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  1. Something tells me it won't be much a competition. Not unless Cam is still hurt. The Panthers wasted Cam, let's be real. Cam is actually one of the better game managers around, ironically. People think of him as this high scoring team guy, but he was at his best in the NFL when he just had to manage the game and let the defense do its thing. Problem is, the Panthers only gave Cam a few select good defenses, most of them were below the league average, and several were horrible. They also never gave him an offensive line. Frankly never gave him much of a receiving corp either. They basically didn't give the man much lol. The Patriots will typically have a top 10 OL and defense under Belichick. That's perfect for Cam.
  2. I'm gonna assume that 4.79 is hand timed not laser. Either way very impressive. Gus used to be known for using TE's well. His TE's would never lead the team in catches or yards in any given game. But he'd use them. Then he really dropped the ball on TE recruiting for a while, and after Uzomah we didn't have a particularly good TE for some time. I hope this season we can see him use some good TE's again.
  3. Correct actually. However RB's are still one of the top. Idk why I didn't think of DL when I said that.
  4. I don't even feel like debating how RB's, or even Nix will pan out. Because you can not win the the SEC without a good OL. You can win it with weaknesses elsewhere, but you better have a good OL. And if the OL pans out, I'm not too worried about our backfield or receivers. I think last year the backfield did pretty well considering the OL. Whitlow averaged 7 yards a carry against Bama with that horrible run blocking. Really think about that, and think about how bad the OL was at run blocking. This season mostly comes down to how well the defense restocks (probably fine), and the OL.
  5. I guess Cam wasn't special then.
  6. This is peak little brother "Auburn never gets their way" syndrome. I mean, RB's have probably been the best position group we've had over the past decade and a half.
  7. Well, they only played three ranked games and lost two of them, to us and LSU. What happens when you play a cupcake schedule.
  8. He'd do good but it wouldn't be close imo. Remember that huge hit we put on Burrow against LSU? And he just got right back up and then played better. That hit happens to Stidham and he plays scared for the rest of the game. I like Stidham, but I won't pretend like he ever took big hits well. Or basically anything kind of defensive pass rush. Stidham just couldn't handle pressure from defenses. Both in 17 and 18. People forget how bad Clemson exposed Stidham's shortcomings in 17. His pocket awareness is horrible. Bama tried to take advantage of it by blitzing, but Auburn ran crossing routes all day to counter that. Also Bama did not have an elite pass rush that particular year.
  9. People make a good point when bringing up not playing zone more. But I don't think you're gonna see much better DB coverage than last season. I mean, we played against possible one of the greatest passing attacks in college football history in LSU, and held them to 23 points. I know Bama kind of exposed the defense some, but honestly, Bama just had some receivers that we physically could not run with. That waddle guy is absurdly fast. If our DB coverage improves next season I'll be ecstatic.
  10. This. Our pass rush last season would've been beyond elite with a legit speed rusher. I would also like to see more zone coverage, but I don't think it's a huge deal tbh. If our DB's are better at man, then play man. Also, I think when we did play zone some in the past our LB's were kind of a liability, because of a lack of speed. This current LB corp might be the most athletic we've had in a long time, so that makes zone a little more viable imo.
  11. He's not slow, he just has horrible vision. Dude cannot run zone consistently. He picks a gap randomly, and it's either there or it isn't.
  12. Uh, idk about worst coach in SEC history. He got a mess, and left a mess. There have definitely been coaches worse than that.
  13. I don't think our OL is in such a s***ty situation that it'll take 4 years to rebuild, assuming Bicknell and Gus are around still for that long. Gus actually tried to have a strong OL class in 2019, but they just bombed at closing all the major recruits, due to Grimes being such a bad recruiter. Don't really understand Gus's lack of taking OL serious. Herb Hand was possibly the worst hire he's made. Almost every player Hand recruited ended up contributing very little, or none at all. And he was a horrible coach.
  14. Gus's biggest issue the past few seasons has been OL. Even in 2017, our OL wasn't that reliable. They got dominated by UCF. Kerryon Johnson made them look better than they actually were. I mean, this past season, against Arkansas, we run power with Gatewood twice in a row on 3rd and 4th short. Got stuffed twice. And that was against... Arkansas. If Gus can get an elite OL again, I think people would be surprised by how easy calling plays will become for him again. Think how hard it is to call the right play when your OL consistently doesn't block s***. Every play in football (more or less) requires good blocking from the OL. Run, pass, or screen. Which is of course obvious, but I've seen a lot of fan cry about play calling on plays where there was a DT in the backfield in the first second. You just can't succeed like that.
  15. Robert Leff earned a degree in mechanical engineering while at Auburn. Definitely doable, just not free.