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  1. I say in this case take the Dems advice from 2016 and run with it. Whichever RNC staffer did this deserves a promotion Whichever RNC staffer did this deserves a promotion
  2. Very disingenuous as you can just look at what happened after Brown was elected in MA to the seat formerly held by Kennedy largely based on this issue. You may also remember Pelosi’s comments that in essence said the Dems would do anything necessary to get it done.
  3. After watching how Obamacare was rammed down our throats and watching how the Ds tried to destroy Kavanaugh I am all for damn the torpedoes.....full speed ahead. Even if the Rs didn’t press this, what would prevent the Ds from doing what you mention anyway once they have the political power to do so? Let me answer this for you.....nothing.
  4. Oh I think it is very hypocritical by the Rs for the very reasons everyone is pointing out. Our disagreement is all about the hypocrisy on full display by the Ds on this same issue for those who are being intellectually honest. I also think the stance both parties have taken on this issue is completely predictable.
  5. If I am the Republicans I take my chances. If the Dems have the power I expect them to try this and more no matter what happens with this justice nomination.
  6. Checkmate!!! Thanks for sharing. I feel like Auburn just beat the updykes in the Iron Bowl again, but this time the score was 48-0.
  7. I’ll defer to what AUFAN78 posted here and continue to laugh my a$$ off at the hypocrisy on clear display for all to see.
  8. You must have missed where I agree the Republicans are being hypocritical on this issue.
  9. Same as Joiner.....the coaches believe we have 4 players more deserving at the same position in front of them.
  10. You must remember Troxell is coming back from multiple knee surgeries.
  11. You try to stay on topic. Trump nominating a justice now and the Senate voting on it soon isn't unconstitutional or illegal either.....but you are calling them out doing just that. And yet you continue to refuse to call out Reid for his abuse of power. Anyway you spin it....both parties are being hypocritical on this issue. The difference is I am intellectually honest enough to admit the Republicans are and yet you continue to be hypocritical and intellectually dishonest as you try to spin out of the Democrats hypocrisy. Also, I will never forget what the Democrats tried to do to Kavanaugh and
  12. So you are going to continue to not call out Harry Reid for abusing power when he was in control of the Senate? That is very hypocritical of you as it is Reid who provided this opening for the Republicans.
  13. Spin it any way you like, but both parties are being hypocritical here. The Democrats in 2016 said the nominee should be voted on in the Senate during the last year of a president's term. The Democrats in 2020 now say the nominee shouldn't be voted on in the Senate during the last year of a president's term. And you are ignoring completely that Harry Reid provided the opening for the Republicans on this one by changing the rules while the Democrats were in power. Are you going to call Reid out for abusing his power? Or are you only going to call the Republicans out when you think they are
  14. If you are the underdog, then what do you have to lose? And there is a chance this could change the dynamics of the election.
  15. After watching what the Dems tried to do to Kavanaugh, I would not even be opposed to going straight to a vote without any hearings. Although I think having Americans watch the Democrats go after a woman with great credentials would be beneficial in the upcoming election for the Republicans overall.
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