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  1. SO, it's Auburn's fault that UK is SOFT as a mash mellow and LACKS Auburn's depth?
  2. According to SEC Commissioner: "Some athletes get snapped up quickly by coaches. But for others the future is uncertain. Many lose their scholarships, says Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey, who noted in July 2021 that roughly 13,000 Division I student-athletes had entered the portal and that 11,000 remained without a new team."
  3. I saw one CFB talking head discussing this and he stated 75% of players entering the transfer portal don't find a new home and their career is OVER!
  4. Justyn Ross was NEVER "all over the place", he was torn between AU/Clemson from the very start with Clemson always having a slight lead and bammer was never a serious factor.
  5. Yes, Finely is more mobile than many want to give him credit, much like Jason Campbell. TJ has NFL size and a cannon for an arm, he simply LACKS experience. If he gets the experience and gains the much needed confidence, the players seem much more willing to follow him as a leader. If he gains the confidence quickly, Bo might have played his last game at AU.
  6. Unless the kid is planning on going to medical school at Houston, there isn't one thing the school can offer better than Auburn. Houston and Rice are both in the interloop, high crime areas, completely inner city urban settings and a complete lack of a true college feel (more like a very large commuter/community college feel).
  7. He is very much being slow played by bammer, he may end up at Auburn by default.
  8. Older Quick is a RSSoph and not listed in the 2 deep chart. If he doesn't move to the 2 deep this spring, he will be "processed" OUT and transfer
  9. DT is a problem because we lack the talent to get push but it also is equally scheme (see PSU game) from refusal to send an extra body.
  10. Not only is AU losing basically the entire starting OL but most of the back-ups. AU needs to sign at least 4 high quality HS OL and 3 transfers that can start/depth immediately at OT. 2022 could be an extremely rough year at OL if high impact transfer players aren't signed!
  11. Saban made it PERFECTLY clear the first night he landed that he need the "HELP" of the big money boosters to recruit and we saw the results. It had nothing to do with product to sale, bammer was a complete dumpster fire the night he landed.
  12. I thought TJ had the strongest arm I saw in the SEC last year. If TJ can take the next step and progress with reading defenses better, he has the upside to be a first round NFL draft pick. There is no scenario that has Nix with that type of upside.
  13. I was complete surprised Flo wasn't fired last year when her team quit and many transferred. It was past time for her to be fired and a year to late.
  14. I honestly don't think Bryant can "feast" on any OL, regardless of which conference he plays. I felt he was the most overrated player in the SEC going into this past season and he will be an absolute non-factor for UCF
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