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  1. Lot have been asking but no one seems to know. Haven’t seen media write about it either.
  2. Eric Kiesau to take over the open spot.
  3. Williams fired as WR Coach
  4. Proceeds go to Luke Deal's Father ALS Fund & Mercy Deliverance Ministries
  5. First time to Beaver Stadium. Tailgated in a lot that ended up most North of the stadium. Walk wasn’t too bad. Stopped by another tailgate on way in. Seeing all the tailgates all around was pretty cool. After all the hype about their whiteout, didn’t think was that loud. I was a few rows up in upper level. I figured a night game at LSU and Clemson was louder. As others mentioned, the sound system was horrible and music as well. Most of the Penn State fans were friendly. Just some typical younger ones that were aholes. I disagree with OP, if I had a cha
  6. The end zone with seats filled up towards game time but still saw some empty ones so not sure how they announced over 109k
  7. Come on.. almost drove off the Interstate
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