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  1. Nathan King on AUC added Jimmy Brumbaugh and Vic So'oto as names to watch for DL
  2. if this is true and Aaron Feld grew up an auburn fan and wanted to play for auburn Harsin needs to bring him in as our S&C instead of the Boise State guy.
  3. What was the rumored staff? Only name I remember being mentioned was Dell Mcgee as RB coach
  4. If we hire Cristobal I hope he brings Feld with him
  5. So with Grimes stepping down who do y'all think we go after?
  6. He's the Memphis HC now. ESPN
  7. If J.B. leaves who do y'all want to replace him? What about Oregon's OL coach Alex Mirabal? I know Cristobal is probably the actual OL coach just like Gus is the actual OC here and Saban is the DC at Bama, but he's still gotta be pretty good. I would've also suggested Wisconsin's OL coach, but I looked and he's also their OC and AHC so no chance he comes.
  8. Sports Illustrated has us in the Outback vs. Minnesota https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/college/2019/12/04/ncaa-bowl-projections-playoff-schedule
  9. What about Gary Patterson @ TCU didn't he apply for the job before we hired either Chizik or Gus? I was thinking I read that somewhere.
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