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  1. Seem lazy today. Not protecting the ball. Not matching the energy. Clean that up and we are likely leading right now. Auburn is a strong team. Just gotta play smarter and protect the ball.
  2. Always fun to drill uga. Let’s hope it stays this way.
  3. Team showed they can win a game even when struggling on the road. Hey, football team, take notes!
  4. Kessler with a double double. We gonna be #1 come Monday, folks!
  5. He would’ve. You’re right. But I sure love KD’s fire.
  6. Are we just a team who could a lot, or is it something else entirely? Lol 🤔
  7. Good grief, Jabari! Please stay and graduate from Auburn! Lol.
  8. Yeah. They’ve been triple teaming him at times.
  9. Come on, guys! Close it out! Let’s go! Finish strong!
  10. Kessler having a night! Love it after those miserable fouls called on him the last couple of games.
  11. With the way the refs have been calling fouls the past few games, it’s definitely starting to feel like Auburn has a target on their back. 🤷
  12. Fouls got bama back into the game when we were running away with it in the second half. If the refs call a balanced game, this one is closer to a blowout. Scrutinizing one team over another like that makes one team play less physically and allows the other to be way more physical. It was obvious last night. They were mauling our guys and getting no calls for it. Lots of head scratcher calls last night. Refs should have some sort of consequence for egregious calls. Fine them for it or something. You’d see far less of them in my opinion.
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