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  1. Nothing better than Jim Fyffe’s voice.
  2. Page reminds me of how embarrassing/infuriating that MSU game was. Hard to believe we were 6-2 Halloween morning. I knew we lacked talent but I damn sure thought we would only lose one more game maybe two tops. This Penn State game is going to be so massive. I really hope Auburn shows up. The program needs it more than ever.
  3. Omaha was so damn fun. Cannot recommend it enough to any sports fans but especially baseball. I hope to go back next year or the next even if Auburn doesn't make it. Omaha is a cool town. Capitol District and The Old Market were a lot of fun. M's was good restaurant and Mr. Toad was such a cool old British/Irish(?) pub. It's a shame we couldn't get the bats going last Saturday but the atmosphere was awesome. Wish more Auburn fans made the journey. It looked like Ole MIss out numbered us 3:1 but baseball is way bigger for them and I get it. Was telling my buddy that Auburn is ripe for being a top level baseball program. I know football is #1 and basketball has been hot but baseball could be our most consistent and best sport. I really hope we keep this up and become a powerhouse. It would be great to go to Omaha and win titles!
  4. Thanks we got them! I’m so pumped. Still pretty surreal. We played good this year but I had my doubts. Glad they proved me wrong. I hope we last longer than 2019. Anyone else going?
  5. Any idea of how to get tickets from the school or is through CWS?
  6. Might as well make a thread since the Auburn Tigers will be in Omaha! WDE. Job ain’t done yet. I think I will be there Saturday. Anyone else going?
  7. Trying to figure out flights today. Hope I can make it Saturday. Anyone else going?
  8. Easy to look good when you throw strikes and the batters don’t swing
  9. Seriously. Metal bat. Just make contact.
  10. Get this crowd out of the game. A couple more ground ball outs let’s go.
  11. Baseball is my favorite sports but Lawd is it nerve-wracking. Post season baseball aint for the faint of heart.
  12. I got heavy 2018 Alabama vibes from them. That team was crowned “greatest team ever” in October and then got smoked by Clemson in the NCG.
  13. I’ll pull for Ole Miss and maybe Arkansas. Not pulling for TAMU.
  14. Things you NEVER want to be: #1 seed in college baseball
  15. Thank you Notte Dame!! 🤣🤣🤣
  16. Most overrated sports program in the NCAA. I don’t think anything comes close. They have the same amount of CWS titles as Auburn does. It was great to beat their ass in the Regionals.
  17. Went to bed in the 4th inning. Checked my phone at 6 am to some great news. Was not expecting that. Hostile crowd but glad we shut them up. Finish out tonight, I’m ready to get to Omaha. WDE!
  18. Creating more rules will only hurt everyone who is not a blue blood. A “Wild West” model is the best way to give everyone a chance to win. Why do you think Saban is crying about NIL? He knows that he will actually have to compete with schools other than Georgia, tOSU, Clemson, LSU, OU, etc.
  19. Probably the most miraculous play ever in JHS given the context
  20. I have no interest in donating to something that will be spread evenly. That’s just for internet clout. I don’t care if the backup TE gets paid or not.
  21. Would be cool if we had an offensive line NIL club. I’d donate to that right now.
  22. I want Auburn to return to the promised land. 2016 was so much fun. I enjoyed that run more than 75% of the football over the past decade.
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