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  1. much like his blockers before the kick...
  2. I believe that was Jake Crain (J boy), was it not?
  3. Maybe he's the second coming of Emmitt Smith, but right now I can't get excited about losing 5'-8" RB. other than the optics of losing a 4 star recruit. Shaun Shivers is a nice change of pace back but he was swallowed whole on a few carries last week.
  4. there was an article today that quoted Teddy Bruschi (sp.?) talking about Bruce Arians the same way. why Belichek loved to play against coaches like him. so wedded to an offense that when it doesn't work, or the players aren't there to implement it, STILL continues down that path. never improvises or gets creative. just keeps on doing what doesn't work
  5. I'm thinking the Heisman voters are on the the "bama QB lighting it up story" standing unmolested and hitting wide open WR's on slants for 60 yd TD's
  6. wait, so the play was for the 300 lb. TE to go deep? that was it? i hope I heard that wrong
  7. someone here did. predicted he'd shut DS down this week. seriously.
  8. yes, a staple of everyone's offense right now. except, well, you know........
  9. and there was NO NEED to throw off back foot. followed by a sideways throw to lose 2 yds. SMH
  10. threw behind him. good coverage but threw it to the DB
  11. Gary et al. thought the missed PI was so cute... had a good little chuckle at that one
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