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  1. Nobody knows right now. So far the supposedly expert has gone from saying at end of Feb to get and do whatever just keep social distancing and wash your hands to saying in late March there would be 200,000 deaths or more. He has been wrong both times. With more data and study we will learn the truth but right now no one knows.
  2. Coach Taylor only recruited the Freshmen class. When Brett Hawke left, major talent walked out the door and several swimmer's we signed decided not to honor their NLI. The only way to judge Coach Taylor and his staff is on the improvement of the swimmers here. There was major improvement in the individual swimmers on the team. Two SEC relay records were set by the women. Christian Sztolcman became the second fastest swimmer at Auburn in the 200 yard freestyle, even faster than Rowdy Gaines. From what I see we have major talent coming in from the next two classes. The future is bright.
  3. Actually, Micah Allison was injured earlier this fall. She is the backup setter but is now playing outside hitter in their rotation.