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  1. I love Caddy and always will but if we are being honest he just is not ready to be a Head Coach, maybe he will be in the near future but not right now, IMHO. If whoever they hire keeps Caddy on then I think most would be ok with that....
  2. I dunno about loosing a TON of fans, I will say this I wouldnt be that thrilled but whoever is the choice I will support him just like I did CBH and see how it goes. If he is able to come in and turn the program around and make us competitive I think we will pick up a TON of fans. Winning cures a lot issues and while you may think he is not a moral person etc, I do think people should be given second and even third chances, maybe he has learned and truly has his life back on track but I'm not sure we loose a TON of fans, again if he puts a winning product on the field most will be back on board...not sure they will go for him or not but I'm just going to wait and see how it goes, just like I did with CBH, hoping its going to work out better this time.
  3. I wish we could all just state our opinions and leave them at that, they are only opinions and not facts. We all want to see AU do well in the future or we wouldn't be here otherwise, so everyone can have their opinion and have a civil discussion at least that is all I would hope for. The bottom line is no one has a crystal ball and NO ONE really knows which coach will be the next big thing, we all have our favorites and some kind of data to say why it would work etc but its all speculation. I myself was really hoping that they hired PrimeTime but if they hire Kiffin then so be it and I hope he can take us to the next level. I'm not sure if he can or not but hope that he does since that will mean we are winning football games and thats kind of the point.
  4. Thanks for posting and putting it together very well done and I thought it was outstanding.
  5. Some Great words from Caddy...who wouldnt want to come play for Auburn...preach it Caddy....
  6. I'm not sure I am going to be able to watch the Bama game....ugh...
  7. Whats so sad is A&M is just loading the box and we can't do anything about it, lol. I think the defense is going to have to win this game, they offense has just hit a wall...
  8. Why ins't anyone saying anything about the horse collar, I mean how can no one else see that...
  9. Yeah TJ wasn't the answer either, IMHO not with the line we had, the coaches just did a terrible job getting the right players off season but we all know that.
  10. Why I feel bad for Robbie since he really shouldnbt be our top QB but our great Potato gang didn't really go and get some good QB's. I mean Robbie should be like the third or fourth guy but there is no one else. I mean I guess Zach could have been the guy but hurt his shoulder...but Robbie really should NOT be out there....
  11. Might not be the first one in this thread but F* Jimbo...so glad that guy is not our head coach...what a whiner...
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