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  1. This is going to be a very rough season….
  2. Any idea why Caroline Bachus from Athens signed with Belmont. I didn’t know that she had switched her commitment.
  3. Any word on why Zoe Slaughter didn’t sign today?
  4. https://fastpitchnews.com/podcasts/larissa-anderson-talks-missouri-softball-mickey-dean-breaks-down-auburn-jmu-makes-move/369322
  5. Bama just got another commit from 5 star Brandon Miller
  6. We’ve added a member to our 2022 class! L/DS Zoe Slaughter from Honolulu Hawaii but she grew up in Pelham.
  7. So far I believe we have three commits Chalea Clemmons Kyla Stroud Thalia Martin
  8. That plus the new transfer from Texas looks accurate
  9. Does anyone have a list of all of our 2022 commits? I know we have 7-8 but not sure.
  10. Lenti was the hitting coach and I think he still is but I think we’ve realized something else is needed. I do not believe Brooke was in this role last season.
  11. https://t.co/bSKt8cE0Ia Does anyone have a subscription to them and could possibly share the contents of this? It will only let not subscribers read so far.
  12. Does any one have any in-person takes of the game today?
  13. She will join the team for practice in December. Unfortunately, she will not be able to play until next season.
  14. https://twitter.com/coachj_au/status/1446889417092829185?s=21
  15. Hannah Dorsett, an outfielder from Hewitt-Trussville, was also on a visit with them.
  16. I think they balanced the rosters on purpose for the 2 games.
  17. https://instagram.com/stories/kyylaa.xo/2656315977837233436?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=copy_link 2023 Kyla Stroud reaffirmed her commitment on her Instagram story. I presume she’s been contacted since September 1st so it’s good that she’s sold.
  18. 2022 6’2 Kharyssa Richardson has committed to Auburn.
  19. Madison Inscoe is now committed to NC State. I’m gonna say that maybe these decommits have been more on our end.
  20. And an absolute thumping of Jackson State for the ladies! First 2-0 start since 2015 and first time opening up the season with back to back sweeps since 2010! I know these are teams we expect to beat but I just can’t help but notice how much harder the girls are playing under the new regime.
  21. Good showing for the ladies last night! First win since 2019! I was curious however where several of our girls were whom I have seen in practice videos are at during the game. If anyone knows and could shed light I’d highly appreciate it.
  22. I was on the same path as you with the scholarship management thought. Maybe they are opening money up with September 1st right around the corner.
  23. We just lost another verbal from outfielder Jenna Nelson. She committed to Penn State.
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