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  1. We'd lose to UNC for sure. Also, even if we don't play USC, let's be real, Gus always drops a terrible loss like that. So even without USC on our schedule you can probably pencil in Gus's annual screw up against someone else. So 8-4 or 7-5 in my book. And he never got fired because it was a terrible season. He got fired because the recruiting class was ranked like 30th, sometimes as low as even 50th, in the country. And the uga game wasn't competitive at all, and uga isn't even that amazing this season.
  2. You just described basically every single college football award. And really most awards in general for that matter. It's a popularity contest, always has been.
  3. OK I get that you bolded out our remaining opponents, but why didn't you bold out Auburn?
  4. There's also a possibility that we play another a team. Because this game isn't the only one dropped. This happened in a previous week already when some games were cancelled: https://www.columbiamissourian.com/sports/mizzou_football/sec-announces-shift-in-missouris-football-schedule/article_5b8ea8d0-0fff-11eb-b82c-ffd65cb9d2eb.html I don't think Gus is capable of winning another championship at Auburn. But this is just sad.
  5. Every college team (except maybe like the triple option teams) run option routes. Leaks from Malzahn's playbook back when he was an OC had option routes. It's nothing special, pretty standard nowadays. I know some people think we have a passing tree from 1922. But we do actually run these concepts, as do basically every other team worth talking about.
  6. He's not even running the full offense at Kentucky. All the commentators are screaming for more aggressive passing. And they aren't calling it. You gotta wonder if he could run the full offense good enough.
  7. Reading back on this thread you see a lot of people say things like "it makes no sense Gatewood didn't get put in (insert game here) unless he's really just that bad". Well, I think it's clear now he's just that bad. I'm sure people will reply and tell me I just hate Gatewood and want him to fail, etc. etc. But I've just watched the guy play and seen nothing to suggest he's a good QB. He doesn't even run physical.
  8. I don't get this. Sean White broke team rules after losing the starting job and got dismissed from the team. Gus didn't throw SW out like yesterday's trash. Ridiculous statement.
  9. I hate how when if the other team screws up it's luck. Apparently to win a game without luck the other team has play a perfect game with zero mistakes of any kind.
  10. With how much people talk about the Dyer was down play you'd think there was 30 seconds on the clock or something. If Dyer had been ruled down, it would've 2nd and 5 at the Auburn 45 with 2:05 on the clock. Still plenty of time to score. He gained about an extra 30 yards after the bad tackle. Anyways, I just think it's overrated when people talk about how it was a game changing play. It wasn't really imo. Also it was clear when they almost let Dyer score a TD that the ducks weren't going to stop the run game on that drive.
  11. I honestly think Nick Marshall was the most underappreciated QB. I mean, a lot of casual Auburn fans didn't even think he was a very good QB. Most think he wasn't a good thrower, despite what he did in 2014. Sean White had a very unfortunate career in that he never played against bama, due to injuries. And he was never healthy for the Georgia game either.
  12. Who's the idiot who said we're above average? I'm a tad surprised we're even average. Was worried we were below average...
  13. I personally think Steele has a little more coaching experience than Kodi, but to each their own.
  14. No it's clear that I believe he won't succeed at QB. If he proves me wrong then cool. But I will admit I don't believe he will. He should switch positions. He would do better at TE. I didn't watch the start of the Kentucky game. I thought he had gotten the start.
  15. I think his job is safe now. I think he'll win 1 or 2 more games. But if we start losing a ton again and things heat up I think promoting Kevin Steele to intern HC is a very real possibility. Our current recruiting class is kind of bad. If Gus loses to LSU, I think giving Steele a shot would be worth it just for an attempt at saving this recruiting class as much as we can.
  16. Not really, we still pay him his salary. The choice is either giving him his buyout, or paying his ridiculous salary.
  17. I feel bad for Gatewood. If people stopped making excuses for him and convincing him he's secretly a really good quarterback he'd probably be dominating as a TE right now somewhere. It's all small sample size. But the entire sample is bad. And no coordinator is gonna let him throw it 10+ times if he isn't successful with fewer throws.
  18. Gatewood got the start for Kentucky. He's 0 for 2 and 3 carries for 6 yards in the first half. Gatewood is a great kid, but he should've switched to TE, which is where a lot of schools wanted him. The man is not a QB. But hey, some dude on twitter said he's good.
  19. Just tell them about the phantom holding call on Tanks 100 yard return.
  20. He's not like Kerryon. We overran Kerryon for sure. But Tank can clearly handle 20 carry games just fine. And would probably be fine with 30 carries. We ran Kerryon as though he was a power back, but he wasn't. Tank is a power back.
  21. It's really strange to me that Gus isn't running the ball more. Usually he's running the ball too much, not too little.
  22. Right cause twitter is always a safe haven for solid and sound opinions.
  23. Go find some Kentucky fans somewhere, someone who is serious about football, and ask them about Joey Gatewood. They haven't said anything super positive. Kentucky's starting QB isn't even that good, and he's behind him on the depth chart. Most teams that were recruiting Gatewood didn't even want him at QB. Let's just tell it like it is, the only reason this kid ever got so hyped up was because he resembled Cam Newton. Not because of anything he ever did on the field (although his Oregon TD was pretty sweet).
  24. Do they mean the most of ANY game? Or just Auburn games? Surely Auburn games right?
  25. People need to stop thinking we're going to find a way around the buyout. I remember when people were convinced that Arkansas was going to save us from the buyout by hiring Gus from us lmao. Only way we get out of this buyout is if Gus resigns. And sadly, I don't think Gus will do that.
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