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  1. I'm just guessing this would be a way for bama to re institute their sacred, annual game with longtime rival Vandy. no?
  2. so what's the deal with the "pod system"? what does that mean,exactly? you always play the other 3 and rotate others?
  3. I can't read 8 pages so sorry if this has been covered. the guys on the Montgomery noon radio show (charlie trotman and a bammer and some other guy) said that: a) Greene is obviously not Gouge's guy. a Leath hire. so there is that. b) Gouge put the kibosh on the Steele for Head Coach. Greene was evidently going to let it happen. c) Several coaches went directly to Gouge to complain about the mgmt of the athletic dept
  4. What last season's College Football Playoff field would have looked like under proposed 12-team bracket (USA Today) The first part of the new proposal sees the top six conference champions in the committee rankings included in the field, with the first four receiving first-round byes: No. 1 Alabama (SEC champions) No. 2 Clemson (ACC champions) No. 3 Ohio State (Big Ten champions) No. 6 Oklahoma (Big 12 champions) No. 8 Cincinnati (American Athletic champions) No. 12 Coastal Carolina (Sun Belt champions) Six at-large selections would have gone to t
  5. not just the substitution, but the hands off treatment of receivers, especially over the middle.
  6. maybe that was what confused the O-line? 3rd and short. call a play and run it.
  7. nothing wrong with leaving early to extend the play, but when QB form breaks down as it usually did, it turns ugly quick
  8. At this point in his life (& after countless football/passing camps), it would seem to be like breathing to a QB.
  9. Those balconys facing the library and Samford will be leased units (condos I guess) while the rest of those floors will be hotel rooms and a spa at top floor. Roof will have the pool and garden.
  10. This from Saturday Down South article a few months ago: the "coach" is Jordan Palmer. maybe the change in Head coach gives him a reason for the Nix optimism. "Why hasn't Jarrett Stidham played more? QB coach says Gus Malzahn's offense 'is the furthest thing from NFL offense' he's ever seen"
  11. I think in Gus' mind, his goal was to recruit players he thought would be good in his offense. If they went on the the NFL, so be it. his scheme came first. the scheme by the way, that Stidham's QB coach with the Pats basically said is the bottom of the barrel in terms of getting a QB ready to succeed in the pros.
  12. You think that's a joke but my daughter worked in one of those "make work" phony baloney feel good departments as a grad student for a year and that's a good summation of what she says goes on there.
  13. the only thing worse was ONE guy running a 9 and the rest running 10 yd decoy routes i.e. no intention of being a target.
  14. His offense will feel right at home in Orlando
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