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  1. I thought this was a good paragraph that captures what is likely part of the problem. “While individual officers’ biases may play a large role in significantly higher rates of violence against black subjects in some places, the real source of anti-black bias in other places may be of a systemic or institutional origin. Therefore, the data may point toward aneed for further research into the structure and historically rooted conventions of local legal systems and law enforcement agencies. Such efforts may shed light on sources or anti-black bias that are engrained in regional institutions.“
  2. You would hope some of these people start standing up to this president. People have to stand up for institutions and frankly just sanity. This president doesn’t have a clue and his instincts on this stuff could take us down a terrible road.
  3. It is crazy because the president has gotten away with so much on social media. They have allowed him to say whatever without any pushback. Even now they didn’t even delete his tweets. I think this probably another distraction designed to rule up his base.
  4. I think the question is why is the person being removed? Is he/she being removed because the report said something that the president didn’t want to hear. If so that is a problem and the president’s performance at one of the press conferences suggests that may be the case.
  5. Ha ha thanks! I have posted for years over at Toomer’s which was shut down recently. This couldn’t be worse than that could it?
  6. I would love to listen to that one back or to hear the audio. Such an exciting game. The Auburn station on tunein plays old Auburn games back but they usually don’t go that far back.
  7. That is one of the things that is very concerning about this administration. There is an aversion to any oversight and there are attacks on inspector general offices which are so important to good government. The IG isn’t supposed to just say what the president wants to hear. The president needs to be using the information instead of attacking people.