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  1. Good win! 13-0 (1-0). Love this team!
  2. The D-Line comments are spot on. Nix did do some good things and also made some mistakes. That pick in the endzone against Florida was costly as was the pick inside the 5 against LSU. The 3 qtrs of abysmal offense against Georgia. We have had playoff caliber teams. I'd argue we could have been their twice in its 6 year existence. We haven't been once and our rivals continue to stamp their history books with championship/appearances while we settle and get excited about the Outback Bowl against some upstart? We have had O-line issues. We have had QB issues. We have had RB injuries and issues. We have had play calling issues. The defense has been what's carried this team for the last few years and that's with Gus' no huddle offensive style which often results in quick 3 and outs or 5 play offensive drives. Even when we score it's often quick. The defense has had to play a huge amount of snaps and even with good depth and talent it does wear them down and effect the defensive game plan. Gus needs to get his side in order. We have a good young QB that should be much better moving forward. We have great playmakers. We'll see how the O-Line looks with new additions. Some will argue, and before any Gus defender quotes my post to argue, there is no argument. I'm not bashing him or calling for his head. I'm just stating the facts. In order for us to get over the hump and compete for the title, we've got to get better on the offensive side. We have looked good at times and below avg at times. Regardless of who the QB has been. I personally hope Gus gets it figured out. Uses his great offensive mind and leads us to many SEC/National Titles. We have the resources, support and so on the make this happen. #WDE
  3. I don't know much about the Wiseman issue other than the fact that he was cleared twice and I personally think he should have been compensated in one way or another because he was cleared and no new evidence was submitted or found. His lawsuit was against Memphis and the NCAA initially. Stopped following it after he dropped the case. It didn't seem like Memphis went to bat for him at all. The TOR prevented Memphis from sitting him, the moment he dropped the case Memphis declared him ineligible. They played the game horribly wrong and I hope they get burned for it. Memphis appears very selfish in all of this. Willing to play him when they think they are protected, but outside of that, nothing. I don't wanna be that guy, but we sat Wiley for a whole season and Purifoy for 1 1/3 seasons. Our 2017-2018 season could have been even better but we dealt with the issues head on and did what we had to do. I'm not saying bend over for the NCAA especially if you're in the right, but Penny clearly paid the family the $11,500. He admitted to it. Had they sat him from the get go, they would still be 9-1 and he would have been eligible starting with their 10th game. As it stands he wouldn't have been able to play until 12 January I believe. That's another 3+ weeks. He'd have come back a little rusty and trying to fit in to a team that's gone 7-0 without him. I think he made the right decision for him. Someone should have made the right call from the get go for Wiseman's sake. At least people would have respected them more.
  4. Yeah just knock down the free throws and be willing to trade 2's or contested 3's. Time is on our side.
  5. Great class with the potential for a couple more great additions. Can't wait to see these young men on the field! Thanks for all of the effort/work that was put into this thread. All the comments , insider info, and updates were awesome!
  6. 3 blocks and box score stats don't tell the story at all. Re-watch the game. Yes, he tried to defend, no one said he didn't and that's not what playing soft means. He was pushed around on the defensive side often. St. Louis took several boards away from him on that end of the floor. It was almost as if he was playing NOT to FOUL. Also, disagree with me all you want regarding him getting hammered but he was getting pushed, hit, fouled and so on all game long.
  7. Yeah, but he was playing soft on that end. Tons of 2nd chances for St. Louis. To me it looked like he was fouled almost constantly and they let St. Louis get away with a lot.
  8. Yeah the long breaks between games are keeping us rusty lol. The thing that irritated me beyond anything though was it appeared Wiley was getting hammered constantly inside. In my opinion he should have taken about 30 free throws. Win is a win though! 9-0!
  9. Pearl did a great job with the OOC schedule. Furman will compete for their conference title Preseason #3. Davidson will compete for their conference title Preseason #2 A-10. St. Louis preseason #5 in a multi-bid conference A-10. New Mexico will compete for their conference title Preseason #3. South Alabama is predicted 2nd in the Sun Belt. Colgate is predicted to win the Patriot League. NC State is predicted to make the NCAA Tournament. Lipscomb is coming off of a great season. Went to the final of the NIT. The SEC has improved the last few seasons. Even with a few early season losses, there will be plenty of top 15-50 wins to get in conference. Getting these RPI booster games against teams with the potential to win 20+ games is great scheduling!
  10. Very true, but we pulled out the win. Furman was also rough and despite us having a bad night shooting the ball, we managed to comeback and get that win as well. The team will learn from games like that though and it is also very humbling to come out of a close game like that, against that competition with the victory. It teaches players to not overlook anyone and to go out and give 100% against every opponent every game. We've not come close to our peak, but we're winning. Duke lost to SFA and Kentucky lost to Evansville. Watching those games, their players just seemed to accept it. We continued to fight during our close calls. Love this team!
  11. Maybe if Memphis hires another HC instead of promoting him he will come here. I wasn't sold on Morris, but after reading what the majority here say and after a few discussions, I am excited about the hire. Hoping to see some good changes next season!
  12. Posted in another thread, but I'm not sold on Chad. He wasn't impressive running the show at SMU or Arkansas albeit it's different running the entire program vs just the offense. Looking at SMU now, they improved dramatically since he left. They were 10-2 this season and with their bowl matchup an 11-2 season looks likely. None of their fans nor the Arkansas fans thought much of him. Again, this can easily be attributed to HC vs OC roles. I'm not against him, I'm just taking the wait and see approach if he's hired. I'll support whoever we hire and hope for the best. If Gus and Chad can work well together. Chad takes the reins and kills it, all doubt disappears instantly.