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  1. Are we recruiting Tim Keenan at all? I tried searching his name and didn’t see anything. Apologies if it’s been posted somewhere and I missed it.
  2. Well that sucks lol It gave me a false hope.
  3. Read up on UGA’s board, they have a poster saying it’s a done deal. Mondon to AU.
  4. Oh my bad. I could have worded it better for sure.
  5. @ellitor how do you think we stand with Koolaid in your opinion?
  6. I have not seen anywhere that he plans to play point only. I was wondering myself.
  7. I know JD can play the 2, but would he want to? I think that would hurt us if he doesn’t’t.
  8. I agree I don’t really know how reliable Tay is. But my inside source from Bama says it’s a Bama/AU battle with Bama leaning probably 70/30
  9. A few futurecast have rolled in for the good guys.
  10. One example of this being the opposite was when Pickens had UGA as his cover photo the entire time he was committed to us. Of course the one example happened to us instead of for us.
  11. Do you think this influences Lee Hunter at all? I see above where it says the two are cousins.