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  1. Whatever happened at Tenn should be given a pass since Beldar was the coach. That issue is a big nothing burger.
  2. Im not informed enough to know what's going on in the program but I see people worried about coaches and high schools not knowing who's coming in the front door but I find that short cited, you know who's coming through the door? Its AUBURN! That's right, whoever is carrying out flag its the flag that matters and what gets them in the door.
  3. I’ll never understand how that pencil neck geek got into that position but like him or not, he is the official SEC talk show on the official SEC TV and radio network. He’s the guy that gets called as a guest commentator on all the other shows when it concerns the SEC. Crazy I know but it’s the way it is.
  4. All in all a very good day. So much for all the doom and gloom huh? WDE!
  5. Love Bo Nix and hate to see him leave. However, I saw him play twice at Pinson his senior year and wondered about his arm stength and accuracy. He played well but he didn’t look like a 5 star to me. He didn’t really play like one here either. 5 star would be going pro after year 3, not sure Bo has a pro path forward. I think his original ranking was inflated.
  6. Exactly what I felt. This was a major head scratcher and just ripped my guts out. Hard to explain the feeling. We’ve seemingly had a pretty good year but this loss tarnishes it a bit. A gut punch for sure. Sad😔
  7. How in the hell did Will Friend got a job at Auburn? He's been run out of everywhere as one of the worst Oline coaches in the country. Was that a Bobo hire? At Tennessee his Oline was pitiful
  8. LSU hasn't done much to warrant consideration for the afternoon slot and Bammer-Ole Sissy is intriguing with the Freshwater/Saban angle along with their play. We proved against PSU the stage isnt too big for this team. They'll be well acclimated to dealing with a drunken LSU crowd. Plus, LSU's offensive line has been abysmal and it might be the medicine we need for our D line.
  9. Messageboard infighting and hyperbolic overreactions are never in short supply. Sheesh 🙄
  10. His scheme was awful last night. Sure it's zone and he wants to keep the play in front of the DB's but on 3rd and 6 the DB's line up 5 yards off the line. Their first two steps after the snap are two yards backwards and you literally handed the offense a first down with an underneath pass. I was screaming at the TV.
  11. What's up with Bo throwing those bloody moon balls??????
  12. Everyone has already commented on Auburn but, Penn State knows they got punched in the mouth. They just had the team to get up from it and put it away. War Eagle!
  13. First play of the half and that's what you dial up?
  14. sorry, mass confusion. Posts moved quickly. I posted a video of the PSU DB knocking the ball out of Tanks hand after the play at their goal line.
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