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  1. Losing 2 games to Oklahoma is better for our SoS in the RPI than beating a bad team. SoS has been heavily used the past few years in regards to regional / supers hosting.
  2. I’m not sure how much say Dean has about the schedule at an outside organization’s tournament. I do know they try to avoid inter- conference games, leaving Texas, Northwestern, and Illinois as the only teams who played in the NCAA tournament last year. It seems we got the short end of the stick by drawing Illinois. Hopefully we can attract a few more big names this year for the tournaments in Auburn. Our “preseason” SOS at these tournaments killed us last year.
  3. An Arkansas fan explained the softball recruiting process really well on Discord. To paraphrase, most of these young women are going to college camps long before September 1st of their junior year, so they have an idea of which schools they are interested in and which ones will offer scholarships. Heavener had interest from every major program, but she has been an LSU lean for a while.
  4. LHP Heavener off the board (LSU). She is #1 player for EIS and #5 for Softball America.
  5. Wondering which pitcher was Dean’s first call at midnight. There are a few highly ranked ones who everyone will be fighting over, but it seems the 2024 class is deeper and more talented than the 2022 and 2023 classes from a pitching perspective. We probably need two pitchers in the class because Penta and Lowe will graduate three months earlier, leaving Widra, Tresvik, Rolfe, Tamborra, and Clemmons as players who can pitch.
  6. Nice to see an article on softball so early in the school year, but Phillip seems to have confused a few details. Widra was on the Birmingham Thunderbolts team who won 18U PGF with Peralta and Lisenby, not McCrary. Her and Peralta were the Thunderbolts representatives for the PGF All Star Game, as well. She was 1-1 with a bunt single in the game. I’ll be interested to see how Dean utilizes the transfers in 2023. McCrary is a 3B, but Widra and Tresvik can pitch, hit, and play in the field. We also have four talented freshman who will compete for playing time. Basically, I’m ready to see how things shake out in Fall Ball
  7. Softball America updated their ranking recently, but I don’t have a subscription to their website. Not sure where any of our recruits are on their list. EIS won’t update 2023s until October or November to coordinate with signing day. I’ll share all our recruits ranking and commentary. EIS is about to start 2024s to align with September 1st, so I’ll share the same for any player who commits.
  8. Her and her husband had their second child recently, so she might be stepping away for a bit or taking on a smaller role on the staff. She definitely seems like to be one of the player’s favorites.
  9. I’d say the Leadoff Classic will average out to about the same as the Clearwater tournament in terms of RPI. I also think we will need a few more signature out of conference opponents to increase our strength of schedule though. Typically Dean does not shy away from competition, so I imagine last year an anomaly to get the freshman comfortable with the college game.
  10. Mistake on my part. I got names confused.
  11. Happy for her! Louisville has a young but good hitting coach, so I hope she is able to grow there. She will also be closer to her hometown in Illinois.
  12. I’ve been wondering about a few players based on social media. Social Media is not an exact science, but It is more predictive than we want to think. As of now, Majors, Falisi, Geraghty, and Schmidt are in the portal. All of them have taken “Auburn Softball” out of their handle, except Schmidt. She still claims “Auburn Softball #31” in her Instagram bio as of now. Sydney Cox and Jessie Blaine have taken Auburn Softball out of their Instagram handles. Cox has included “Auburn Hospitality Management” in her handle, while Blaine has since posted about Auburn softball. My takeaway is Geraghty, Majors, and Falisi are gone. Schmidt and Cox may or may not come back. I think Blaine will return and split time at DP and C with Lisenby. If Cox nor Schmidt return, Garcia will start at either RF or 3rd. If Roberts is ready to play then Garcia will play right. If not, Garcia will play 3rd and Smith will play RF. Either way, I am interested to see the roster once the season starts.
  13. The two Duke players and Becker (Purdue) seem to be the only ones who would be an upgrade versus what we currently have on the roster. However, they all will be 5th year seniors next year. Dean will have to make the decision to displace a current starter for a one year player. Widra is a good pick-up, and I imagine we will see a lot of improvement in the circle if Dean wants her to focus solely on pitching. However, I think next year will ultimately come down to how Lowe and Bryant return from injury.
  14. ExtraInning says Schmidt is in the portal as of late May.
  15. Florida loves a sliding glove. They also have a lot of stolen bases this year 🧐
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