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  1. I'll just cover it all in one big statement. I'm against anyone breaking the law. Also, I disagree with you as it relates to opening back up too soon. I think governors need to continue to adjust to the facts on the ground in their particular state. If the healthcare system in their state gets close to being overwhelmed, then that governor should in my view make the necessary adjustments. I would never ask you to go away. Also, I don't put anyone on ignore as I find it childish. Are you now a science denier by saying our school system should go against the advise of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Georgia Dept. of Public Health? BTW, we aren't forcing any staff member or student to come to the school building if they believe it is too risky for them. So are you against freedom and liberty too??
  2. He ignored them in his original post. I haven’t seen him call them deplorable. He has had plenty of time to do so. I simply pointing out how petty it is to call out folks who don’t wear masks as deplorable while ignoring people that are actually shooting and raping and burning down and stealing. His post is what is irrational.
  3. I think everyone should make their own decision. I think encouraging but not requiring is the way to go. Personally I do wear a mask as I am high risk. However, I am not for requiring anyone to wear a mask. I have the same opinion as it relates to helmet wearing while riding bikes and as it relates to seat belts. I wear them personally but I think it is government overreach to require them.
  4. No doubt there are crazies on both sides. However, it is you who called people who refuse to wear masks deplorable while ignoring those currently rioting and looting and taking over an area of Seattle while killing each other and police officers.
  5. We are a small school system. We have roughly 1800 students from pre-K through 12th grade. I agree it is easier for smaller systems and I am thankful we have remained independent from our county as we are one of 12 city systems left in GA(out of over 180 school districts).
  6. Again I don’t care what any politician on either side says about opening or closing schools. My focus is about what the right thing is for students and staff, etc... We’ve got it figured out here.
  7. Trump’s supporters also perceive these protests as “unfair” because they claim there were no riots following Obama’s election. According to conservatives on social media, “Republicans have jobs and responsibilities” and therefore couldn’t engage in civil disobedience to voice their discontent with the 2008 and 2012 elections. With this perception of the Obama elections and subsequent claims of “ Republican acceptance,” Trump supporters are now demanding the same “fairness” for Donald J. Trump’s presidency, “We sat through do nothing politics for 8 years, the least they can do is go shut up and sit in the corner for 8 themselves,” on Trump supporter explained. However, these perceptions do not reflect what actually followed the election of our country’s first black president, much less the difference between why people are protesting Donald J. Trump’s presidency as compared to Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaHow Trump can get his mojo back Trump confirms 2018 US cyberattack on Russian troll farm Democrats see convention as chance to underscore COVID-19 message MORE’s presidency. Obama’s election in 2008 was preceded and followed by violent attacks and property destruction targeted against minorities. Kaylon Johnson, an African American campaign worker for Obama, was physically assaulted for wearing an Obama T-shirt in Louisiana following the 2008 election. The three white male attackers shouted “**** Obama!” and “n****r president!” as they broke Johnson’s nose and fractured his eye-socket, requiring surgery. More frequently, Obama’s presidency was marked by effigies of our first black president hanging from nooses across the country, for example in Kentucky, Washington State, and Maine, or being burned around the world. What Trump supporters fail to remember is that following Obama’s election, property was destroyed across the country, for example in Pennsylvania, Texas, and North Carolina, and a predominately black church was torched in Massachusetts. In 2008, anti-Obama protesters lashed out against minorities because of their discontentment with a black man being voted into the office of president for the first time in our nation’s history. Conversely, in 2016, anti-Trump protesters are holding mostly peaceful demonstrations because of their discontentment with a man, who has ostracized minorities, being voted into the office of president. And while anti-Trump protesters have engaged in mostly peaceful demonstrations against the president-elect, pro-Trump supporters have been responsible for a wave of attacks against Muslims, Latinos, blacks, and the LGBT community. According to Mark Potok, senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center civil rights group, there haven’t been “such a rash of hate crimes in the United States since Barack Obama was elected America’s first black president in 2008.” Muslim women are reporting having their hijabs ripped from their heads, while immigrant children are being bullied. Trump’s name and slogan, “Make America Great Again,” are being found alongside swastikas and anti-minority messages in graffiti around the nation. Ultimately, demonstrators are not protesting Trump because he is Republican. They aren’t protesting him because he is a white male. These protests are because of the bigotry his campaign has emboldened and the fear of discrimination his presidency has the capacity to perpetuate. Mehlman-Orozco holds a Ph.D. in criminology, law and society from George Mason University, with an expertise in human trafficking. She currently serves as a human trafficking expert witness for criminal cases and her book, “Hidden in Plain Sight: America's Slaves of the New Millennium.” Follow her on Twitter @MehlmanOrozco The views expressed by Contributors are their own and You don’t know what you are talking about. I didn’t think the protesters in MI should have decided to be armed. Even Hannity didn’t agree with it. I am all for anyone peaceful protesting but I am not for looting or rioting no matter who it is. BTW there were people shot and killed by the leftists in Seattle and at least one rape reported. This was not the case in MI. Everyone knows the left does the vast majority of the rioting and looting and destruction in this country. It is really no contest. Had your post called out those in MI I would not have pointed out your hypocrisy, but since it pointed out some who refuse to wear masks you made yourself an easy target.
  8. You see the leftists rioting and looting and taking over a section of Seattle and people who refuse to wear masks are the ones you call deplorable?
  9. I agree Trump is a despicable human being. I don’t support people. I support good policy and don’t support bad policy no matter who the person trying to execute said policy. I don’t take up for Trump at all. I do take up for some of his policies though and I’m also against some of them as well. Most everything you listed is before he was elected President BTW. It is clear your hate for him personally is driving you emotionally. I don’t think Trump has handled our response to this virus very well overall and I don’t think he handled the rioting and looting strong enough either. However, I do believe he has gotten 2 very good Supreme Court justices on the court. I believe he has a great deal to do with our economy pre-Covid too. For example, at the end of the Obama tenure our school system was receiving about $85,000 per month from a special local option sales tax (SPLOST). The last 6 months up until March of this year we were averaging $130,000. In our downtown area buildings that had been vacant for years were getting rented over these last 12 months because of people making and spending more money and because of less regulations.
  10. I didn’t support Trump. I voted against Hillary. I still believe Trump was the better of two poor choices. This time I also believe Trump is the better of 2 poor choices. I don’t like many things Trump says. I do, however, like most of his actions. I have noticed Trump doesn’t start most fights, but he is an overly aggressive counter-puncher. I do wish he were a better role model for our youth. Another thing about me you should know is a don’t really support any human being. I do my best to support what I think is right and the truth. It infuriates some of my close friends from time to time. One of my best friends recently told me he always has my back. I told him if he wants to be a true friend let me know when he thinks I am right or wrong about something and provide me information showing me why. On the other hand you strike me as someone who might be against something or lean against something just because Trump is for it. Your hate for him seems to be strong and some of it seems to be emotionally driven. My own oldest daughter is this way.
  11. There is a big difference in not believing in climate change vs. not agreeing on how big of a problem it is or what if anything we should or could effectively do about it.
  12. The school system where I am chairman of the BOE has multiple capable people applying for every job we post. Again you are pushing a false narrative and are inventing things that don’t exist here to attack. We are not requiring any high risk person to teach in any classroom and we are not requiring anyone to send their student to the school building. And we are opening our school on August 5th. Based on our recent survey we expect 80% in class and 20% online schooling for the first semester and/or 9 weeks.
  13. Of course it is just like you to ignore those who don’t want schools to open just because they know Trump wants them open. In our district those teachers aren’t being forced to teach in school and those students aren’t being forced to come to the school building either. It is the same for all of our surrounding districts too. Do you have evidence of any public school forcing a teacher who is at high risk to enter a classroom full of students? If so, then shame on that district. It is as if people like you are inventing things that don’t or very rarely exist and then say how bad it is.
  14. I voted Kasich in the primary and my daughter worked for him. He became somewhat of a mentor to her. Trump in my opinion was the best of two poor choices last time and that still stands for me today. What has severely turned me completely against the Democrat party was the attempted destruction of the life of a man I know to be a good man: Kavanaugh.
  15. Saying you don’t believe in climate change is a false narrative. Very few deny climate change. The climate in fact has been changing since the beginning of time. BTW, the people who are factually science deniers are the people who believe abortion is not killing an innocent life.