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  1. How is the cost of living index a proper way to gauge and measure the economy?
  2. At least he comes out in says he won’t support white owned small businesses lol this “HR Administration” is going to be comical
  3. 8 pages to discuss a WR coach hire? Lol
  4. Solid win. How many losses does Cal have against Auburn now? Gotta be the most in Kentucky history, right?
  5. “Respect my decision” always kills me. Ok or what? Lmao
  6. Your Akorn is still kicking after 5 years? I want a ceramic grill, but not wanting to bust out that much cash during Covid.
  7. A bunch of players (sort of like now at Auburn) can decide to bolt. The team is awful the next year because of the lack of depth. The coach gets fired. The program descends into chaos. That’s a stretch but absolutely possible when players aren’t on contract. Love the program/school, like the players. I want what’s best for Auburn because it’ll still be here after 4 years.
  8. And it can be deceiving to some “out” or “alternative,” when sometimes it will be more of a hindrance to the player. It allows for choices, which I support, but it’s also a convenient way for players to run from their problems. That’s more of a micro level but still. Just because it’s an option doesn’t mean it will always be the wise road to take. It raises the question in some cases as to why even bother recruiting multiple players for a position? One will just leave if they don’t get their way. That’s not always the case, but when you’re wasting time and money on these guys, you ne
  9. Me either, OP. War Eagle!
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