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  1. I recall one Friday in 87 or 88 making my way down 431 for the football game when the radio blared out “And now the Coach Doug Barfield Show”. A chill went through my body and the thought went through my mind It’s all been a dream. Luckily it was for the Opelika HS game and I could breathe again.
  2. I looked but did not see any mention of body cams, if they were used should provide a lot of help. If the police did not identify themselves, many heads should roll, even up to highest levels. If they did identify themselves, command officers who gave the go ahead should face some action also.
  3. I wonder if Freddie ever gets another HC stint after the one and done.
  4. There was initial misinformation which I think came from initial email to church members in Tococca GA, which indicated he was hospitalized in Atlanta, and certain news organizations ran with this story but finally the true story came out.
  5. Also recent emigre from the remnants of ITAT Board, trying to reach my 50 posts, and wondering if anyone has noted problems with connecting to that server.
  6. Congratulations, sometimes I fear for the future but stories like this make me feel better.
  7. I have put little faith in any network news since Dan Rather’s decision to run with the false story of G. W. Bush’s NG enlistment because it had to be true.
  8. I agree that the ones who brought the suit got little out of it and the real winners were the lawyers involved. I am receptive to any contradictory information you may have.
  9. I guess one question is other than Biden who would you consider moderate and what are their chances.
  10. I am new to AUFamily and have tried (Unsuccessfully) to pose a question about possible results if Trump wins again. Specifically, does a loss force the Dems to rethink their positions and is there a chance moderate Dems emerge or is that party too ensconced in their ideology?
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