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  1. Refs are 100% the reason that game was as close as it was. War Eagle.
  2. They’re calling any and everything they can against us. Crazy.
  3. Gotta hand it to ol sis. She can shoot a three ball.
  4. Cardwell’s energy is just contagious. Dude is just straight auburn tiger. Love it.
  5. Good grief. Hanging all over us at the rim. Where’s the foul call?
  6. Refs already not letting us be physical. First or second play of the game, we go for a dunk and get mauled by two guys. No call. On the other end, we got called on a real nit-picky foul. That stuff sets the tone for the game. Then ol sis gets real aggressive bc they know there’s no calls coming to them. Gonna be one of those games I suppose. Play through it, fellas.
  7. Just not as good this year. Young team. I think even Pearl earlier in the year said something about tempering expectations.
  8. What is happening? Geez. Turnovers and can’t rebound. Get the ball and protect it.
  9. Honestly, Freeze has to come in and win immediately. Given the backlash from fans when he was hired, I’d say he’s already on thin ice with at least 50% of the fanbase. Add in a poor season next year, and those 50% are likely calling for his head and yelling “told you so” even though their problem with him was primarily a “moral” one. Anyway, I am a little concerned that he seems to be doing what Harsin did and just pulling his Liberty staff to AU. Check out this report. He’s already loaded up with eight Liberty staffers. Same old song and dance. From the Boise staff to a Liberty one. Also, lots of talent in that portal. Go get those guys. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/auburn-football/hugh-freeze-has-reportedly-offered-auburn-positions-to-8-staffers-from-liberty/amp/
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