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  1. Anyone think he might keep Etheridge and Hilliard?
  2. Let's all get behind Coach Hugh Freeze and our Auburn Tigers!
  3. We don't know if this guy would be a good hire or not, but, IMHO, if they're seriously looking at someone who has never been a HC, just take the interim tag off Cadillac.
  4. Cut the check and get Harsin and his potato gang out of Auburn TODAY!!!
  5. Has Vegas set an over/under on Harsin surviving after today?
  6. I really wanted Harsin to work out for Auburn but it just hasn't. Harsin needs to go.
  7. What were they thinking with that awful play?
  8. Harsin's gotta go. That was a stupid call. 4th and inches and you give it to Bigsby who was several yards back. This was an outrageously stupid call.
  9. Right now, Missouri wants this game worse than Auburn does.
  10. What a lousy call!!! Are these SEC officials?
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