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  1. Good luck and praying for you!
  2. I watched it a while back. It’s really good!
  3. Unbelievable. He does not look 51. I figured he was like 40. Haha. That’s crazy!
  4. Had me at “I like to dive into a good book.” This is our guy!
  5. Ain’t that the truth. It’s criminal what some schools are allowed to get away with.
  6. I can pretty much only see topics that are years old. I don’t see the recent stuff. What happened?
  7. Yep. Been soft all year, and they don’t even know it. Nothing worse than delusion.
  8. Even though the game is virtually over, I keep watching for little wins like a stop on 4th and 7. We just can’t do it, and it’s so frustrating.
  9. A lot of help. Need recruitment and development. Bad.
  10. You called Gus and offensive guru. Did you watch the same Auburn I did?
  11. It’s the feel good crap. Gus was king of the feel good stuff. Not winning games, but making people feel good instead of play good. Lol
  12. What y’all think Steele is gonna say in postgame? Lol. “We will get it turned around”.
  13. I know. I’m so pissed at this performance, and I fully blame Gus. He’s just such a bad coach. I wish we could fire him again for therapy.
  14. Hear me out...Burn it all the way down. Melt the heck down. Like nuclear implosion. This shows Harsin all the problems he needs to fix. Then he builds it up from square 0.
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