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  1. Do any of y’all think y’all could find out why Rath left the team. I’m so curious as to what could’ve happened during the season that caused her to leave. I really looked forward to watching her this season.

  2. 1 hour ago, AUreo said:

    Some updates:



    Thank you for the updates and keep them coming!

  3. 5 hours ago, slot canyon said:

    I attended two of the games last week and did not see her.  Hope it is not a permanent issue.  If Siness is out that puts us down to 11 players.  

    *UPDATE* I checked with a beat writer on another forum and he looked into it and said she left the team and isn’t expected back. That’s a huge loss.

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  4. 5 hours ago, slot canyon said:

    I attended two of the games last week and did not see her.  Hope it is not a permanent issue.  If Siness is out that puts us down to 11 players.  

    It was 11 bc they tried to scrimmage pre-game and one team had 5 but sinness was serving.

  5. 1 hour ago, slot canyon said:

    AU remains undefeated by beating Southern Miss 25-23, 25-21 and 25-21.  Currently 9-0.  Rebekah Rath has not played since the end of August.  We play two matches tomorrow, Jackson State at 10 AM and Jacksonville State at 6 PM (ESPN+). 

    Rath wasn’t even in the gym today. I’m seriously wondering where she is and why. Jordan Siness was in a boot today.

  6. 36 minutes ago, Jad0003 said:

    Softball America updated their ranking recently, but I don’t have a subscription to their website. Not sure where any of our recruits are on their list. 

    EIS won’t update 2023s until October or November to coordinate with signing day. I’ll share all our recruits ranking and commentary. EIS is about to start 2024s to align with September 1st, so I’ll share the same for any player who commits.

    Thanks so much


    This is carry-over from some recent discussion from "Johnny Harris Named Womens Coach".  Since it involves staff, I felt is should be posted here.   Around May 4 Auburn announced that Fred Williams, assistant coach with LA Sparks WBA, would be joining the staff as Associate HC around mid-July after the All Star Break.  However, in June, the Sparks fired their HC and then elevated Fred Williams to the Interim HC position which apparently tied him up until season end (today).  The Sparks did not qualify for the post season playoffs so they should be totally finished.  Some articles I read indicated that they were surprised that the Sparks did not promote assistant coach Latrice Trammell to the Interim HC position as she was considered the favorite to replace the previous coach.  I am guessing that by promoting Williams it secured his services to season end and retained the other 2 assistants (staff consist of HC plus 3 assistants) on the staff rather than being down 2 coaches if Williams left in July for AU.  In the meantime, Damitria Buchanan is now listed as Associate HC/Recruiting Coordinator on the AU staff.  It is not clear to me if we should expect Fred Williams to be joining the staff or if we have "moved on".  It appears our coaching staff is full with HC, Asociate HC and Assistant Coach. 

    I thought basketball got 3 paid assistants which would leave us with an opening?


    You may be correct and I hope that is the case.  I could not understand why they have Buchanan listed as the associate HC.  Info from the AU announcement I believe supports your post.  Also, currently the AU BB site does not show Bob Starkey on the staff last season as far as I can tell.  Did he get vaporized?

    Veteran WNBA coach Fred Williams joins Auburn women's basketball staff - Auburn University Athletics (auburntigers.com)

    I think it’s almost customary now to completely wipe coaches off of everything.


    That likely would have been a good hire but he apparently decided to stay with WNBA LA Sparks.  On the surface, I would guess this is a set-back program wise to lose Starkey and then what would appear to have been a good replacement.  You are right Mikey, not much in the way of visibility regarding this "story".


    It references in that article that he could still be coming after the WNBA season is finished which should be around the end of September.

  10. 1 minute ago, Win4AU said:

    Is this link behind a paywall for anyone else?

    Yes it’s subscription based. Basically says we are getting seats on the green monster, seating on top of the player development facility in right field, and premium seating down the first base line.

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  11. 14 minutes ago, augolf1716 said:

    Can you summarize says need to subscribe thanks

    Oh no. I’m sorry I didn’t include before but I was trying to see if anyone had a subscription to see it. I do not and would also like to know.

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