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  1. I think you can play a maximum of 8 games in the Fall.
  2. A good night for the team’s bats. The newcomers appear to be as advertised, and it seems they are definitely pushing the returning players. I noticed a few changes on the coaching staff - Harrell promoted to Volunteer Coach and Ken Brooke added as a graduate assistant. It looks like he is a hitting specialist. Hopefully it shows up in the results.
  3. I will admit I did not watch State last season nor have I seen them this season, so I am basing my next statements on the data and previous knowledge. I would give most teams, including State, the advantage over Auburn from an offensive perspective at this point in time. However, State had a three headed monster at the plate last year in Leilua, Spexarth, and Mia Davidson. These three accounted for 70% of their HRs and nearly 50% of their RBIs. Davidson is the only returning member of this trio, so State will need someone to replace Leilua and Spexarth’s production and protect Davidson in
  4. Based on a Google search, she is LHP / 1B who hits for power from the left side. In her sophomore season at Cullman she earned NFCA 1st team All American Honors where she hit .514 with 74 hits and 21 HRs. She also had an ERA of 2.95 with 314 strikeout in 201 innings. She plays for one of the Thunderbolts teams at the 18u level and is ranked #28 by EIS (Take this with a grain of salt because there are ~250 players in the “Top 100” and all the softball ranking sites are highly criticized at this point). It’ll be interesting to see where she ends up on the field. Her high school hitting num
  5. I don’t mind being aggressive on the base paths, but I also think Dean has been a little too aggressive at times to over compensate for the lack of run production. It is frustrating when we are thrown out on a steal with two outs. I’d prefer us try to hit the ball and move runners most of the time. Packer, Smith, and Geraghty are the only players we have with enough speed to steal against good catchers. There are a few other players who can steal against not as good catchers. Otherwise, I would prefer not see us steal us there is a passed ball.
  6. I wasn’t able to go to the games, but it nice to read so many players get in the game and have success at the plate. Hopefully Auburn will stream some of the games of the fall games in the future for those who can’t make it. It is especially encouraging to see a few HRs from the team. We hit nearly 25% of last year’s total in 2 games. It is also really encouraging to see the freshman perform really well. I’ll be interested to see how the lineup shakes out moving forward. Does anyone who went want to have stab at a lineup? It looks like the pitching staff picked up where they left of
  7. The SEC is a gauntlet, but I would say we have a very advantageous schedule compared to last year. We drop Missouri, Alabama, LSU, and Ole Miss. Missouri returns their whole team, so I expect them to be really good. Alabama loses a lot in their lineup but has arguably the best pitching staff in the nation to carry them, plus they picked up Shipman from Tennessee. LSU was pretty young last year, so I expect to see improvement.Ole Miss is a wild card. We pickup Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Mississippi State. Florida will be good and will be a hard to beat. However, the other three
  8. Hopefully we will get some kind of stream or radio for the game this Sunday. I would like to see some improvement in all facets of the game, especially hitting. We have 7 players who have started games in different capacity - Packer, Godwin, Cox, Garcia, Bryant, Schmidt, McCondichie, plus 3 players - Englekes, Majors, and Geraghty - who have gotten ABs over the past two years. The new players should push for playing time with so many positions open. I hope the coaches are trying to find the strongest batting lineup since it was our weakness last year. I don’t have inside information, but
  9. Sounds good! I don’t know much about the JUCO level in many sports, but I am always happy to listen and learn. Yes, we do play the in-state team during the year, so I understand the sentiment around not wanting to play during fall ball. As @OlderWhiskey mentioned, we did play Georgia Tech in 2019 (in advance of 2020 season). I only remember because I live in Atlanta and was able to go. No matter who the opponent, I hope we show progress this year with all the new starters and recruits.
  10. Yes, Shipman transferred to Alabama over the summer. I don’t know the reason she decided to leave Tennessee, but I imagine Alabama recruited her very hard once in the portal. Their backup catcher hasn’t shown much production at the plate so far in her career, and I doubt Murphy wants to bet on an incoming freshman when you have arguably the best pitcher and pitching staff in the country coming back. The loss of Hemphill will be huge from an offensive, defensive, and leadership standpoint, but they also lose their starting 3rd baseman, shortstop, and entire outfield. Tow, Dowling, Shipman
  11. Definitely didn’t mean to discount the JUCO softball world. I am all for students finding the best path / school for them to succeed and be happy - whether it’s through athletic ability, field of study, or financial well-being. It will be nice for the team to see outside competition no matter who we play. I imagine a few of the JUCO teams are better than some D1 teams we will see on the schedule this year. I think Jadia Jones transferred in from Chipola two years ago after they won a national championship in 2019. Typically Florida and FSU will play in fall ball, and I also noticed
  12. Wish we were playing a Division 1 team or two, but I know scheduling for fall ball is not always easy. Hopefully they will live stream a few games too.
  13. She would be a great pick up. Do we know if she has been in contact with or visited Auburn? For the most part I expect Dean to have turned his attention to the 2023 class. Unfortunately the best pitcher in this class, Keegan Rothrock, is committed to Florida. In the Futures All American game she faced 6 batters and struck out 5 after a week at PGF where she pitched her club team to the 2nd place.
  14. EIS recently published an article about Inscoe’s decision to change her commitment and club team. It mentions she wants to stay closer to home, but I have to agree with you @blakem . The timing of both these changes and the schools chosen suggests otherwise. In other news, today is September 1st, which is the first day 2023 recruits can be contacted. There were a few commitments in this class before rule changes, but we will probably see some movement. Auburn had one player committed before the change - Kyla Stroud. She plays on GA Impact Lewis 18u - the same team as Rolfe and Milano
  15. I can’t say I know how good Inscoe or Nelson are as players, but they were our two lowest rated recruits by ExtraInnings. These losses might be a scholarship management play for the existing players or making room for a transfer / additional recruit. Roberts, Rolfe, Elkins, and Milanowski are all solids players though, so it is still a good class.
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