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  1. Butthead, please tell hoe the Heisenberg principle applies. I have thought and thought but cannot figure it out.
  2. Doesn’t his commitment count against the 25?
  3. If a player is not on the active roster can he see game time. Not agreeing or disagreeing with anything that has been said just want to know.
  4. Going back further than anyone other than Golf can remember: Hicks Poor.
  5. Cornell’s stadium has a capacity of 21,500. So that some demand to get 25,000 in there.
  6. Regardless of the vaccination rate if you have been vaccinated would you not be safe?
  7. I attended many math classes in Parker. The building did not effect how much I learned at all.
  8. aubiefifty, I have heard that he kicks with only one leg. Unbelievable I know.
  9. They did not opt out. They are both recovering from surgery.
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