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  1. Harsin has to be top 10 next year, its non negotiable. I think we will be, but who knows at this point.
  2. In the SEC absolutely, we already struggling to keep up while pulling in top 15 classes. I hope Harsin can develop these guys and get them playing up to their potential but a class of majority 3 stars is disaster, even given the circumstances. What's gonna happen, like with basketball, is in year 3 and 4 we will have very few good upperclassmen meaning we will not be winning. There's a reason why Bama had one of the best teams of all time when a bunch of seniors came back. I don't care how good a coach Harsin is, without top 10 recruiting we are not winning anything .
  3. 247 is so much better, rivals is fine for basketball but pretty much worthless for football.
  4. This is the kinda class that can kill a program yknow. Not next year, but year 2 and 3 are gonna be interesting.
  5. None of those Boise Qb's were very talented imo, none of them even really sniffed the NFL. If you look chronologically Boise has had a good Qb since like 1996 and Harsin I can assume was a big part of that. I trust in him to get auburn good Qb play finally.
  6. I expect we see something like what Jimbo runs at A&M, maybe not as much pro style but that's the closest I can compare it too. Its wild that we are going from one of the least complex offenses to one of the most complex. I wonder if Bo can handle it? I think we 100% get a transfer QB from somewhere, and I wouldn't be surprised if Bo sits at some point.
  7. Here's a good breakdown I found from 2016 https://sicem365.com/s/608/film-room-how-boise-states-offense-attacks
  8. looks like were gonna be in the wilderness as a program for awhile...
  9. What did any of us expect with the morons who the run the program honestly
  10. I guess things aren't as hidden there, in the SEC if there was a "meeting" on an extension you damn well know the signature was already there.
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