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  1. Ah thank you for the correction. I’ll update in my original post.
  2. Ellis and Blaine both played in the game last night for the National team. Ellis started at first, and Blaine was the second catcher in the game. Ellis was 2 for 3 in 4 ABs with 5 RBIs. She started the game with a double, driving in a run. Her second at bat was a 3 run HR. She was hit by a pitcher in her third at bad, and she was about 5 feet shy of a grand slam in her fourth AB. She was named the Offensive Player of the Game. Blaine looked good behind the plate, and she showed a lot of hustle on foul balls. She was hit by a pitch in her one at bat, but she did hit a very hard foul
  3. Passing along info from Robocoach: she wants to pursue a graduate degree in a field Bama doesn’t have a program. She always had the plan to go after this degree, but she will get it paid for now.
  4. 2021 signee Nelia Peralta was selected for the PGF All American game as a representative for the East region. She is the only Auburn player on the roster. Tennessee and Alabama have the most players on the two rosters with three. Oklahoma, Oregon, and Kentucky each have two players.
  5. The WCWS has been really fun to watch and very unpredictable. It was hard not to root for JMU in every game. I didn’t think anyone was going to stop Bama after Fouts threw a perfect game against UCLA, but FSU is peaking at the right time, similar to their 2018 National Championship run. Oklahoma is a great team, especially the offense, but they have looked a little lost at times this week. They have beaten some great teams this year, but their stats seem inflated based on the level of competition the rest of the year. I’m not counting them out yet, but FSU has a chance to win the series becaus
  6. I definitely give my congratulations to JMU and LaPorte. It’s hard not to root for them right now. Alexander is the best pitcher in the country not named Montana Fouts or Rachael Garcia, and she might give them a run for their money. JMU scored 4 runs, but they only had 3 hits. Granted, 2 of those hits were HRs, but they weren’t exactly lighting up Saile. It goes to show how important the long ball is in today’s game. Hopefully the current players and incoming class can provide more pop in our lineup. I think next year will be more telling about LaPorte’s long-term coaching success. She
  7. Based on website updates, both Lenti and Carosone will be on staff next year. Kendall Potts is no longer listed though. I assume she helped with pitching based on her pitching career at A&M.
  8. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/board/42/Contents/phillips-unhinged-thoughts-college-football-changes-and-more-165953336/ He does a section at the bottom dedicated to softball. In regards to Carosone, I listened to an interview with her from summer 2020 where she talks about her Auburn career, the Olympics, Coach Dean, and the transition to coaching. She is pretty quick to point out she is not the hitting coach, but she says nice words on Lenti. Like @steeleagle mentioned, we aren’t sure how she will do as a hitting coach or if she will even be full time hitting coach. I’m
  9. In a recent article Phillip Marshall provided an update coming out of end of season player interviews with Dean. As of now, Dowell, Handley, and Koepke are the only current players with eligibility remaining who will not be on Auburn’s roster next year. I say “as of now” because there is always a possibility a player changes her mind over the summer. He mentions Koepke will not continue her softball career, so I’m still confused over the whole situation. He also mentions Bryant will have off-season shoulder surgery, and all of the 2021 recruits are expected to enroll this summer.
  10. You are correct. I meant 2nd base, which she played last year in the shortened season. She was beat out by Jennings this year but her versatility allowed her to move positions.
  11. Gasso needed a shortstop and found one.... in the portal.
  12. I’m going to default to her personal social media post rather than al.com on this one. The post makes it sound like there is a unique circumstance for her quitting softball rather than no longer loving the game or wanting to transfer from Auburn. Hopefully Garcia, Bryant, or an incoming player can step up at 3rd.
  13. I can’t provide a point of view on the player’s perception of Dean, but I will comment on his tenure at JMU. He took over JMU in 2013 after they won less than 30 games in 2012. Their win total increased almost every year of his tenure: 2013 - 42; 2014 - 45; 2015 - 48; 2016 - 52; 2017 - 50. They actually took a step back in 2018 from a record standpoint, but it was solely due to Megan Good’s injury. She returned in 2019, and they reached 50 wins and a super regional. Yes, LaPorte has been able to sustain success of the program, but Dean built the program. The majority of the staff co
  14. She was one of my favorites and one I felt could take a big step forward for us next year. Sad she is leaving the sport. Auburn Twitter posted a photo before the game on Saturday with the girls wearing bracelets saying “Maddie Strong.” I wonder if they are related.
  15. I didn’t get to watch too much of the game yesterday, but the results are disappointing. I wish the seniors success in the phases of their life. I’ll be interested to see what happens over the next few weeks in regards to players and coaches. I imagine a couple of players will end up in the portal. I hope none of the pitchers transfer out of the program, but I under the reasoning if they feel it is best. It’s possible we see a player or two transfer into the program too. I would be shocked if Lenti is on staff next year. The team showed little to no progress at the plate this year. W
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