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  1. Ole Miss will be a good preview of what Alabama might look like. If Mason can dial up schemes to container Corral and limit scoring then Auburn should have some success. I really want our running backs to go off against Ole Miss. They need a big game.
  2. Joey Freshwater would get a kick out of that. Let’s make it happen.
  3. If you flop or fall down with injury you should have to sit out the rest of the drive for safety issues. That’s only fair. Sort of like the helmet coming off rule but longer. That’s how you fix this. You can’t ignore an “injury” but if you raise the severity and make the trainers pull you aside for an extended amount of time that could put a dent in it.
  4. If Saban complains about fake injuries then there will be changes but until then it’s likely to keep going
  5. Hahah what was BVG saying to make Phil react like this? I cannot believe that guy worked for Auburn (or any institution that plays football).
  6. Auburn getting busted for NCAA violations after NIL has been passed would be the most Auburn thing ever.
  7. A win against Ole Miss would be massive. Wow. Night game too. Cannot wait. We need a ROWDY crowd for that one. Let’s create some new fun stats shall we?
  8. Winning consecutive road games in the West is impressive with this new staff. Don’t care if LSU is butt, they still have more talent than we do.
  9. Still lose. If Auburn catches the ball and plays better fundamentally we probably score 20-24 points against Georgia but still lose. Only way we beat Georgia is forcing 3 + turnovers and playing nearly flawless on O. They're just too good and have so much depth.
  10. Auburn needs a "Now Hiring" sign in the transfer portal. If you want to play OL or WR I think anyone with talent wanting a second chance to maybe get to the league could suit up and compete. Bring me some B1G OL that aren't getting any PT and some undervalued WR who can catch the ball.
  11. That’s awesome. That area up there is so beautiful. If I were single and could move/work anywhere Fayetteville would definitely on my list.
  12. Loved going to the game in 2013. Fayetteville is awesome. I like their little stadium.
  13. I mostly joking but had Gus gone to Arkansas we probably would’ve gotten Kirby. Who knows.
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