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  1. I agree with you. Could not hold onto the ball and when the OL did open up holes, he often hesitated to hit them. I honestly do not think this is a big loss. With tank and Richards coming, I believe he was going to be unseated as the number one TB. Not to mention he was injury plagued. Just my two cents from watching him the last few years.
  2. I’m sure Chizik has zero interest in returning as a DB coach. He has nothing to gain from that. He left the DC position at NC to be at home more.
  3. Agreed. We will see just how good he is in 2020, since we are losing 2 very talented DT’s and others. We do still need a true pass rusher. It’s been a few years since we have had that.
  4. While agree with some of your points, it is well documented on this site and in actual watched games, that Malzahn is either incapable of making offensive adjustments at any time in a game. True, our O Line was bad, but over the last few seasons, the play calling is vanilla, on an 8th or 9th grade level and has been this way since 2009 or 10 when he came on board. There is ZERO creativity and now since so many other programs are running similar offenses, the bus is stalled in a junior high offense due to the inability or lack of innovation or smarts for him to change. AU is just stuck with a very mediocre coach who has absolutely no business running what very could be an elite program.
  5. I agree completely. Not sure if he will become that, but maybe put 25 lbs on him and let him move inside to a DT position. He’s a baller for sure, but we really didn’t have a true pass rusher this year either and losing Marlon and Derrick is going to sting, but we also have a great DC in Steele. We will see.
  6. I’m no stat guy, but Dee Ford only played under GM during the 13 season. Barber had one decent year and left and has carved out a niche for himself, with TB. I am speaking only to those since GM took over and on offense that have done much in the NFL, which is the end goal for most elite athletes in college at major schools. Let’s be honest, three of the four you named are defensive guys. We all know GM has zero to do with their success. Plus, Barber ran for the hills after one 1,100 yard season. We sorely miss Eddie Gran. Look at what he did with a receiver in Bowden at KY this year.
  7. I say good luck. He can’t beat LSU or GA and my blind luck and yes 2 of his 3 are luck can’t beat Bama. I still don’t see 10 next year as he is always good for at least one screw up and maybe two against teams he should beat. He no longer has an offensive identity and now will be missing a d line to bail him out of stupidity, not to mention what the o line will be. I’ve been an AU fan my whole life due to my Father being an alumni, but I am finding where I barely watch the games anymore. I may DVR them, but not worth my BP to donate a whole afternoon or evening yelling at complete stupidity and stubbornness. The only good thing AU has done recently concerning the football program is get rid of the AD and President that approved the contract. Yes, boosters have a lot of say, but damn, look at what UGA has done. They are light years ahead of us, because their boosters give, but don’t meddle as much. Just some thoughts.
  8. Yes. Nothing excites all the 5 star recruits about AU like they are about UGA and AL and Clemson. Highly recruited players, while they don’t always pan out, also look at the players a school sends to the NFL that actually have success there. Hard to see any of those that AU coach has been responsible for. I don’t see the program taking any noticeable leaps in the next 2 years which will inevitably mean more talent was wasted once again.
  9. Agreed. GM should be coaching pee wee ball. He knows about 5 true play calls. Regardless of the lines on each side of the ball, he is the HC and this team was so not prepared. He should be fired after next year regardless of the win loss record. He is not a brilliant offensive mind, nor is he head coach material of a good program. My rants are over, because it’s a waste of time. AU is poorly managed.
  10. Once he is done at AU, he will most likely have to take a small school coaching job. Not sure Morris will make that big a difference if his hands are tied by GM.
  11. Unfortunately. We get the talent but can’t coach it to the next step. Would love to have PJ Fleck.
  12. Great point. This game is a joke. Don’t blame the refs for a vastly overrated AU team. Both lines are getting killed. Next year is going to be bad. Malzahn has no business coaching in the SEC. His tenure running the program has long passed. I’m sure the idiots in charge will just renew him if we manage to keep it close.
  13. Hopefully he can hang on to the ball though. We need a Tank!
  14. Next year may be a train wreck. This team looks ill prepared and sloppy. If Dummy does not cede total play calling duties to Morris then next year will absolutely be bad.
  15. Agreed. This team looks inept. If it’s possible, then Nix looks to have digressed further. Poor excuse for an offense. With our D line leaving, next year could get ugly. Give him a raise and an extension AU. After all he managed to barely beat Bamas 2nd string QB and you would have thought it was a Natl Championship. Tua plays that game it’s a def loss.