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  1. They were both excellent routines but I don’t know about tens. Like I’ve said, I’ve seen Derrian do just as good of floor routines and she has never gotten a 10.
  2. I would 100% everything be equal but with human judges that’s never going to happen.
  3. Definitely. The more I watch NCAA gym the more I feel like the judging is very subjective and they give more to more well known teams/gymnasts. I can say I’ve seen Derrian do just as good of floor routines as those 10’s today and I’ve never seen her get a 10.
  4. Florida definitely got a little help today to beat bammer at home. Two perfect 10’s on the last two routines on floor to win.
  5. While both teams today were far from great…. Auburns road score form Friday would’ve beaten Bama and Florida today by at least a fourth of a point.
  6. Alabama opened with a 195.875
  7. looks like the women just got a bunch of needed help
  8. Suni will 100% stay in the bars lineup. If it wasn’t for her feet hitting the bar(which is an automatic 0.2 deduction) she would’ve scored a 9.975 yesterday.
  9. Florida opened with a 197.675 LSU opened with a 196.95 Georgia opened with a 194.500 Mizzou opened with a 196.600
  10. But they had several gymnasts missing due to Covid
  11. Arkansas finished their meet with a 195.450
  12. I will say that we recovered well from our first rotation. A 196.300 isn’t a bad score to start the season.
  13. Anyone know what was up with our bars rotation? It’s usually our strongest event and it seems we did pretty bad.
  14. We didn’t have an answer for their post Williams. We do not have a player big enough to defend a true post due to coach Flo’s incompetence to recruit post players.
  15. Apparently he is visiting Florida in late January.
  16. Any way that you could possibly elaborate on this?
  17. Anyone know anything about our status with 5-star center Yohan Traore. Looks like we are competing for his last official visit against UCLA and Texas.
  18. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXkGZeCP0EN/?utm_medium=copy_link 6’3 MB out of Portland. Should have 2 years of eligibility left.
  19. Just beat me to it. Anyone with a subscription know if she is ranked or what she is ranked?
  20. Don’t know a ton about this one. All I know is that she is a MIF and the sister of Maddie Penta.
  21. She just committed to AU. She is on the same team as Thalia Martin and they visited together a few weeks ago.
  22. https://www.instagram.com/p/CW1uKnXgRrj/?utm_medium=copy_link
  23. Are there any more big time gymnasts we are currently in on?
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