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  1. He’s already showing leadership and buy in to the program. Wonderful to see. Maybe John Shenker can help recruit those boys from Moultrie.
  2. Opening Day is going to be awesome. Poor UMass.
  3. I need my Ovaltine decoder ring to read the last couple of pages
  4. Beating Georgia is anything is a treat. WDE!
  5. He went 145-51 at Georgia. Would've probably been in the Playoff a couple times had that been around. I think Auburn and about 125 other programs would love a Mark Richt like coach. I totally forgot they fired Richt after going 9-3 lol it was time but still that was one helluva gamble. Could have totally backfired.
  6. You wouldn't be the only person to agree to that 😂
  7. I’ll probably eat crow and it’s ahead of the TAMU game but the Dawgs are going to have their hands full on 9/30. Entirely different attitude on the Plains this fall.
  8. You can argue that CHF came in even worse circumstances and has absolutely killed it. Harsin was in over his head and by the time he may have realized it, he didn't do anything to salvage his position at Auburn. He just became a bum. If you want to win the SEC you have to eat, sleep, breathe recruiting or you have to be like Steve Spurrier and your scheme/approach changes the entire sport. There is no in-between. I think we seriously lucked out not getting Lane. The more I reflect on it the more I think it would've ended in chaos. Thinking long term, the only thing that could be the demise of CHF would be development. I don't think recruiting will be an issue. 24 will be top 10 and 25 could flirt with top 5 especially if we get off to a good to great first half of the 2023 season and nail down guys like Alvin Henderson and Ryan Williams. I always drink the kool aid because I'm an idiot, but I am extremely excited for the future of the program. We need to get to a point where we can just crush mid to lower teams and do more preparation for the top tier teams we face.
  9. Stanley McClover. Was so pissed when he declared lol
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