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  1. The Powder Springs Prophets. I happened to be in the audience that night.... "I'll be found at the place where the gravity meets the ground, and I won't be comin' down...."
  2. Ha, that Wright State bunch (who I think is very competitive) ended Tennesseee's 13 game winning streak tonight. Scored a run in the top of the ninth to win it after UT had come back from down 2 to tie it in the eighth. And Vandy loses again, this time to UCLA out there. Bruins scored 3 runs on 2 hits to beat Kumar. Corbin sure doesn't take the easy route pre-conference. Arkansas has now lost 5 stright after getting their asses kicked 13-6 by South Alabama in FayetteNam. Hogs Friday night starter (Wicklander) walked 5 and gave up 7 runs in 3 2/3 innings.
  3. Pretty sure Daniel Robert blew up his elbow saving what turned into a track meet (17-16) against Samford late in '17. Those guys always want to show well for Casey against his alma mater.
  4. Vandy loses to Hawaii LSU as to Baylor aTm got hammered by UCLA Arkansas trailing Texas Kentucky struggling already this year, back to back shutout losses to UNC Wilmington at home...Dang. Georgia looks like the real deal.
  5. This seems like code for something This is precisely how I remember my football experience.
  6. If I'm not mistaken, Kumar started his superstar freshman year 2-4. Please don't take it personally, but this just isn't totally accurate when talking about college baseball. It's not about who we didn't get, it's about getting the guys who are here to get us "there". That's exactly what we got last year. And as irritating as it is, you don't miss going "there" by losing some (or even a bunch of) games in February or March. To my initial point, we didn't miss on this one but he we still didn't get him.... Right-hander Alex Speas, the Rangers’ second-round pick in 2016, was shut down on his road back from Tommy John surgery, but not because of a medical setback. He was too healthy and was throwing too hard. A reliever, Speas was in his 14th month after surgery when he blew up the radar gun during a bullpen session while rehabbing in Arizona. He threw six fastballs at 102 mph. His slider came in at 94 mph.
  7. Nothing like a good ass whipping to set your mind straight.
  8. Three game reality check, which will be a really good teaching opportunity if I know Butch and his staff.
  9. Gonna' need a comeback like the basketball Tigers had this morning. Fitts getting absolutely destroyed. Hudson said something that was effective, got him to absolutely air it out. Blowing 95 now.
  10. We're all waiting for him to live up to the potential. Pulling hard....
  11. He was never going to be the spitting image....however, Thompson and Hudson will do absolutely everything to keep him around as it's in everybody's best interest.
  12. I think you are 101% correct. This team needs to take on his mental approach, he's got the intensity of an assassin...and the hair of a gigolo.
  13. Good Lord...Mason Barnett. Came in throwing serious gas, nine pitches to close out the ninth. He just might push for the Bull's job.
  14. Just noticed that Wright State took down Louisville tonight 10-3. They played Miss State tough in three games over this past weekend. They come to Auburn next weekend (2/28).
  15. Some interesting games over the opening weekend. Boston College was the home team playing against Northern Illinois in Winter Haven, FL on Friday night, play by play from their first inning: Sal Frelick led off the bottom of the first with a double, followed immediately by a Brian Dempsey two-run homer. Cody Morissette then singled, Joe Suozzi tripled him home, and Jack Cunningham singled Suozzi in, good for four runs before the Huskies could record an out. Something nobody has probably ever even thought of...they started the first game of the season with the first four batters hitting for the (team) cycle. Those guys were ready to play.