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  1. NICE!!! I love the O-Line talent we're getting!
  2. Gotcha. Thanks E. Like I said, I don't know all the details I was just doing some quick research and had some questions about it. Good to know about the Select Team vs regular G-League differences. I guess if the age/restrictions don't apply to the select team its a moot point either way. Instead of having to wait until Oct to sign he can just do it when he's ready and a school won't have to take a chance in the hopes that he sticks to the commitment versus going to the G-League.
  3. When is the cutoff for the G-League Age requirement/Draft this year? Wasn't the rule you had to be 18 by September 15th last year and also for those that met the age requirement have signed a contract by 21 Oct? Kuminga doesn't turn 18 until 06 October, but I don't know what any dates are for this year or how the COVID-19 has effected it. I haven't seen any estimated dates for the G-League so far either so if it's pushed back far enough I guess it doesn't matter. However, if he doesn't commit/sign with a school prior to that he wouldn't be able to play until the Spring Semester for whoever he chooses. I am sure they are aware and maybe something has been worked out, but 4+ months until he's 18 pending dates could still cause a problem. Not being 18 prior to cutoff = no contract = no draft = no G-league. I understand the league games possibly being pushed back, but I don't see how the age requirement/draft are impacted by 3ish weeks considering the only player that impacts at this point is Kuminga.. I am fully aware that I could be wrong. I am just spit balling here based on the info that is available and figured you might know way more about it than I do. Is there a waiver or potential rule bend because he would be close or is this because everyone anticipates a pushed back set of dates due to the Coronavirus?
  4. Awesome stuff. We've had a great weekend on the trail! #WDE
  5. Love it! He will be a great addition. He adds depth to our lineup, and Coach Pearl will develop him into a great player!
  6. Yep, as expected! Good luck to the young man, I think he will do well. I look forward to seeing what he can do at the next level. The coaching staff has probably known this for a couple of days and they will work hard to get a solid player that will contribute to our team! I have full faith and confidence in them.
  7. Yeah I was reading something like that. I think it was referring to the NBL option. I don't think the G-League itself can pay more than $125,000 to "elite high school players". That is a direct quote from the article though and not mine. I just did a google search and found it.
  8. It appears Jalen Green won't be playing college basketball next season. The No. 1 recruit on the ESPN 100 for 2020 is expected to spend the 2020-21 campaign in the NBA G League, sources told Forbes' Adam Zagoria. The NBA G League introduced a "select contract" for elite high school prospects in October 2018. The deal pays players $125,000 for the league's five-month season before they're eligible to enter the NBA draft. As for Green's collegiate options, Auburn and Memphis are the reported front-runners for his services. The 6-foot-5 guard will announce his official decision Thursday on Instagram. Green averaged 31.5 points, 7.5 rebounds, and five assists per game during his senior year at Prolific Prep. He was selected for the McDonald's All-American Game and Jordan Brand Classic rosters earlier this season and was also named to Team USA fo the Nike Hoop Summit. Green is a projected top-three pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, according to ESPN's Jonathan Givony.
  9. Coach BP has an amazing coaching resume. He has won everywhere he has been. He has developed countless players. He has earned everything he has. He started at the Division II level and took a 10 win team to 22-7 the following season and then went 28-4 National Runner Up and then won 29 games and won the Division II National Title. Fans of other school discredit it because its Division II but the level of play is balanced. That took players buying in and great coaching. He took Wisconsin-Milwaukee to the Sweet 16. He took Tennessee to a #1 ranking and led them to six NCAA's, two Sweet 16's and an Elite Eight in six seasons. Now he's taken us to the NCAA tournament three times after building up the program and obviously 5 NCAA Tournament wins in 2 years with the trip to the FInal Four last season. I believe a Sweet 16 would have been in the cards this season possibly better. The man can flat out coach. He didn't accomplish all of this with a ton of 5 star recruits. He brings in hard working players, good talent and develops that talent. He recruits to his system and wins. I really hope he wins a couple of titles here. He deserves it, and obviously we'd love it too!
  10. These guys changed the Auburn program. I have amazing respect for every single one of them and wish them great success in their next chapter. Thanks to all of them!
  11. Awesome way to close out the regular season. 25-6 (12-6) overall. Can't wait for the SEC Tourney!
  12. Good win! 13-0 (1-0). Love this team!
  13. The D-Line comments are spot on. Nix did do some good things and also made some mistakes. That pick in the endzone against Florida was costly as was the pick inside the 5 against LSU. The 3 qtrs of abysmal offense against Georgia. We have had playoff caliber teams. I'd argue we could have been their twice in its 6 year existence. We haven't been once and our rivals continue to stamp their history books with championship/appearances while we settle and get excited about the Outback Bowl against some upstart? We have had O-line issues. We have had QB issues. We have had RB injuries and issues. We have had play calling issues. The defense has been what's carried this team for the last few years and that's with Gus' no huddle offensive style which often results in quick 3 and outs or 5 play offensive drives. Even when we score it's often quick. The defense has had to play a huge amount of snaps and even with good depth and talent it does wear them down and effect the defensive game plan. Gus needs to get his side in order. We have a good young QB that should be much better moving forward. We have great playmakers. We'll see how the O-Line looks with new additions. Some will argue, and before any Gus defender quotes my post to argue, there is no argument. I'm not bashing him or calling for his head. I'm just stating the facts. In order for us to get over the hump and compete for the title, we've got to get better on the offensive side. We have looked good at times and below avg at times. Regardless of who the QB has been. I personally hope Gus gets it figured out. Uses his great offensive mind and leads us to many SEC/National Titles. We have the resources, support and so on the make this happen. #WDE