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  1. Try humblpay.com/tickets
  2. Auburn fan living in Kentucky, Jimmy did a helluva job at UK for a number of years. He’s a very good teacher. No flash no splash hard work the Auburn way. Let’s go Coach Harsin. Auburn fam can we ever be all in for our team whoever’s coaching?
  3. Go coach Harsin do it your way please. 2024 bowl game will be the judge for me. Please give us consistent performance and a genuine shot at a championship every 3-4 years would be excellent.
  4. Coach mason fan but I wasn’t happy with the way our defense played most of the season. But good luck to him, seems to be a decent person. War Eagle
  5. Flan is a definite liability tonight
  6. I’m with you on this one. I love Jackson’s work ethic, teamwork, toughness and talent but not a fan of the extra eligibility. Also think he’s a victim of my beloved Gus’ blocking receiver position
  7. If we get Buckner this would be a home run however he would be here long. He has future head coach all over him
  8. Auburn we need to come together, the single biggest reason for our football struggles has been the offensive line. Gus often minimize this weakness but it’s at a resent all time low. Technically they played ok this year but physically they often got manhandled. Also I’ve never seen a major DI, SEC west team consistently have QB accuracy issues. If we complete 1/2 of the wide open deep balls this year an average talent wise team has a good to great season. Finally situation football IQ must increase, if I see another 3rd and 2 with our Db’s 10 yards off the line please fire everyone or 3rd and 10+ inside the 10yd line and we play soft man for a 15yd gain please fire everyone.
  9. I hope you’re right, tired of convenience hires and retread hires and politically correct hires and fan appeasing hires. If Bryan fell it’s on him please tell a good to great coach time will tell coach, hire assistants and recruit players that he feels best with
  10. 2 big time missed opportunities, the first drive should have hit the rb for td and the double move go
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