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  1. Agreed. A QB from Arizona that hasn’t ever taken a college snap doesn’t fit as someone pushing Nix to me.
  2. If Finley goes elsewhere, does AU pursue another QB or stick with current ones??
  3. Someone else on here basically mentioned the same thing as he did but whatever reason, no one believed him. Every player met with position coach and Harsin before going home. I am sure a few were told where they stand on depth chart, wasn’t happy and decided to enter portal.
  4. Guessing he was told best he could be this season was QB4 if he could beat out Pate and Lindsey. Bo - QB1 Davis or Loy - QB2 Pate or Lindsey QB4
  5. Last I read, talked about 50 over two years. 30 one year and 20 the next but it has bee awhile.
  6. Add Chayil Garnett to growing list..
  7. Who were the other two? Handy just entered portal.
  8. And three other writers have it different so no one knows until August.
  9. Yes. Towards the end after Pate.
  10. All I have seen they are selling tickets A-Day tickets
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