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  1. Mine was not necessarily negative in conotation but since you've called me to task (and without me doing a single Goolgle search) I would defy you to find any team in the SEC West that has played less than 7. Over the last 10. You clearly have no idea what I think about Gus, I was being waaaaay generous. And accurate.
  2. We've lost to all but two. That's pretty much Gus in a nutshell, top ten over the last ten years and lost to most on the list ahead of us....
  3. Not at Auburn they don't, at least not with Jay Gogue at the helm. Makes the pragmatist pine for the days of Bobby Lowder.
  4. I am fully aware of the implications of Title IX. That would be a really good thing in my opinion, womens' lacrosse is a thing, Auburn equestrian would be a REAL thing if it was sanctioned by the NCAA. What is the down side????????????? Calling @Tigerbelle. help me out here. Better baseball, more women's sports.... AAAAANNNNNDDDD we would never have to have that stupid discusssion about the effect of the education lottery, earmarking scholarships for athletes at private universities and all the other ridiculous things Butch has to battle to try and make 11.7 scholarships work for 28 players. How in the hell did anybody in their right mind think that was ever a good idea?????? Pretty sure I read where Conor Davis finishes his career at Auburn with close to $100,000 in student loan debt and a degree in Public Administration. That's almost criminal in my opinion. That kid has never been anything but good for Auburn University. Thanks so much Conor, hope you enjoy your parting gift.....
  5. Leads me to believe he didn't think he'd be at Auburn this fall either way. Once he commits to being a PO and with some quality development, this kid has the potential to be lights out. Big body and big arm which he should be upper 90's in the next year or so...hopefully we will see him on a big league mound one day. I don't blame him one bit for going the route he's chosen (Chipola is a fantastic option). MLB just completely hosed about 90% of the potential draftees this year. The D1 college programs suffer for it. If ever there was a time for the NCAA to step up, do what's right and level the playing field in college baseball, now is the time to move to a 25 full scholarship allotment. Oh, wait, I just remembered there's a complete imbecile running that ridiuclulous organization.
  6. I was completely undone by that picture...gotta' ask what's the dog's name? He/she is doing some outstanding work there, probably deserves a raise in Scooby snacks. Praying over Little Bird and his caregivers in Powder Springs, GA.
  7. I was told yesterday that the Middlebrooks kid out of Westminster (Ft. Lauderdale) has been offered. His aunt played volleyball at Auburn, uncle is Danny Kannel, another aunt played tennis at North Carolina (incredibly athletic family, obviously). I was told he is very high on Bruce and company, for what that's worth. 6'10" and he just got his driver's license. Sheesh.
  8. I am in violent agreement with this statement.
  9. They've already been there. North Dakota and so many others HAD to back down. I think you may be right, I'm betting the ice under that flaming spear at midfied of Doak Campbell is getting really thin these days. And speaking of Doak Campbell....
  10. There was an Auburn Eagle t-shirt back in the day, I used to wear it proudly. "Where it's free to be a fan"
  11. I just can't imagine that whoever the head coach is, isn't inconsequential when a young man signs to commit the better part of the next 3 or 4 years to work his ass off for that guy. And I can't imagine that they really think that he somehow has pulled a fast one over on them as though he had some sort of secret affiliation to a terrorist organization. The issue, as I've even experienced it (on this board occasionally, just ask @Tigerbelle) is that it's really easy to pull out your bazooka and try to destroy someone from behind a keyboard. I sincerely hope that their first face to face meeting completely disregards federal social distancing guidelines. I'm pulling for those guys to simply hug it out first. And then get really emotional about what they are seeing, experiencing and hoping for. Those young men deserve that opportunity to see how love "does" and Gundy, who is an incredibly passionate guy, needs to live it. I sincerely believe the safest place a young black athlete could be this fall is on the football field in Stillwater.
  12. That's progress. I'd be willing to bet that if they all stick it out, work through it and shut out the external noise, they'll ALL be better men for it.
  13. They spoke out into the Twitttersphere. There's a huge difference and if they really knew him, or wanted to, they'd have addressed it directly with him face to face. Once more, Gundy wore a T-shirt to go fishing.
  14. Gundy isn't attaching himself to terrorism, he wore a t-shirt with graphics on a personal fishing trip, not an OTA or Oklahoma State University event. Made no statment, wasn't even his Twitter page. Dude's monumental contribution to society is that he played and coaches foootball. He's so important the OP can't even spell his name properly. The far left doesn't have a corner on the market when it comes to the FA, this is so over the top it's absurd.