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  1. You know what Dahmer said to Lorena Bobbit?
  2. Sean Payton looking to get back into coaching......
  3. I'm with you here. Cut him loose, play the interim card on someone and be ready to pony up for the next guy at seasons end. This goose is already overdone!
  4. I watched that video. In theory it sounds good. However, you don't just walk into a meeting and tell the 100 million dollar guy to give me the $$$, sit down and shut up. Then and there is your big chance to sell/recruit the 100 million dollar guy. If you do not or can not sell that guy your plan or convince him your plan is THE plan or at least plant the seed that it has a good chance to succeed, then your not getting the 100 million dollars. Like or dislike Harsin as fans, that is what he has to do. Win that meeting. Sell his plan!!
  5. I hope for this but I really don't believe it will happen. #glassiswayhalfempty
  6. So.....this means that bammer's DC and his DUI are taken care of and tucked in bed?
  7. I've hated him since then and always will. No matter what size his chain is!
  8. It all boils down to this. IF you pay your way into donor land, read all the info therein, you will know what you know. Understand now?
  9. Just pay for my donor board membership and all is forgiven my son. I bet a months worth of grass stained NBs would be nasty!
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