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  1. I thought basketball got 3 paid assistants which would leave us with an opening?
  2. Could someone with an extra innings subscription possibly update the player rankings and class ranking for our 2023 class. I read where Chalea Clemmons had a significant jump.
  3. I think it’s almost customary now to completely wipe coaches off of everything.
  4. It references in that article that he could still be coming after the WNBA season is finished which should be around the end of September.
  5. We made a great hire in Fred Williams but I don’t know when he’ll come to campus.
  6. With the FOF, basketball facility, and now the baseball upgrades, I wish we would just do a complete master plan for the entirety of our athletic department.
  7. Yes it’s subscription based. Basically says we are getting seats on the green monster, seating on top of the player development facility in right field, and premium seating down the first base line.
  8. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/board/104011/Contents/auburns-plainsman-park-getting-major-upgrades-in-2023-190538005/?page=1
  9. Oh no. I’m sorry I didn’t include before but I was trying to see if anyone had a subscription to see it. I do not and would also like to know.
  10. https://t.co/N4agFqZTW4
  11. I still worry because while we are getting height, we don’t have the elite height like the other teams have.
  12. Add these onto the 2 2023 commits that I know of: Lakin Laurendine 6’2 OH Jasmine Okeoma 6’2 MB
  13. Today Auburn received 3 2024 commitments: Kalei Edson 5’10 RS/S Lauren Dreves 6’1 OH Emma Moore 6’3 MB
  14. No clue. I’ve been there all week at camp and no one has said a word.
  15. With Tara Walsh transferring to Michigan State, could this open up a spot for a transfer or signee to Auburn?
  16. I went to camp with my sister last year and I know that the campers loved her.
  17. Ehh Texas was not very good when we played them. They became a different team as the season went on but they definitely weren’t good in the beginning.
  18. Looks like coach Dean is beefing up the OOC schedule for next season.
  19. I was curious bc I saw on the college gym news scholarship chart we have to spots open that could be used in the class of 23
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