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  1. Do you not see all the question marks? The topic was discussed on ESPN this morning. You can clearly see where I said "IF" Texas was to pursue Bruce Pearl. I did not speculate anything. This was a topic on College Gameday. https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/Article/Texas-Longhorns-basketball-head-coach-search-Bruce-Pearl-Auburn-Tigers-Eric-Musselman-Arkansas-Razorbacks--163171994/Amp/
  2. On college basketball Gameday this morning their was a discussion that Texas should go after Bruce Pearl due to his energetic coaching and ability to build a program. If Texas was to pursue Bruce Pearl and off him the job, do you think he will leave Auburn? I surely hope not because he resurrected Auburn's program that had been dead for years.
  3. 7ft big man is leaving UNC. Kessler is from the state of Georgia and Auburn was in his top 5. Many thought Auburn was the favorite to land him before he picked UNC. Will Auburn be a potential landing spot for Kessler again?
  4. I think Moore can be to Auburn what Grant Williams was to Tennessee. Both are undersized PF with great footwork and consistent around the rim. Moore looks a tad bit quicker than Williams. Good pick up. Any word on Rongie Gordon or Jayden Stone?
  5. Why are they not going hard after Rongie Gordon? I feel like he is as good as Brakefield.
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