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  1. Dees the year change FACTS? The left and Time magazine clearly supported Hitler at one point! Now, you have massive selective outrage that you think supports your twisted ideology, instead of having outrage against all of it.
  2. "maybe you are a dumbass": you (You) just do not (don't) get it. maybe (Maybe) you are (you're) not paying attention. maybe (Maybe) you are (you're) a dumbass. i (I) will never ever vote for a piece of sh*t to serve this country (who?). especially (Especially) for pres. ny (Any) the (omit the) way one of the regs will be around to refute what you wrote (You can't refute FACTS and i (I) do not (don't) want to mess my hhigh up (This explains everything). again.........unless i am (I'm) fooled i (I) will never ever vote for a piece of sh*t. i (I) will right (write) in somebodies (somebody's) name before i (I) do that. have (Have) a great evening on the way home.
  3. True story.........This is what you got with the current senile President that is clueless where he's and and craps on himself: (Let me guess, it's Putin fault?)
  4. You really need mental help because Trump has been living rent free in your head since 2016
  5. Posting ANYTHING from the "Huffington Post" is nothing more than extreme bias leftist drive ideological garbage!
  6. So, it's Trump's fault for appointing Judges to uphold the Constitution? The leftist loon logic: A loon shoots someone, it's the guns (tools) fault but a loon in a car (tool) runs over people in Charlottesville, it's the drivers fault.............Got it! (leftist loon ideological logic)
  7. Guns are nothing more than a tool, just like a hammer. This weekend there will be double digit murders in Chicago (99% will be black/black crime), which has the strictest gun laws in the country and every single one of the shootings will be from unregistered and illegal guns. The left continues to ignore and whistle by the graveyard as to the real problem because it doesn't fit or support your twisted ideological agenda! The problem is the left's total degradation of society that everybody is a victim and nobody is responsible for their actions, the lefts destruction of the nuclear family and payment to keep the father out of the home. 3...2....1.......Go with the typical leftist twisted talking point to ignore the real problems YOU created!
  8. I 100% agree! Kiffin has shown little to no interest in building an elite defense at this point but if he hires a strong DC and put focus on defense with his offense, the rest of the SEC and country in on notice
  9. Freeze and Kiffin lost last night, so they are no longer on your flavor of the second list? You are about as illogical as Mickey that doesn't want Sanders because "He lacks major D1 experience" but he wants Grimes that has absolutely ZERO head coaching experience at any level.
  10. keywest


    He hasn't had enough time to deplete their talent yet. It didn't happen over night at AU but many years of poor OL recruiting and mainly OT finally took it's toll at AU.
  11. Not NO but hell NO! If we strike out on the top 3 of Kiffin, Freeze and Sanders (which I seriously doubt happens), I take a second tier chance on Jamey Chadwell
  12. Plus, Auburn would be on the hook for his buyout at OM. Do I think Lane would be an upgrade and make AU better? Yes, but at what cost? Until he proves otherwise, he lack the willingness to build an elite defense and I think he is a consist 8 - 10 win coach regardless of where he coaching.
  13. No, it's proof you don't want to accept that Sanders has greatly over achieved at previous irrelevant small program with an extremely limited budget in an unbelievable short time. Additionally, he assembled/attracted a remarkable staff with extremely limited budget that would rival most P5's and is better than the staff Harsin assemble.
  14. It is painful watching this untalented OL, lost most plays and lack of effort! The next AU head coach is going to have one hell of a job rebuilding this pile of steaming crap.
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