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  1. Late 50’s that’s 60+ years. Those uniforms aren’t bad, I just prefer our classic look. Yeah, flat earth folks from the 17th century are the same as people who don’t want a college football uniform to change.
  2. I’m with you. Not a fan of the blue. Love the traditional look. Pandering is kind of desperate imo Auburn can save that for social media
  3. I’m sure some journalist saw that tweet and was like “Big changes coming to JHS?” 😂
  4. It does help recruiting, but I’d like to win a little more. Good luck to Coop. The future of Auburn basketball looks murky even with that 5* coming in this fall.
  5. Great practice culture
  6. I remember thinking the defense losing two big LB's would hurt, but didn't think they'd be bad or anything. This current Auburn team will only take the field twice this year with a real one sided talent disadvantage (Bama and UGA). Sure, LSU and TAMU have out recruited Auburn recently but Auburn destroyed LSU last year (2020 Auburn was no bueno) and Auburn has faired well in the TAMU series as of late (yes I know we lost last year). It's a new offense and coaching staff, but we're not marching a Vandy-like roster out there.
  7. Basketball program has been historically dreadful. What happened two years ago was a miracle. I would never expect to see it again unless Bruce can keep up the recruiting and keep players.
  8. I’m sure they a ways to go. The attitude may have changed but they still need to learn the playbook and gel with the coaches on the field. A-Day will be very interesting. Can’t wait to see what they do.
  9. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/georgia-star-wr-george-pickens-suffers-acl-injury-requiring-surgery-in-bulldogs-spring-practice/ Things you hate to see
  10. Amen. Wonderful representatives of the university.
  11. Never would I have thought seeing Derek Mason at Auburn would be awesome but this definitely awesome. Idk about anyone else, but in an alternate reality he is the HC at Auburn and is successful imo His energy is great. I know it's still early, but this program seems much more focused/locked on but also relaxed. I don't know how to explain it. They're going to have an AUttitude this fall LFG!!!
  12. I hope he stays at least two years. I think we’re going to love his energy. Maybe he can rehabilitate his coaching image here. Something tells me he will make a splash with recruiting too
  13. Georgia and Alabama will be toughest opponents Georgia will be the toughest game IMO I think they will win the SEC LSU, TAMU, and PSU will be the second toughest games. Today, I would bet on us beating LSU and PSU. TAMU will be tough. They’ve recruited well recently. We have the talent to compete in every game. This new culture and attitude will hopefully allow us to destroy teams like MSU, USC, and Arkansas. If the injuries are kept to a minimum, we have a real chance to make some noise. I want to win, but I really just want to see competitive Auburn footbal
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