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  1. Auburn Recruiting Show: Tony Fair previews Wednesday's decision ByKEITH NIEBUHR 39 minutes ago Transfer defensive tackle Tony Fair, formerly of UAB, Wednesday is decision day. At approximately 2 p.m. CT, he will reveal his college choice via his Twitter and Instagram accounts. His finalists are Auburn, Ole Miss and Purdue. Tuesday, Auburn Undercover caught up with Fair and recorded a video interview with him. Here's what we discussed: -Fair shared some insight into each of his three finalists. In his head, he has made a decision -- and he said it was not an easy one. -
  2. Colts have signed Eric Fisher to play left tackle. Braden staying at right tackle
  3. Named his final 3: Auburn, Ole Miss and Purdue. Has not set a commitment date yet. Update: will be announcing on Wednesday May 12th
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