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  1. AHS probably takes football way more seriously than Arkansas....
  2. Two SEC west teams now looking for a new head man. aTm did not renew Childress and Mainieri has announced his retirement from LSU. Not sure where either of those programs will be looking (assume LSU will make a run at Bianco), but Alan Greene should be at least a little bit nervous.
  3. Steven Williams will go down as one of the all time great "program" guys. I freaking love that guy for what he has meant to this program, pretty sure he'll get a chance to catch on professionally. I'll say it one more time, in my opinion that is the prettiest swing to ever grace the left handed batter's box of Planinsman Park. War Damn Eagle Steven Williams.....
  4. The fools gold of what our offensive stats are. We have zero situational awareness.
  5. It's more about being in position to block. I understand the one knee advocates think it allows the C to get in better position to receive at the bottom of the zone and "push" the mitt up on receipt. Pitchers in this league have it drilled into their heads to miss down (as missing up leads to 400' deposits), but it can absolutely be done without going straight to a knee. As we saw in the top of the eighth last night, with a runner on third, it's a 50/50 proposition that the C can get to a ball in the dirt properly from that position. It just shouldn't be tolerated, much less promoted. Check out the Arkansas C (Optiz), and notice the "hop" into outstanding position with runners on base which our guys DO NOT DO. This is how it should be done....
  6. I just can't watch the garbage behind the plate any longer. We really need a legit catching coach. Williams, Dial, LaRue....doesn't matter, they are all receiving from their knees. Lazy with nobody on, and absolutely ridiculous with runners on base. I'm the biggest Butch supporter, but c'mon man find somebody to teach the position......
  7. This. The experience is bigger than you could ever imagine, and it's precisely why Butch schedules these kinds of opportunities. My first experience on the road was in Birmingham (UAB and UA in the old Liions Eye Classsic at Rickwood Field). First night in the hotel, my roommate pulls out a hash pipe. I was absolutley certain I was going to spend the weekend in the Jefferson County detention center. That after eating at Lloyd's on Hwy 280, which Coach Nix insisted on for Friday meals. It's a miracle anybody could even swing the right end of the bat.
  8. Joseph Gonzalez to the mound for the Tigers in the bottom of the 7th. Butch and Hudson trusting the young gun late in a tight ball game and he responds with a one two three inning after a pick off of the one hole hitter (Graham) for the third out. This is fantastic experience for the freshman.
  9. Aye yie yie with the double play balls. Tigers have hit into three through six innings.
  10. We've issued four free passes to the OU 1-2-3 hitters. Finally caught up to us in the bottom of the fifth after C. Skipper took over for Greenhill. 3-1 Auburn, going to T6.
  11. Cody Greenhill working through the uglies today. Hit the leadoff in the 4th then promptly gets out of it after an inning ending double play. A no hitter is always preferable, but watching a pack mule like Greenhill just flat out battle is almost as fun. Big guy is bearing down.
  12. Dang. Line out and a double play with our 1-2 guys (Ward/Bliss). Sooners out of a big jam. Still 3-0 going to B4.
  13. OU goes to the pen. Wyatt Olds uses 80 pitches to get nine outs. Sooner reliever comes in and promptly walks Brody Moore...Tigers load the bases with nobody out.
  14. Big Bull living dangerously....but effective. Out of the inning and OU leaves runners at 2nd & 3rd again.
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