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  1. Doesn’t his commitment count against the 25?
  2. If a player is not on the active roster can he see game time. Not agreeing or disagreeing with anything that has been said just want to know.
  3. Going back further than anyone other than Golf can remember: Hicks Poor.
  4. Cornell’s stadium has a capacity of 21,500. So that some demand to get 25,000 in there.
  5. Regardless of the vaccination rate if you have been vaccinated would you not be safe?
  6. I attended many math classes in Parker. The building did not effect how much I learned at all.
  7. aubiefifty, I have heard that he kicks with only one leg. Unbelievable I know.
  8. They did not opt out. They are both recovering from surgery.
  9. The response to this virus is really different according to your age. 58% of all deaths were suffered by people over 75. 80% were people over 65. I don't worry nearly as much for the actions of the young as I do for us older people. Plus people with impaired health suffer much more than the healthy. I am inclined to think that the rules should be different for the young and healthy. I know 2 young people who have Covid-19. One is a nurse in Montgomery. The other is a physician in Colorado. They both wore masks faithfully. But they sometimes had to get close to some really sick(not Covid-19) patients. In each case the virus symptoms were so slight that they would not have known that they were victims if not for the mandatory tests they were required to have. For me (I am over 75 and have diabetes) and my friends we will always wear the mask, stay 6 feet away from anyone and go out as little as possible.
  10. Rex, Any Christian that tells you that they love everyone is not telling the truth. No one loves everyone. For example I am Christian but in my lifetime I have loved only a few people (i.e. my wife, my mother, a few siblings etc.). I am concerned about many more people but I have not even heard about most people that exist. But, I hear statements similar to the one you made frequently in my church. Usually it is about members of the LGTBQ community. I've heard from many Christians something like this "I love gays but I just can"t agree with their serving in the church leadership." I don't think that is love. It is not even concern. A response of "Everyone's parents die." is not responsive to "My father just died." A statement closer in equivalence might be "All fathers just died." I can't see how a statement of concern for all lives could ever be hurtful or cruel to someone who is actually listening. Since you are also Christian I wish you "Peace".
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