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  1. I like how our roster sets up for next year. I think we will be a strong team.
  2. We showed up. Our offensive coordinator had not learned his players yet and our QB threw 3 interceptions in our own territory. It happens to many solid teams from time to time. For example, UGA lost to the Gamecocks last year in Athens.
  3. Our offensive line is already an above average offensive line and is continuing to improve. Nix continues to improve as well. I absolutely love our roster for next season. We were very good as recently as 2017 btw.
  4. He won’t walk and our administration would be guilty of continuing to harm recruiting. The administration needs to make a decision for the benefit of our football program. Either don’t have Gus back and pay his buyout at seasons end or extend him. Doing neither will continue to significantly harm recruiting which will make it take longer for any coach going forward. Many prospects with good options want to know who they are going to be playing for.
  5. Not my understanding. AU would have to decide they will not bring him back in order for him to be paid his buyout.
  6. We are going to be very good next season no matter who is our head coach.
  7. EVERY coach in his position would do so because it does impact recruiting. AU simply must make a decision at the end of this year and either extend Gus or buy him out.
  8. If you don’t extend your coaches contract then you harm recruiting significantly. AU has a tough decision to make for the good of the program. AU should either extend his contract or let him go and pay the buyout at the end of this season. Not choosing one of there 2 paths makes the climb much, much steeper for our football program....no matter who is coach. Recruiting is the life blood of any program and right now we have one hand tied behind our back.
  9. I was comparing that Clemson d line to the one at UGA we faced early this season (they were healthy when we played them). I wasn’t saying LSU was as good as those.
  10. Our oline turned around similar to this in 2017. Remember how the Clemson dline dominated us and Stidham was under pressure all night early that season? In fact, this team reminds me of the 2017 team.
  11. Winning 2 out of 3 against the best teams in the country is very good. There are a handful of coaches who have a winning record against top 10 teams, but not very many.
  12. You seem to be saying we get beat by every good team we play. I was simply pointing out we beat a very good team in Alabama at the end of last season
  13. I think you can be downfield if the pass is behind the line of scrimmage, but I may be wrong.
  14. Brandon Frazier is going to add to new dimension to this offense. Too bad he is injured. I sure hope we get him back and up to game speed by the time we play UA and A & M.
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