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  1. We did not sign any pitchers in this class nor do I think we bring in a transfer if Lowe, Penta, Dismukes, and Yarbrough all stay. I could see us bringing in a transfer if one of those four leave though. We have two more highly rated pitchers coming in the next class too. Denver Bryant and Kelsey Schmidt are the two with the most power in the 2020 class. Cox and Packer are probably good for a few HRs a year but will mainly get on base with line drives and groundballs. Geraghty, who was highly rated out of high school, is a pure slapper. I’m not familiar with Falisi’s stats. I’d love
  2. @steeleagle is correct, but we are not sure who will stay for another year. Based on the video, it would appear everyone is leaving, but I imagine we will get more details on Senior Day. If they do all leave, we will have LF, RF, SS, and 1B open. I would also say 3B and C are open based on the number of different players seeing time there. The only spots with a full-time starter returning are 2B and CF. Packer and Cox will be pushed by these newcomers and will need to earn their starts.
  3. It seems this class has more power than previous classes with Lisenby, Blaine, Ellis, Cooper, and Peralta. These players are all ranked in the top 25 and could provide immediate support. Moody and Roach might be able to provide a few HRs but are more gap hitters. Smith is a pure slapper who will use speed to get on base. I’m not sure about McNemar. These players are ranked outside of the top 25 but have all been playing high level travel ball for years, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see at least one make their way into the lineup next year or the year after. It will ultimately come down
  4. I will say, we do have wins against Florida State, Missouri, South Carolina, and a few other good teams. The team knows it can win against good competition, and it will be important for us in regionals. I think we can win against almost any team with Lowe and Penta in the circle, and I doubt we see anyone besides those two when it comes down to it.
  5. I’ll also be interested to see who sticks around for their extra year of eligibility in the senior class.
  6. I feel like if the hitting doesn’t approve by the end of the year, he will have no choice but to bring in another hitting coach. I don’t know much about Dean’s strategy either, but it is not working. I don’t mind stealing bases and forcing the other team to make the play, but as @blakem mentioned above, it’s predictable at this point. The bunt with no outs and a runner on first is also predictable. I know we aren’t the best hitting team, but I rather see a player go for the hit rather than a sac bunt, especially in early innings when the game is 0-0. We have the pitching to compete agains
  7. Sarah Willis decommitted while Myers was still coaching at Auburn. Simmons decommitted during rumblings of the Myers saga. Barnhart initially stuck with her commitment, but after the rule change around communication, she did de-commit. I guess the 2022 recruit you are referring to is Taylor Pannell. She decommitted after the communication changes. Pannell was the only recruit who committed to Dean who has decommitted at this time. We have also benefitted from this rule change with a few commits of our own. Again, I never said Myers was a bad recruiter. He never got to coach the good playe
  8. Washington played an easy pre-season schedule, and they relied on Gabby Plain in the circle to get them through it. The biggest difference I’ve seen between Dean and Myers is Myers hardly ever allowed teams to take advantage of mistakes, especially in the field. Auburn hit .277 in 2017, so the team was already taking a step back. I don’t think Myers was a bad recruiter, but recruiting evolved during Myers tenure. Myers only brought one or two verbals from Arizona State, and on top of that, coaches were getting verbals from 6th graders and 7th graders. Myers did not have time to rea
  9. This is laughable at best. Dean did not inherit the same level of talent Clint did. Myers inherited Carasone, Estell, Melero, and Howard who were all .300+ hitters before Myers. Rhodes had a rough freshman season then steadily improved under Myers, especially power numbers. I’ll give him her improvement. Cooper was recruited by Deese, but we will never know what she would have been without Myers. She did have her own struggles her senior year though. Myers convinced Wallace to change her verbal to Auburn from Arizona State, but she decided to transfer before any of the scandal
  10. I was a big fan of the Dean hire. I understand he inherited a tough situation - both from a team chemistry and talent level standpoint. He has recruited well, and we have two more top classes coming into the program. With that being said, there needs to be some personnel changes on the field after this series and there needs to be some staff changes after this year. If I am Dean, I am getting my young players as many reps in SEC play as possible to start building. Our fifth year players have not shown any consistency or promise this year, while the top team’s fifth year seniors are perfo
  11. I agree with your whole assessment. Hard throwers, like Penta, sometimes have a hard time adjusting to the college game early on because they have gotten away with blowing it by people in the past. As she learns to truly pitch rather than throw, she will only improve, which is scary. I am sure Dean is already working on her approach. I have to believe Lexie will see her innings dwindle even more moving forward, especially if Sam continues to pitch better. Tannon is definitely missed. We don’t have the power bat right now. Alyssa and Justus have shown improvement in the last few
  12. I feel like I read somewhere Sam had an injury early in the year, which would explain the brace and rough outing against SC. I didn’t look closely at her ankle against Missouri but results were a lot better. I also think we could have won the game Friday if Lowe was left in the game. Dean probably knew she would be the Sunday starter though and did not want to over use her, especially with Penta out with soreness. Lowe is clearly the ace of Auburn’s staff. Penta is the number two, but she is still adjusting to the college game. She has also had some bad luck with umpire’s zones, but
  13. They beat Northwestern State, not Northwestern. They haven’t played any really good teams outside Oklahoma State and Baylor. Their SEC schedule has not been the hardest either, but it is impressive they have swept all of their series so far. They have a chance to win the SEC. Like AU1947 said, they are solid. Looking back, the loss to SC in game 2 was rough, and I imagine Dean would like to go back and start Lowe over Yarbrough.
  14. Glad we were finally able to get a win in SEC play. We played Missouri close in the first two games, but we could not get a timely hit. Unfortunately for Auburn, Missouri seemed to figure out their pitching staff / rotation the weekend before against Georgia with Weber, Nichols, and Schumacher. Auburn did not see Missouri’s other pitchers who are struggling. From a pitching perspective, Lowe is a star. She allowed 1 ER over 14.1 innings to a very powerful Missouri lineup. The one bright spot for me pitching-wise in game 2 was Sam looking pretty sharp - 2.2 IP, 3 SO, 2 BB, 1 H, 0 ER. She d
  15. I’ve been a big Dean supporter and made excuses due to the talent he was left by Myers, but he has to figure out the offensive side of the ball. I’m not sure Lenti has been the answer.
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