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  1. Doesn’t his commitment count against the 25?
  2. If a player is not on the active roster can he see game time. Not agreeing or disagreeing with anything that has been said just want to know.
  3. I do not think that Elon is interested in a degree from Alabama.
  4. Going back further than anyone other than Golf can remember: Hicks Poor.
  5. I think Wright will help with the OL starting unit.
  6. Cornell’s stadium has a capacity of 21,500. So that some demand to get 25,000 in there.
  7. Seek, Is Lisa Bobo a recruit for the women’s team or does they go both ways?
  8. Regardless of the vaccination rate if you have been vaccinated would you not be safe?
  9. I attended many math classes in Parker. The building did not effect how much I learned at all.
  10. aubiefifty, I have heard that he kicks with only one leg. Unbelievable I know.
  11. Thanks, Zeek. You are doing an awfully good job in the midst of so much varying information.
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