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  1. Jason Caldwell bringing it. Good for him. Loving it
  2. @ellitor Does Auburn have interest in Edric Weldon? I did not see an offer on his 247 profile. Junior Rosegreen is his position coach and defensive coordinator. Another prospect from Hallandale, 3* Anthony Rose, 6'4" 180 Safety committed to South Carolina yesterday.
  3. If Cody Rhodes is unable to wrestle against Shaq (due to rotar cuff injury), is there a chance Paul Wight could take his place?
  4. The 2002 Arkansas game. Fred Talley ran through Auburn for 241 yards, and rumor has it he is still running today.
  5. https://247sports.com/player/keyon-henry-brooks-46049695/
  6. You are thinking of Brandon King, who has made his mark in the NFL as a major contributor on special teams.
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