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  1. As always, I think you’re spot on @steeleagle . I don’t think many teams can hit Lowe when she is on her game. A week and a half of rest should definitely help. Dismukes looked good against SC, and Penta looked good in her last 4-5 games outside SC. It’s no secret our hitting isn’t up to par, and other teams will continue to exploit those issues. It gives me hope we hit the ball harder towards the end of the season and no team has a dominant ace. But I agree, 1-2 runs will not cut it in this regional. The players have to feel confident knowing we beat the top rated team in the
  2. I look at the seeding across the board, and there many question marks. The committee did not do itself many favors with the inconsistencies for hosting criteria. Our regional is one of the toughest as whole in my opinion. UCF is very dangerous with wins over Florida(x2), Arizona, South Carolina, South Florida, and Kennesaw State(x2). Kennesaw State has played every team in the regional with wins over Auburn and UCF, plus a very close Game 2 against FSU. FSU has good wins over Florida, Arizona(x2), Auburn, VA Tech, Missouri, Notre Dame(x3), and Duke(x3). FSU pitches, hits, and fiel
  3. That bracket would be best case scenario for us, honestly. Clemson is good, but they are in no way great.
  4. It will definitely deter some coaches from joining the staff. However, some coaches might see the potential of the players, especially with another good class coming into the program. It would be nice if we scored more than 7 runs a game next year, but in reality, we only need 3-4 runs a game to be in the top of the SEC with our pitching staff. I’d think it would be appealing to know you only need marginal improvement Year 1 to extend your contract. And if the team drastically overachieves at the plate, you have the pitching to get to the WCWS. Let’s hope Dean does something.
  5. I’ve heard Lincoln’s name a few places. I think he does hitting for the GA Impact organization. I know he is the hitting coach for at least one of our 2022 commits.
  6. Someone mentioned Matt Lisle on the AU 247 board as a possible hitting coach. He coached at South Carolina and Fresno State for softball. He also has experience with Missouri baseball and the MLB. It looks like he took 2021 off but is looking to get back into coaching At SC, the team lead the conference in homeruns when he was there. They were predicted 13th in the conference and ended up in 3rd. Sounds like a no brainer for me.
  7. Probably should have explained myself better. As mentioned in my comment, we probably would not have made regionals last year if the season played out. This season has basically been a continuation of last season for most teams but on steroids. You look at the UCLAs, Oklahoma’s, Alabama’s who were all good last year. Those teams basically brought back their whole roster then supplemented any suspect players with really good freshman in Tiara Jennings, Jayda Coleman, Bailey Dowling (though unfortunately tore an ACL). UCLA got two Olympic players back in Garcia and Nickles. You can look aro
  8. I will say, the more I watch these games the more I think Auburn was the most negatively impacted team in the SEC by COVID. Almost every single impact player in these first few games has been a super senior or senior who would normally be graduating at the end of this year. I think losing Snow to injury was a bigger impact than we know. She provided power and protected Rivera. Dowell and King have done well, but they don’t have the power to drive runs in. Perry is a great leader and first basemen, but she has only hit above .250 once. When you look at other teams across the SEC th
  9. I’m rethinking my comment since you questioned it. I actually think you start Lowe whether the opponent has good hitting / bad pitching or bad hitting / good pitching. You hope and pray the offense pulls off what they did at LSU in Game 2 and pull Lowe for Penta or Dismukes to keep Lowe’s pitch count low for round 2. I’m not sure Lowe can throw every pitch of a regional though, which is why I said my original comment.
  10. Your explanation makes sense to me because I did not think Penta’s location were too bad from a pure location standpoint. Hopefully the two highly rated catchers coming in next year can do a better job.
  11. @steeleagle I do not think our spot in a regional is in jeopardy with the loss to SC. We have a top 10 SOS and will still be in top 25 for the RPI. We also have good wins over FSU, Kentucky(x2), Texas A&M(x2), LSU, Missouri, Ole Miss, Troy(x2), and SE Missouri State(x3) who are all in Top 100 of the RPI. Also agree on your 4 points about the game. It’s hard to criticize Dean for starting Penta. I understand people questioning it, but Lowe needed a rest after the grind of the SEC. She will now get a week and half to do so. Penta had strong outings over the past few weeks, but this ump
  12. I never said Clint wasn’t a elite coach. There’s a reason he has 2 National championship rings. He was a spectacular in game coach who instilled confidence in his players at the plate. They believed going into every game they could win. His 2014 team was why I started following Auburn softball, so you are correct when you say he is the reason I know those names. We know we saw the team’s hitting regress in 2017 after Carasone, Rhodes, and Howard left. We lost 3 more of our best hitters after 2017 in Cooper, Fagen, and Wallace (transferred to Baylor while Myers was still coaching at AU). I
  13. Clint built a winning mindset. The team was confident they would be successful at the plate, and they never let an error or mistake spiral into catastrophe. Those aspects are the biggest differences I see with this team versus Clint’s teams. I do think some of the confidence was the players experience. I hope our 2nd year freshman, 1st year freshman, and 2021 signing class can build a similar mindset as they continue to gain reps. The only really bad game defensively I’ve seen since early in the season was Game 2 in Ole Miss, so I am hopeful they are working through those problems. But th
  14. @RHN1975 - I’d love to hear your thoughts on individual players in 19, 20, 21, and 22 classes who are at / coming to Auburn and some who wanted to come. From my perspective: 2019: From EIS rankings, which I recognize are not perfect, we had a few ranked but none higher than #20 (Majors). I thought Calvert, Koepke, and Dismukes could provide immediate support with Garcia, McCondichie, and Majors as contributors at some point. I didn’t know much about Englekes. Calvert transferred, so I’ll skip over her. Outside of Majors, all have started and played significant roles at times. We need
  15. I am glad to see they will be finishing the year at Auburn. We would definitely be in trouble at SS without Dowell. I am also glad to see nothing mentioned around the team and / or their relationship with Dean. It was interesting the article mentioned a possibility to return if others transfer. It seems Dean is trying to look to the future and honor his word to his recruits in the 2021 class.
  16. Sad to see her go, but I wish her luck in the future. Wonder how many more will follow.
  17. Looks like the Instagram is highlighting seniors. I would assume, but cannot guarantee, these are players not coming back. So far they’ve highlighted Tissier, Horton, and Jones. They also did a video for King but there was no thank you seniors in the post, so I am unsure if that means she is leaving or not.
  18. @steeleagle Your summary around Dean’s offensive strategy is important to note. It has cost us a number of runs this year rather than manufacturing them. I would like to believe he is aggressive because he knows his team capabilities rather than the standard. I hope we see progress from our current players and get some production from this incoming class. Next year will tell us more about the future of the program than this year will.
  19. Your arguments changes again once presented facts. Again, I’ll bite. I don’t know the dynamics between Dean and his assistant coaches nor am I going to pretend to know. I don’t know who makes all the decisions or if it is truly a one man show. The best hire Dean made was Glasco, but he left to become a head coach at Lafayette after 3 months. No one in the softball world would criticize him for taking that job. Rojas wanted to return to California to be closer to family, so I don’t blame her either. I speculate she was hired to a 1 year contract to fill Carasone’s spot while she trai
  20. For the 3rd time, I think we need a new hitting coach and new offensive philosophy. I don’t think anyone who follows Auburn softball would disagree with you. Our hitting is very subpar, and I would hope Dean recognizes the struggles. I’m not here to argue if Dean is a better head coach vs. head coach. I also know I wouldn’t take a $100k demotion if a university was willing to pay me to figure it out. Dean is a great pitching coach though - both Carlson and Martin maintained or improved under Dean in terms of ERA with more innings pitched. Harris did well under Dean, but she has not b
  21. It’s funny to me you switch your argument when I presented the facts against on you pitching. But I’ll bite, I have attended games this season and have watched every game I have not been able to attend on television. So please spare me of your assumptions of how closely I follow the program. I don’t know dynamics between the head coach and assistant coaches, and I doubt anyone on this message board does either. If you would like to share details, I’ll happily be educated on the subject. Please make sure to provide sources. We are 4th in terms of ERA and 8th in terms of fielding in t
  22. You might not agree, but I am going to trust Dean with our pitching. We have a 1.83 ERA for the season, which is 4th best in the SEC. We have produced these results while facing the #1, #2, #4, #5, #6, and #10 teams in terms of batting average in our conference with 3 TRUE FRESHMAN (KK threw 3 innings in 2020). We also face #3 this weekend so temper your expectations. I don’t know what happened to Sam this year, and I acknowledge she was great last year against Minnesota and Florida, but Dean mentioned she has struggled with confidence in the past. I am hopeful she can return to form next year
  23. I only see us picking up a transfer if Lowe, Penta, or Dismukes leave. If not, they will all be a year older and a year better. Most pitchers at the college level take a huge step forward after freshman year, so we could see all three take a huge step forward. I cannot be certain, but I do not see Sam transferring. She has already transferred once, so she might have to sit out again depending on COVID rules. If she could be a solid contributor our staff just gets way better. Softball teams have transitioned to more of a “staff” in recent years, so they utilize two or three pitchers
  24. According to another board, Rivera stole on her own. She should have known it wasn’t going to change the outcome of that particular game at this point in her career though. Dean has definitely made questionable calls during games, specifically as it relates to bunting, stealing bases, and running ourselves out of innings. It seems he’s trying to over compensate for our lack of power by putting players in motion, but it is killing us against teams with good fielding and catching. It worked in our favor versus Kentucky, but Ole Miss seemed very prepared. Ole Miss looked like the team Dean
  25. A new approach is definitely needed. It has to be tough as a player going from bunting to swinging away to moving runners every single at bat. Dean also puts a lot of pressure on hitters because he pinch hits or pinch runs or replaces them outright every time they mess up. I will say I enjoyed watching Penta throw tonight. She gets so excited every time she gets a strikeout. She seems to have gotten spooked this year because she added a face mask and jumps every hard hit. I really hope we can keep Lowe and Penta. They are fun to watch, and they normally take a big step forward from f
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