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  1. I was hoping she’d transfer after last season just because I knew she deserved so much more than what she got here.
  2. For those who watched the game, obviously Lexie pitched very well but I’m wondering if her control has improved drastically?
  3. While I believe that we should’ve won this game, I hope we build on this no quit mentality and get some wins out of it in the future.
  4. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Those have probably cost us the game.
  5. I can’t think of any team that’s made it to the WCWS and had a staff of 5 pitchers and used all of them.
  6. Yeah I felt like this may be all we take in this class
  7. Anyone know how this game ended up? And who were the top performers?
  8. And if this happens we better knock Gerry Glascos door of the hinges with an offer.
  9. I personally give him 2 more years. If things don’t improve after that I think he’ll be out quick.
  10. I agree. Dean has highly ranked classes recruits coming in and it’s time he do something with them. If things don’t change I got him 2 more years tops.
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