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  1. Incoming freshman Bri Ellis received Alliance All-Star game MVP for her performance. A double and a home run with 5 RBI.
  2. Just asking….. How are you so sure we are top 2 for Konnor? I looked on Instagram and it showed she wasn’t even following our gymnastics account.
  3. I believe us getting Suni is a game changer. What high level recruit wouldn’t want to compete with the best.
  4. Handley is off to Ohio State according to her Instagram.
  5. Some of the freshman are already on campus I believe unless they are just working the softball camp.
  6. So TAMU just hired a coach that has been to 5 World Series and according to sportswriters LSU’s top candidate is Pat Casey from Oregon state. It is time we as a university take baseball seriously. I don’t mean fire Butch, I mean in funding. We have possibly the worst facility is the SEC. That has to change in order for us to stay competitive in a league that has become committed to being the best at diamond sports.
  7. We haven’t exactly put out a product worth top 50-75 girls yet.
  8. Adding to this. That was Coach Myers most valuable trait. He never had highly ranked recruiting classes. He’d get a highly regarded recruit or two in each class. What he did do though is turn almost all of them into quality SEC softball players. Something I think Dean has failed to do.
  9. You can recruit and sign as many good players as you want. What I’m noticing is how they are developed once they are there. Which was not done by Dean.
  10. As I said in the other thread, I can’t help but think now that Lauren LaPorte was the “man behind the curtain” so to speak of JMU. I think Dean was a pretty good recruiter but they sure aren’t missing him.
  11. I would say it’s looking like Loren Laporte was the “man behind the curtain” as of now.
  12. Can you link the article? I’ve had no luck finding it.
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