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  1. he was bailed out on those deep balls by some circus catches by the WR
  2. that's seems like an odd pattern by #47. usually the receiver is turned to the outside so the throw is opposite the defender. Bo leaning backwards caused the ball to float. cut the route short at the GL and turn to the sideline would have been an easier throw for Bo. i.e. receiver moving side to side as opposed to vertical
  3. weren't interceptions an issue? can't recall. too long ago.
  4. was #5 supposed to "screen" the LB that was going to cover? if so, he did a poor job.
  5. "playing too fast". ok. I've been using the term "panic".
  6. i was not paying attention to White's career at the time but were his issues as fundamental as Nix's? i.e., take away system, take away surrounding talent, was White doing the things he was supposed to do to be a good QB?
  7. I would tend to defer to the 2 ex QBs in the CBS booth who (love 'em or not) both concurred that maybe the passes need more touch. off speed instead of fastball.
  8. yep. late in the game he evidently thought that if it worked once, may as well keep doing it (automatically bail, regardless of pocket or not)
  9. Bobo has got to get better on the goal line. even the best of QBs have a tougher time due to the compressed field. Having an average at best QB throw 3 times is asking to be disappointed
  10. shifting in the pocket is one thing. taking off and running is another
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