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  1. Glasco tested positive for COVID and did not travel to Clemson with the team today. I am unsure how they handled practice this week or the timeline on the positive test. I assume if he gets a negative test in the next few days Louisiana will fly him up there.
  2. Louisiana is coached by Gerry Glasco, Dean’s original choice for hitting coach at Auburn when he took over. They are a young team with pretty good pitching, lead by Kentucky transfer Megan Schorman, freshman Sam Landry, and Kendra Lamb. They have very solid hitting, which is expected with Glasco as hitting coach. In terms of their schedule, they beat the majority of teams they were supposed to beat, but they lost a few head scratchers mid season (Georgia State, Georgia Southern, and App State). Texas is their best win, but they lost two other games to them. They also lost two games to both LSU and Bama.
  3. We have a tough regional with Clemson and Louisiana. However, I am glad we do not have to go to FSU because that regional is brutal. I do think we have a small chance to make it out of the regional, but we will have to come to play multiple days I. A row.
  4. Very interesting if true. We all know coaching was never the issue with the family. If this is true, it is a smart move by Dean that I assume was facilitated by Carosone.
  5. Missouri shuts out Tennessee tonight. They have not allowed a run in the SEC Tournament. Makes me feel a little bit better about our hitting heading into the tournament.
  6. Penta named 1st Team All-SEC. Bri Ellis named SEC Freshman of the Year.
  7. Bama will definitely host a regional and super. It is hard to beat them at Rhodes but not entirely impossible. Fouts will need to be perfect in the circle for them to make it to the WCWS because their bats are worse than ours.
  8. I’ll wait until Regionals to make definitive judgement on this year, and I’ll wait until next year to really assess Dean as a head coach at Auburn. He was dealt a few blows during his tenure - timing of the change, inheriting a huge scandal, recruiting rule changes, COVID, super seniors, unprecedented amount of injuries. I’m still hopeful we can make noise in a regional. Penta is pitching really well and time off for Lowe and Dismukes only helps. Our defense is greatly improved vs. early in the season. We need to find our confidence in the batter’s box again though. Missouri is a very experienced team who underachieved all season. They returned every player, including 4 -5 super seniors, from last year’s team that was a top 8 seed. They likely only become a top 16 seed if they win another game or win the tournament. I wouldn’t call it a great coaching job, but they are getting hot at the right time. The outcome of the season is measured the next three weeks. The SEC is long and grueling, but I can guarantee not many teams want to see Missouri, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Georgia, or Auburn in their regional. All of these teams can hit, and the majority have at least one ace who can shut down a team.
  9. We’ve lived off the long ball all season, and we aren’t hitting as many the past few games. We’ve got to string some hits together moving forward. I was puzzled by Dean’s plan at the plate. We have been swinging away all season with runners on base, but he called 3 or 4 bunts with runners on first. I understand trying to manufacture runs late in the game, but Packer popped out on a bunt in the third or fourth when it was still tied 0-0. Hopefully the team is able to rest, clear their minds, and get healthy. We need to find some success at the plate to match the defense and pitching next week.
  10. I’m hopeful we get sent to Clemson over FSU, but I doubt it happens. Neither team hits a lot of HRs, which we have been susceptible to in our losses against good teams (Arkansas, UGA, Tennessee), but FSU has better hitting, fielding, and defense against a harder schedule. I feel we could make a super against Clemson, but I don’t think we do against FSU.
  11. I had a bad feeling after the Friday game was cancelled and announced a double header on Saturday. It felt reminiscent of the Missouri series in 2018 when we ended up playing a double header on Saturday due to bad weather and got swept. I felt that series changed the trajectory of the 2018 season, so I hope the Tennessee series doesn’t change the trajectory of this one. I’m interested to see how we come out on Wednesday. We have a few nagging injuries and no longer have a chance to host, so it might be best to rest as many days heading into regionals. I doubt the team shares a similar mentality though. Missouri is a really inconsistent team, but they have a number of super seniors. Experience matters in the post season. I think it’ll be a close game, and I think we win if our pitchers can keep the ball inside the park. We need to limit errors and play loose at the plate. For regionals, we likely end up at FSU or Clemson. If we can avoid FSU, I think our chances of a super regional greatly increase.
  12. It was a really good weekend for Auburn. We got a series win against a top 20 team who is probably one of the best hitting teams in the country. While their team ERA is inflated, Kerpics is one of the better pitchers in the conference. Penta did a really great job in game 1, we got a complete game from Dismukes in game 2, and we got really good performances from Lowe and Yarbrough in game 3. Georgia is hard team to face a second time, so I am not surprised Penta struggled in game 3, especially on a day it seemed she didn’t have her best stuff. Our bats showed up the majority of the weekend, but we seemed to press too hard after getting down early in game 3. Hopefully Dean can emphasize importance of staying loose moving forward. Out of conference schedule definitely hurt us in the RPI, but I agree with @Mikey on the need for the freshman to build confidence against weaker teams. In terms of seeding, I think we are on the outside looking in for hosting a regional. We would need a series win at Tennessee and a game or two in the conference tournament to be in consideration. I would like to host a regional, but I think the best regional seed we get is #16. As much as I would love home field advantage in the regionals, I’m not sure I want to go to Oklahoma in supers. We can’t go to a SEC team in regionals, so we likely end up at FSU, Clemson, or Duke. If we can avoid going to FSU again, I think we a have really good shot against the other two and probably get a more favorable match up in supers. Just a thought.
  13. I’m not sure Dean planned it, but it seemed to work out well for us, especially after a disappointing Arkansas series. A few thoughts on my end on the SEC and Auburn so far: 1. Arkansas and Alabama are the top 2 in the SEC but for different reasons. The bats and power for Arkansas are really hot right now. If Haff can match Delce’s effectiveness in the circle then they will be at the WCWS. I’ll be interested to see how they do next year without 6 very good 5th year players. Alabama is lead by their pitching. Fouts and Kilfoyl are the best 1-2 punch in the nation when on, but they’ve had more off days this year than the past. Their hitting will need to pick up the slack when the pitchers aren’t performing well. 2. Missouri, Ole Miss, A&M, and South Carolina are in the bottom group this year. Missouri was preseason top 4. They have to be disappointed in their performance thus far. 3. The middle of the SEC is anyones guess. Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Auburn, MS State, and LSU have shown they can beat anyone in the SEC on one day and lose to anyone the next. 4. Auburn has the opportunity to make a statement over the next few weeks with series against MS State, Georgia, and Tennessee. Hopefully we can win each series, but we need to avoid getting swept again. 5. Hopefully Packer and Peralta can return to the lineup this weekend. It would also be nice to get Lowe back, but I’m resting her until she is 100%. 6. Schmidt has really impressed me with her performance at the plate over the past few weeks. If she continues on this streak, I’d have her in RF (assuming Packer returns) then let Blaine, Godwin, and Lisenby battle it out for C and DP. At minimum, she should be a late inning substitution to improve our outfield defense.
  14. We are the youngest team in the SEC, and Arkansas starts 6 5th year seniors. I knew this would be a tough series, but I thought we could take one game. Not looking like it.
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