game. I think we just allowed a superstar to walk.
  9. I agree with your thoughts. Whether or not he is 18 or 22 really is no longer the issue here. Gus is definitely no offensive guru, but as the son of a former QB and coach, Bo just is not getting it done. He is very inaccurate and you can’t blame GM for the points left on the field from poorly thrown balls when our receivers are getting three to five yards past the secondary. I hope he does improve as his career goes on, but there are plenty of true freshmen that have gotten better by the 8th game of the season. At this point what is it going to mess up by playing JG a lot more than he is, because the bottom line is that after next year, there is no defense like this one to bail a pedestrian offense out.
  10. Unfortunately, I agree. LSU-36 AU- 16. I do not trust our OL, the ability of our HC to make adjustments or our running game against a good D. I saw a post on this about Joiner not wanting to get hit, which may or may not be true, but until he is on the field for meaningful time, I can only assume it is, as usual our HC not utilizing talent correctly. I know Bo is learning, but I still see Gatewood as the better runner and quite possibly the better QB. Would not be the first time a talented QB was not used correctly during his collegiate career, but’s ends up going on to a nice NFL career. I am hoping for 9 and 3 this year, but honestly see 8 and 4 as the bigger possibility. Then we lose almost our entire DLine and all of our Oline which even if it is not that great now, will be an even bigger point of contention next year.
  11. Agree completely. Bo may be great one day, but how much do you trust the evaluation of GM w his QB’s. Personally I think JG is and would be the better QB. Legacy situations get teams and coaches in irreversible binds sometimes. Against Arky of not, I have not seen Nix float a perfect ball as JG did to Wilson in the corner. Give the damn ball to Joiner more and see what happens. Kid is a big quick tailback, but seems to be so underutilized by the HC. Wish I thought more positive about this game, but after a 20 year drought there, this O and head coach simply just don’t change my mind.
  12. Your post very well could come to fruition. My main 2 worries are Nix under duress and crap play calling. It’s easy for Malzahn to look good w play calling against extremely inferior opponents. This is most likely the toughest game for us this year. Will Gus put Swartz and Williams on the field at the same time, thus creating a matchup problem? He need not be submissive w his play calling. True, our D will get burned on occasion, but this game is about Gus rising up and finally ending an awful streak. This game will set the precedent for this season as well as his potential future as HC at AU. I’ve been saying it on posts since last year, but Joiner is special and needs to move more into the true TB role. As I posted yesterday, I am not giving a score prediction until Thursday.
  13. Like the thought. In my opinion, Gus will have to make gray play calls at the right time and the O will have to execute them. We can’t leave points in the field with overthrown balls to wide open receivers. I said it right after he was signed in 18?. Harold Joiner is special and needs more touches. D.J. is a good back but something about Joiner stands out when he hits the hole. Tall and big like McFadden was at Arky years back. Still worry about Nix scrambling and fumbling the ball, which he has done on a few occasions. LSU D is not its normal stingy one, but then again their QB is playing as well as any QB in the country, so D line pressure will be key to give our secondary a fighting chance. An interception or 2 would be great. Also glad it’s a 330 game and not at night. I will hold off on a score prediction for a few more days.
  14. Unfortunately, I think Gus is serious. The O is non existent for the second game in a row and this is against a terrible team. LSU will be very ugly I’m afraid.
  15. Agreed. I am far from sold on this O even against an inferior opponent. I am thinking 24-16 AU.