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  1. I also think McCondichie was more consistent in the field, but Denver was one of our better hitters before her injury. If she is able to return to form, they’ll both be in the lineup somewhere. The coaches will have to balance offensive and defensive production when determining the lineup.
  2. Most softball polls base their rankings off the previous year without much nuance on the circumstances, so they are not accounting for a healthy Lowe. I’m not sure if she will recreate her freshman year after surgery, but I’d bet she performs significantly better than last year. I’m interested to see the lineup opening day. Dean hints some newcomers might displace some starters and some players will change positions. Pitching: Penta and Lowe will split majority of the innings. Hopefully Widra / Tresvik / Rolfe can perform well enough to minimize the innings pitched for the first two. Catching: I haven’t been impressed with the catching position under Dean since Veach left, so I’m excited to see true competition here. Blaine will be in the lineup somewhere due to her bat, Lisenby and Godwin both had great moments last year, and I am excited to see what Elkins can do. We’ll likely see all four throughout the season. 1B: I doubt we will see anyone unseat Bri. 2B: If Bryant is mobile following her ACL tear, I imagine she will start here. Widra and McCondichie will likely be her backups. SS: I assume Peralta will start here, but Widra and Roach played during fall ball. 3B: Excited to see competition here. Cox and McNemar were great defensively, but I don’t think either were consistent at the plate. Looks like McCrary and Milanowski are competing. I also know Roberts has a big bat. OF: McCondichie, Garcia, and Packer played early in the season then right field became a revolving door. Smith, Tresvik, Cooper and Cox played in Fall Ball. DP: I imagine Blaine will start if she’s not catching. Bryant might fit in here if her mobility isn’t good enough for 2nd.
  3. Annalea Adams committed in the past few days. Good pick up for us!
  4. We currently have 2 commitments in the 2024 class: Jolie Adams (OF) and Blayne Godfrey (RHP). As I mentioned above, I’m not sure the 2024 class is as big of a priority for Auburn in terms of size. With that being said, the only 2024 recruits who I have seen visit Auburn and not commit elsewhere are Annalea Adams, Lien Brister, and Bella Foran.
  5. Florida is recruiting exceptionally well in the 2023 and 2024 classes. Oklahoma, UCLA, FSU, Georgia, Tennessee, and LSU are also recruiting very well in these classes. One thing to consider is the last classes affected by COVID will graduate after the 2024 season, so a lot of teams are going HARD in the 2024 recruiting class to replenish their rosters for the 2025 season. On the flip side, we graduate Lowe, Penta, Bryant, Packer, Cox, and McCrary after the 2024 season, but assuming no transfers, we will have 10 seniors, 4 juniors, 6 sophomores, and (as of now) 2 freshman on the roster for the 2025 season. Dean will need a large incoming class after the 2025 season, whether through the portal or recruiting.
  6. Happy to help! To be honest, I’m not really sure what to make of the 2023 and 2024 classes. As I said above, the rankings have lost a lot of credibility over the years due to the number of players included and the sources of information. With that being said, a number of our players were ranked in the “Top 20” of their classes - Penta, Lowe, Bryant, Lisenby, Peralta, Blaine, Ellis, Widra, Rolfe, and Elkins. Every other player on the roster was ranked in “Top 150” except Packer and Tresvik. I think our coaches do a good job of evaluating talent and finding under the radar players, but I’d love to see more “Top 10” players to compete with the the softball powerhouses who are signing multiple “Top 10” players.
  7. Yes - I didn’t mention this time around, but it is very important to remember. Club, high school, and, to your point, even parents can submit nominations, and I think club coaches make recommendations on ranking. Coaches can use as a tool to promote their teams, attract better players, and highlight uncommitted players.
  8. EIS is posting their rankings for the 2023 class now. It seems they have reduced the number of people ranked due to recent criticism, but it is still not a true “Top 100” ranking. Kyla dropped a good bit in the rankings, but the commentary on her is positive, specifically her hitting ability.
  9. I’d expect more from Peralta, Carlee, Garcia, and Aubrie. Interested to see how Roberts looks in Game 2. I know we recruited her for her big bat.
  10. Who was on the lineup? It seems Dean is playing a lot of newcomers rather than starters.
  11. Second commit of the class also came in today: Blayne Godfrey, a RHP / power hitter from Hartselle who plays for Alabama Impact.
  12. First commit of the 2024 class is Jolie Adams. Ranked #11 by EIS but seems to be higher on Softball America (Again, these rankings mean nothing these days). She has been coming to camps at Auburn for a long time. I’ve seen a few other visitors on Instagram and Twitter but no other commitments.
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