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  1. He seriously doesn’t deserve another year at this point. We are the lowest of the low in the SEC
  2. Did one of our coaches get tossed? I read like someone got tossed but I haven’t seen it anywhere.
  3. Shelby should not have still been in that game. They had been hitting her for several innings.
  4. Another thing I’d like to address is people saying Dean is a micromanager. I can see that being the case as I’ve seen him jump Carosone in games for sending a runner and such. I wonder if that’s why our hitting is way below par because he really doesn’t know a whole lot about hitting. He needs to stay with the pitchers and defense and let Carosone and Lenti handle the hitters. I have no doubt Carosone could coach those hitters if she was given free reign.
  5. I think McNemar is more of a defensive specialist.
  6. I’m not worried about losing the older ones after this year. These freshman should be better than those leaving so I’m not concerned. The concern if when freshman start transferring.
  7. That article makes sense as to why she is transferring.
  8. https://t.co/0bqwHV74no please include at least a portion of the article and not just a link AUBURN, Alabama – Auburn softball shortstop Makenna Dowell and pitcher Lexie Handley have entered the transfer portal and are likely to play elsewhere as graduate transfers next season. With roster limits returning to the pre-COVID-19 size of 22 and scholarships returning to the former limit of 12, Auburn has signed nine incoming freshmen who will enroll this summer. Both Dowell and Handley are seniors who have already earned degrees and will finish out this season at Auburn. Should unex
  9. That has been exactly what I’ve been thinking. She has to be disgusted with how this team plays.
  10. Crazy indeed. Mickey has to go because I feel the fire as just been lit.
  11. Does this mean that she leaves the team immediately or will play till the end of the season? I assume it is immediate.
  12. This UT series was terrible. 4 runs in 3 games will NEVER win in the SEC. Time for AG to make a change.
  13. Coach J made a commit alert type tweet last night. Any idea who it may be?
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