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  1. Looks like Shelby Lowe has left the Thunderbolts and joined the Beverly Bandits for her final season of travel ball. Also looks like Dean picked up a late commit out of Prattville named Madison Hansen. She is an outfielder.
  2. Can you share any more information about what Coach Dean said on the call?
  3. I am surprised to see Ragen Krause, the Stanford commit who won PGF 16U in 2019, on there. I’d put her near the top of the 3rd tier of pitchers in the class. Penta and Royalty (ASU commit) are definitely the top 2 in the class currently. The next tier would be Shelby Lowe, Alex Salter (Alabama), Nicole May (Oklahoma) and Sarah Willis (Washington). Both Willis and May also play in the field and hit well. Willis was committed to Auburn originally but decommitted before Myers left.
  4. Shelby Lowe was named Gatorade’s Softball Player of the Year for Alabama. Maddie Penta also received the same honor for the state of Maryland.
  5. She was used mostly as a pinch runner. She was third string at second base behind Carlee McCondichie and Madison Koepke. McCondichie is a versatile player who can play outfield too. I imagine Horton will start in CF and Rivera in RF, so it’s really comes down to who is the better hitter between Koepke and the next best outfielder to determine where McCondichie plays. Based on the recruiting services, it’ll be hard to keep Denver Bryant out of the lineup. She’s listed as an infielder.
  6. According to a thread on Robocoach, Madi Perry’s name is in the portal.
  7. Only so many pitchers can see the circle. My thoughts are why waste a year of eligibility for one of the top rated pitchers in the 2020 class if you can redshirt her and make her the 2021 class pitcher when she is better than the one you have committed and the rest of the pitchers in the class. That being said, I’m not sure either Penta or Lowe would want to redshirt. These are definitely interesting times, but congrats on your daughter commitment! That’s a huge deal!
  8. It still wouldn’t surprise me to see one of the 2020 pitchers redshirt this year with the late emergence of Yarbrough and fully healthy Dismukes. With scholarship money becoming even tighter - it might save money too.
  9. ExtraInnings Softball just released their 2022 softball updates. Auburn has 4 players committed, three of which are ranked in the top 20. Millie Roberts - 3B/C - ranked #7 Skylar Elkins - C/UT - ranked #16 Emmah Rolfe - P/OF - ranked #18 Jenna Lorde - OF - ranked #103 Not sure how firm these commits are or how they will be affected with the extra year of eligibility for current players.
  10. That will probably affect the recruitment of her sister who graduates in 2021 from high school.
  11. I could not agree more @auburnfan247 . If Rivera and either Tannon or Justus return, it could set us up for a decent hitting lineup. I hope a few current freshman can take a step forward, and the addition of new players in the 2020 class will not hurt. It would not surprise me if Dismukes receives a medical redshirt for the 2020 season and have 4 years to play. A full year of recovery and development can’t hurt. If that happens, it would not surprise me if one of the freshman redshirts next year. But either way a staff of Yarbrough, Handley, Dismukes, Penta, and Lowe will be pretty solid.
  12. Agreed. It would be good for the team, especially from a leadership standpoint, if Alyssa came back. Tannon would be on her 6th year of eligibility if she were to return.
  13. It’ll be interesting to see who comes back and who doesn’t if the NCAA does indeed allow for a redshirt year. 5 out of the 6 seniors have played valuable innings, with 4 out of the 6 regularly starting. Swindle has posted a goodbye letter to Auburn and softball, so it doesn’t look like she will be returning. None of the other seniors have posted any definitive plans. Rivera did post a lot about another year of eligibility, so we might see her again next year.
  14. @ellitor They utilize top 200 when determining class rankings nine of our commits count towards the total. I do not think the class rankings are public, but if you have specific questions, happy to pass along information.
  15. Auburn has the top rated recruiting class in the 2021 class according to ExtraInnings Softball. This ranking is mainly due to the number of recruits (9 or 10). Oklahoma has the number 2 class but only 6 recruits. #17 - Jessie Blaine - C - Firecrackers TJ (CA) #23 - Kenadie Cooper - OF - East Cobb Bullets #24 - Aubrey Lisenby - C - Bham Thunderbolts #46 - Rose Roach - SS/OF - TN Mojo #61 - Abbey Smith - OF - TN Mojo #79 - Kendal Calvert - OF - Georgia Impact #104 - Rylie Moody - MIF - TN Mojo #143 - Bri Ellis - 1B/UT - Impact Gold (TX) #169 - Riley McNemar - C/MIF - Aces Fastpitch Keri Munn (P) is listed as a recruit but not on the top 500 players despite being in the 80s during the last rankings. Lexie Delbrey (P), the #3 player in the class, visited during football season and remains uncommitted. She has visited a number of other schools too.
  16. I was able to attend the fall game against Georgia Tech and watched pitching closely. All the pitchers made appearances except for KK Dismukes. Following the game I thought there would be a four player rotation between Handley, Swindle, Yarbrough, and Dismukes. Dismukes being the wildcard based on not pitching in the fall and adjusting to the college game. Dempsey has problems with illegal pitches due to stepping off the rubber, and Cavanaugh was noticeably slower in speed than the others.
  17. She was a Mississippi State commit but with new recruiting rules backed off her pledge as we have noticed from a number of recruits. She visited a few schools recently over the past few months, one of them being Auburn. Within the past day or two (after my initial post on her) she has committed to South Carolina.
  18. I guess she committed in the past few days then. Flosoftball just did an article on 2021 Auburn commit, Jessie Blaine.
  19. FloSoftball doing their rankings now. Flo does a true top 100 whereas ExtraInnings Softball shows ties and has more like 125 - 130 players in their top 100. Sydney Cox at #100 (#93 for EIS) Kelsey Schmidt at #96 (#77) Paige Geraghty at #63 (#21) Denver Bryant at #20 (#22) Shelby Lowe at #8 (#11) Maddie Penta at #2 (#3) Another 2020 player who has visited Auburn recently is 3B Zoe Laneaux from Georgia Impact - Lewis. She is ranked #48 for EIS and #23 for Flo. She has also visited South Carolina, Arkansas, and Mississippi State (where she was once committed). You can probably find some truth somewhere between the two rankings. I think ExtraInnings put a little more emphasis on recent success in either 18U or 16U whereas Flo put more emphasis on ceiling and competition level (18U vs 16U). This would explain why Lowe was the 3rd best pitcher in Flo but 7th in EIS, and Geraghty was #21 in EIS but #63 for Flo. Either way I think 3-5 players will have a big impact in either their freshman or sophomore year and beyond.
  20. Agreed. November 13th cannot get here soon enough.
  21. I can’t argue with not losing top recruits - especially two of the caliber of Barnhart and Pannell. We still have a number of really good recruits in the 2021 and 2022 class at the moment. These classes were majorly affect by the recruiting rules though and some turnover, even if they committed to Dean, might be expected. I’m hopeful Penta and Lowe can have an immediate impact to prove to recruits that Dean can win. This could go a long way in getting someone like Pannell back on the commit list.
  22. I don’t know much about Cox either. ExtraInnings said she plays shortstop and hits for a high average (.655, 5 HR, only struck out three times all season). This was school ball in North Carolina, so I am unsure of the competition level. Geraghty and Schmidt are both very fast outfielders that play for the same 18U Beverly Bandits team. Geraghty can bunt, slap, and hit for power, while Schmidt is more of a power hitter. Bryant seems to be an incredible athlete that makes outstanding plays in the field and hits for a lot of power. Both Bryant and Geraghty both jumped significantly in the rankings since last year, so I guess they had very good years at the 16U level. Like I said In my earlier post. Lowe and Penta are two of the top pitchers in the class. They are the aces for their club and high school teams, so they pitch a lot of innings. Lowe might get some support on the Thunderbolts this year with Alabama commit, Jaala Torrence, moving up. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Dean rest their arms next fall like he has done with KK this fall.
  23. We have six commitments for 2020 - all of whom are in ExtraInning’s top 100 players. The guy who does these rankings used to FloSoftballs. Sydney Cox, MIF, Carolina Cardinals - ranked #93 - Don’t know much about her. Kelsey Schmidt, OF, Beverly Bandits - ranked #77 - committed to Dean at JMU and switched her commitment when he came to Auburn. Denver Bryant, SS/OF, TN Mojo - ranked #22 - played baseball majority of life, including on USA Junior Women’s Baseball Team. Paige Geraghty, OF, Beverly Bandits - ranked #21 - Flipped from LA Lafayette and former Auburn hitting coach Gerry Glasco. Shelby Lowe, P, Birmingham Thunderbolts - ranked #11 - Lefty that led her team to a PGF 16U championship in 2018 - one of the top 5 pitchers in the class. Maddie Penta, P, PA Chaos - ranked #3 - also one of the top 5 pitchers in the class. While I do not necessarily agree with all their rankings, this is still the best pitching class in the country. Both Lowe and Penta are game changing, strikeout pitchers. I think Dean will be able to recreate the success he had at JMU with these two and KK Dismukes over the next few years. The position players are solid pickups for Dean. They seem to be very athletic and fast. Both Bryant and Geraghty have come on strong over the past year. If you mix in the 2019, 2020, and 2021 classes, we should start seeing similar success that we did Myers, just might be led by pitching rather than hitting.