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  1. Everyone will be a little beat up but I keep hearing his name, Keondre Jones and Alec Jackson as guys who have stepped up
  2. Appreciate that Mike I just don’t want to say anything that might not be 100% with the gravity of his situation.
  3. It’s a fight. Hearing good thing about Tashawn Manning as well.
  4. Gonna provide depth but I don’t believe he will start.
  5. I think Alabama could go 10-0 or 9-1 and Auburn finishing 9-1 would both get them in if Bama wins the SEC Champ game or give versa. the opt outs have devastated LSU and UGA lost their guy at QB with some losable games on the schedule. There is something to be said for a group that has heard nothing but negativity about their ability, add that with their talent even though they are inexperienced.
  6. Mark My Word: Auburn and Alabama will both be in the playoff. Mark My Word: UGA and LSU will both lose at least 3 games Mark My Word: Auburn’s offensive line will end up being a strength
  7. A little crazy right now with everything going on and a lot of recruiting has slowed down with practice starting but Auburn still sits in great shape with Kool Aid and Scooby. I think it’s a matter of time. The one that is interesting to keep an eye on is Smael Mondon. I think he will commit somewhat out of nowhere. Auburn and UGA continue to make it a 2 team race. talked to Rayveon Crum last night and he tweeted out expect a commitment soon. He expects an Auburn offer soon and if that happens he will commit ASAP. The Rod Orr situation is something I really don’t want to
  8. They tend to lag behind our predictions by about a month haha
  9. Appreciate the kind words and I will do my best to keep y’all informed. Recruiting is crazy as you guys know but we feel very good about where Auburn is right now
  10. Kid could of shot the video just wants to wait a little longer. There is going to be another announcement about the NCAA dead period being extended and that will basically hinder the probability of visits further and these kids will pull the trigger. I don’t think Scooby Williams is too far off from committing. Kid had hammy problems and they got drilled so the spirits probably weren’t super high after that game either
  11. Another one coming soon. Told you guys we are on this stuff. A few moves are waiting in the wings too.
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