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  1. Dear Lord lol that’s sort of insane imo As piss poor as Auburn is at the moment it’s hard to take UGA -29 after their past two games. They’re favored by 29 and the O/U is 49 haha
  2. If he’s self aware he could wind up back in the SEC one day. He just does not seem to understand how important the job is. It’s a shame.
  3. Amen! People who think we’re Vandy level in talent are clueless. CFB is so dependent upon coaching. Yes, talent wins but you’re not winning titles on talent alone. Look at TAMU.
  4. Pappoe has been a massive let down. He never quite lived up to his 5* ability.
  5. I don't think he's throwing games, but that buyout money is on his mind. He'll get hired again. He's not Mike Shula level dumb he just doesn't have the chops to coach in the SEC yet. He'll get a Pac-12 or G5 job.
  6. Hard to believe that’s possible in modern college football
  7. It’s 2008 for sure. 12 was just a dumpster fire. This team isn’t that bad.
  8. So cringe. Threw a pick and then had the ball taken from him. Literally. Poor guy.
  9. My God. This is just insane. Our offense is just trash.
  10. If we get some turnovers I like our chances but good Lord we know how dreadful this staff is at halftime adjustments. I could totally see LSU rolling off 14-21 unanswered points.
  11. The data suggests that Auburn will score around 4 points in the second half so let’s just hold LSU to 20 and we should be good
  12. Jesus Christ. Hope he’s ok. I think we have 2-3 more years left of kickoffs. Or kickoffs with returns.
  13. Wish I was in Auburn! We could be 0-4 and still nothing beats Gameday
  14. Why? He does more with less. That won't work at Auburn. 10 years ago, he could've been a good candidate
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