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  1. You watch a bunch of Thin Man (or any other movie from the 30's) and pretty soon you start speaking the lingo.
  2. excellent take. it seems there's might be a bit of revisionist history going on here as well. "of course Nix was never comfortable in the pocket, the OL is terrible" "Nix left because the O line was trash" "if we can't make two yards on 2 plays running the ball...." etc. etc. I never heard a "except for Brahms" qualifier. not like we're welcoming back the backbone, the nerve center, of a great O line from last year. if they up their game, great. if not, then it will be the same old lament
  3. can get go run. run. pass on 3rd and longish every time against bama. they'll eat the QB alive.
  4. maybe the O line needs to tighten their splits. seems like a couple D linemen in the backfield as RB gets the ball.
  5. i don't understand the "pitch it to your gassed RB" play in the redzone
  6. saBAN complained. the rules changed. FIFY but you can still run tempo. (see: ole missy) just get rid of the stupid substitutions
  7. I have a feeling that someway, somehow, the D line would have gotten to Finley.
  8. Mike Shanahan, I believe, said you really can't coach accuracy. Either you have it or not. Bo leans to "not". Accuracy is prized over almost all else in the NFL.
  9. What would have been wrong for him to say "looking forward to completing rehab on the ankle and going through spring , working with the new guys and blah blah blah..."? Instead, it's some cryptic coach speaky "we'll see what the future brings" kinda bs. Is he just looking to get some love / reassurance from the staff? or is this like a pro "thinking" about retirement? if you're thinking about it, in your mind, you're already there.
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