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  1. We couldn’t hit anything but pop ups and the wind was blowing super hard in towards home plate.
  2. Maia E at 1st, Carlee at 2nd, Peralta at SS, Axe at 3rd, Garcia in left, Abbey S in center and Kenadie C in right. Catchers were Aubrie L and Skylar Elkins.
  3. Our game 1 lineup couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat.
  4. If anyone is in Bham to watch the team today, please keep us updated.
  5. Do any of y’all think y’all could find out why Rath left the team. I’m so curious as to what could’ve happened during the season that caused her to leave. I really looked forward to watching her this season.
  6. Thank you for the updates and keep them coming!
  7. *UPDATE* I checked with a beat writer on another forum and he looked into it and said she left the team and isn’t expected back. That’s a huge loss.
  8. It was 11 bc they tried to scrimmage pre-game and one team had 5 but sinness was serving.
  9. Rath wasn’t even in the gym today. I’m seriously wondering where she is and why. Jordan Siness was in a boot today.
  10. LSU got another 2024 commit off of that same Unity team.
  11. Any idea as to what renovations are going on?
  12. Any word in the scrimmage related to how we look?
  13. It was great but apparently she gets even better bc she stated that was her easy routine in her interview.
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