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  1. Haha he thinks we’re all sitting on our porches in a seersucker suit with a cigar figuring out how to end these payments. Delusional and woke. Hate to see it. Anyone with a brain knows that they’ve ALWAYS been getting paid.
  2. They don’t care about tradition. The Iron Bowl won’t be touched but I wouldn’t be so sure about TDSOR.
  3. Spot on, OP. We can blame a lot of this on the NCAA and their silly rules, but the conferences stayed loyal to the NCAA for some reason. They all could have bolted. Who was stopping them? They should have broken off and formed their own league where players could be paid like the NIL. The BCS was the first step towards this corporate CFB garbage. The completely backwards rules and not putting together the correct championships led to the playoff. My biggest gripe about this is that ESPN controls the sport. Better yet, Mickey Mouse runs the sport. The sport is too centr
  4. I’m praising our girl. I can say whatever i want regarding the situation. Don’t like my post? Ignore it.
  5. Good for them. ESPN is destroying their league. Who wouldn’t stand up for their business? Everyone applauding this move is clearly not thinking long term. Espn will soon have a monopoly on the sport. We’re 5 years away from having a Marvel Bowl or some stupid s***. Disney now owns CFB. This is so pathetic.
  6. Thank God that other chick quit. WDE. Sensational!
  7. He did. Didn’t like that either. I think he did a better job at leading. I just don’t like the expansion. Gonna take my ball and go home now.
  8. Sanky has turned out to be a HUGE drop off from Slive. These suits could care less about tradition.
  9. “Financially” Fans (who matter the most) won’t benefit
  10. I just hope we keep Georgia on the schedule. Wouldn’t be surprised if we lot them though. Modern SEC suits and AD’s/presidents could care less about tradition (and the fans for that matter).
  11. As much as I hate expansion, that isn’t that bad. Big problem though. I doubt the extremely progressive and tolerant California schools will want to be involved with a Mormon school.
  12. I wonder if the remnants of the Big 12 are poached by the AAC? I’m sure Kansas and maybe even ISU head to the B1G.
  13. If I had a time machine I would go back to 1950 and start a university. Subsidized to the ends of the earth and then football TV deals on top of that. God, they print money (our money).
  14. So he lied to get the yards? Lmao
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