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  1. The 25 point spread seems ridiculous if you ask me. I know Bama has completely destroyed most of their opponents this year, but I just don’t see it unless Bo throws 3 picks or something. I don’t necessarily like our chances of winning the game, but I don’t feel like it would be the monumental upset of all time if we won either. War Eagle
  2. Hopefully legit.... He looked visibly confident. I believe he believes it. It seems unlikely looking at the math but so does/did Pennsylvania and Georgia.
  3. Why is the campaign chairmen( I think that’s his title) of the Trump campaign saying right now that people are going to be shocked when Arizona turns red tonight?
  4. Hopefully they’re BS like 2016. I think it’s closer in 2020. I think it’s gonna all come down to Pennsylvania.... just a gut and me playing with the electoral map online.
  5. What are they doing differently in the polls this year compared to 2016? Hopefully nothing ! Lol. Mainstream is treating it basically the same way as 2016. It’s feels like de ja vu seriously.
  6. It is controversial isn’t it? His 40 time might not be elite, but to me it also seems my opinion of Bo being a true duel threat QB often gets criticized. That’s even with his recruiting title once being duel threat haha. He’s very much the prototypical one if you ask me.
  7. I’m not arguing when I say this, but is our current “base offense” not the same ole Gus offense? Am I wrong?
  8. I don’t predict a win, but the improvement of our DLine against a LSU O line that’s considered to be a good O Line is encouraging. The thought of a KJ Britt playing linebacker with his skill set and leadership is also encouraging. The AL receivers are not very encouraging though. We got a secondary that’s pretty good though. The recent offensive line improvement and qb play improvement and offensive play calls are encouraging. I’m not counting us out quite yet.
  9. I hope you’re right. You really think Gus hasn’t stepped in? From game 1-3 it was a completely different style of play and plan of attack IMO. I don’t believe Gus had his hands in it. The last 2 games look more like past Gus offense (that’s not a complaint). It looks as if he isn’t calling the plays just from what I’ve physically seen. He probably had a convo with Chad before ole miss game and basically told him to change his offensive game plan from chads way to his way. I have no evidence of that, but I know it’s something of that nature.
  10. No scientific data behind this but here’s my risk analysis on the possible outcomes of Auburn football regarding the head coach. These are in order from least likely to most likely: We fire Gus and get a better coach who significantly improves the program. We keep Gus and the program becomes bottom tier. We fire Gus and the new coach brings us down to the bottom tier and negatively impacts the program. We keep Gus and he adapts more appropriately and becomes more wise as a coach and we make playoff appearances. We keep Gus and remain the roller coaster ride and get cl
  11. It blows my mind that he’s hard core trucked 2 first round dbs. I love it. He’s got NFL potential no doubt.
  12. I wonder what the theoretical highest possible end of season ranking could be winning out? Top 10 for sure... how high? 6?, 5?, 4? who knows? Let’s just heal up on the off week then dominate Miss St.
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