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  1. What a great game- my junior year in high school. I was dating a Bama fan at the time. We didn’t watch the game together, but we did go out that night. She was bummed, and I was on cloud nine.
  2. Gary Danielson pushing hard for them. Shameless Bammer.
  3. I’d be happy with Lane, Freeze, Prime, or Lanning. Lane would give us incredible offenses, but I’d be worried about his job hopping. Freeze is a man in search of redemption. He would also have amazing offenses, plus good defenses, and, he would be apt to stay and be loyal. To me, he’s a risk similar to Bruce. Prime, I have no idea how he coaches, but he’d definitely bring in top tier talent. If he got an elite OC and DC, we could be dangerous. If FSU came calling, could he resist? Lanning is a great defensive mind. Great recruiter. Couple him with an elite OC and profit. No idea how long he’d stay. Overall, I’d be happy with any of them. But, if it were my choice, it would be Freeze. Like I said above, he is looking for redemption. He’d come in with a chip on his shoulder. I also feel like he’d be loyal with us taking a chance on him.
  4. Mike Leach playing 5-D chess for the Egg Bowl.
  5. The more I think about it, the more Freeze makes sense. He built a good program at Ole Miss, and has done the same at Liberty. With the resources that we have at Auburn, and with him wanting a redemption arc, we could be dangerous. Prime would also be dangerous here. Does he have enough head coaching experience? With Lane, it would be like dating the hot, flirtatious girl in high school. You would never be comfortable. You would always be scared of her leaving you for someone else.
  6. Benched for wearing arm sleeves? Something that his opponents AND his teammates do? Yeah, that doesn’t add up. To me, that sounds passive-aggressive. If it’s not against team rules, and your teammates wear them, then you didn’t get benched for wearing them. There’s definitely more to this story. That was a dig at Jimbo.
  7. I agree. With what, three regular season games left, McPherson could play in all of them without losing his redshirt. This would be an excellent way to get him some game experience without burning a year of eligibility.
  8. We had a more talented team last year, and MSU blew us out on our home field. This team, while less talented, gave it all they had and never quit. Coaching made the difference.
  9. I lived in Huntsville for over twenty years. Rosie’s is number one. Phil Sandaval’s is good. I was a big fan of Casa Blanca too.
  10. Great breakdown. After reading both of them, I have to ask the question- Why did we need 7 men to block 4, or 8 men to block 5? Against Mercer? This is an experienced, seasoned offensive line. I know they’re not world beaters just yet, but don’t you think that our front 5 should have been able to hold their own against an FCS d line? Against Ga or the Tide, I get that we may need that many blockers. But, not on Saturday. just my opinion, but why not run a draw on 3rd and 18? If you’re not gonna make it hard to cover you, then run the draw, punt, and play defense.
  11. Totally agree! This is what Dye’s teams were known for. I feel like Harsin will bring this back to us. This is our true identity- not Auburn fast.
  12. I have a feeling that there is plenty of talent on the roster, and we will see it next year. Gus buried too many guys playing his favorites.
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