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  1. ^ this or he isn’t coachable. . . I have talked about this with non Auburn fans and many have ask the same thing.
  2. I noticed woody Barrett is on the move again while looking at that link.
  3. Skull dragged is way more appropriate than skull ******! 🤭
  4. Have to get to step 5 fast! https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newPPM_82.htm
  5. That will be 10 Saturdays of no Dr. pepper!
  6. I waited until the PC before I really reacted. He sounds great and fired up to be in Auburn. I think it says a lot about him for leaving his comfort zone and wanting to compete with the best. He sounds like a motivational guy that has a lot of little catch phrases. Time will tell if he’s a person who read to many leadership books. The program will tell that story over time. I’m optimistic he is going to change the culture and I hope he holds the talent currently on the roster together.
  7. That press conference still has me excited. I had to put on baggy sweat pants before my wife thinks it’s about her! 🤣
  8. He lives in a nice area! I’m on the west side, Clarksville area.
  9. I currently live in the tuckasee area. I watch a lot of UK ball
  10. I believe UK fired him also. They couldn’t take it anymore!
  11. OC: Eric bienemy OL: Matt luke QB: Harsin RB: Bo Jackson HB/TE: GA WR: Holman Wiggins DC: Charlie strong DT: Bill Johnson DE: Bill Johnson LB: Derrick mason S: Brian Belichick CB: Brian Belichick
  12. His first major task of recruiting is holding this team together. It starts Saturday coach! Welcome and WDE!
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