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  1. If this guy is going to cone to Auburn, maybe Harsin can make the announcement tomorrow since the Rams are up 28-8 over the Cards.
  2. It looks like the Rebs will be shooting free throws the rest of the night.
  3. The officiating has been atrocious. Since when does a defensive player draw a charge by moving into the offensive player? The musigging of Smith, coming over our guys backs for rebounds.
  4. If this guy is interested in coming to Auburn, he may want to finish out the season with the Cardinals and they are going to be in the playoffs.
  5. I saw something on Google questioning if he might be looking at the portal. It did not say he definitely was going on the portal, just questioning if he might be.
  6. Is he looking to leave Auburn via the portal?
  7. Is it a definite that Tank is leaving?
  8. Auburn just got screwed on that face mask no-call.
  9. Win or lose, TJ needs to be pulled. He's hurting himself as well as the team.
  10. This is a total team meltdown--offense, defense, special teams, and most of all, COACHING.
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