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  1. I can understand Caddy being disappointed, if you’re him you would be too but I get the impression he also knows where he stands. From an experience perspective he’s not ready but I would have gladly taken him. He’s got a great attitude and ”seems” to be taking it all in stride. I hope Freeze uses him properly because Caddy is a big feather in Auburn’s cap. I also hope everyone here has finally got the griping out of their system. The same concerns that accompanied Harsin’s hire don’t apply to Freeze. There shouldn’t be a constant drum beat questioning Freeze’s ability to do the job like there was with Harsin. It’s time for everyone to circle the wagons and come together as a fan base. What’s done is done and while keeping our eyes wide open let’s get behind the new staff and give them all the support we can to make them successful. I’m excited to be turning the page and I hope everyone else is too! WAR EAGLE
  2. I recently bumped my donation from Gold to Platinum because I support the site and the general posting patterns and attitudes here. I also like having access to The Nest which is a nice bonus for supporters. I’m more a lurker and over the years lurked on other forums including 24/7 and this place blows em all away. Glad I got in before the price increase! 😃 WAR EAGLE!
  3. The initial PC is overrated. I remember watching Harsin thinking, WOW. He definitely won the press conference big but we know how that turned out.
  4. Cole Cubelics comments were very frank but positive. He claimed Freeze was vetted very closely by some entity outside the AU family and the results of that cleared the way. I know Cole is media now but he seemed at least a little dialed and came across like he knew what transpired. That’s good enough for me.
  5. Backlash is being overstated. It’s not gong to be much and certainly not anything that will linger. What little attention payed to his past will vanish quickly.
  6. There are some low post count moles in here pretending to be AU fans. I’m also now sure there are enemy moles who’ve coyly hidden their agenda over time to further stir the pot and give the fanbase a very bad name. To all you bloody infiltrators….a BIG F…U…
  7. “Those who still support Auburn” ??? BETTER BE EVERYONE IN HERE!!!!
  8. My disappointment is a dumpster fire Nebraska made a huge hire, Wisconsin got a coach who has been difficult to get yet here we're sitting appearing like we have our thumbs up our asses. Maybe they have a top line coach waiting for more games to be played? I hope that's the case because if it's not we've been dummied.
  9. Not surprised he's finally jumping but Wisconsin is a bit of a head scratcher. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/wisconsin-to-hire-luke-fickell-badgers-expected-to-finalize-agreement-with-cincinnati-coach-sunday/
  10. Im thinking theres a good chance both oh-hi-o and meat chicken will get in the playoff.
  11. It would have been sweet to beat those biotches and give Caddy a nice win. Pretty bummed about it. No matter who the coach is Im going to have fond memories of Caddy's time at the helm. He did very well with the cards he was dealt. War Eagle
  12. If the decision to hire Kiffin is based on tonight’s game I’m thinking we have imbeciles running this search.
  13. “Is Auburn the toughest place to be a coach in college football?” NO. The opportunities are endless, fabulous facilities, great location, great campus, right in the middle of fertile recruiting grounds, tons of money, etc. What else could a coach wish for? It’s a fabulous place to coach if you’re the right coach.
  14. Thank gawd he’s gone. Just start over. Look what Tennessee has done. No reason it can’t happen here. WAR EAGLE
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