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  1. I'm a college football junkie. I can't wait to decide what is gonna get cooked and drank, flop over on the couch and have 3 different devices showing games and try to keep up. I was excited for spring ball but only watched 2 games. I kept forgetting about them and wish I hadn't. Wouldn't mind seeing a permanent change (and remember to watch) bc I just don't tune in for other sports the way I do CFB.
  2. It's also in the Workouts thread.
  3. Literally from the presser, "I'm thrilled to be the head coach at UCF, and I'm truly looking forward to being part of Knight Nation," Malzahn said in a statement. "It's exciting to be head of a program where the future is extremely bright. I will be hitting the ground running in terms of getting to know our team and everyone else connected with UCF. Our goal is to be ready to win championships."
  4. It makes sense. After all, he did help them win a national championship once.
  5. Thanks for posting this. Really enjoyed and will be following.
  6. Very very happy it wasn't Steele. If you'd asked me who the coach at Boise was I could've told you Bryan Harsin but probably would've misspelled it and had no clue what his record was there. So I went and read up about his record and history. I'm very excited about this hire and that he isn't tied to a scheme. Gone and watched some past Boise games, love the run/pass balance, and mostly love seeing the ball not being passed to the sideline (from what I've seen so far).
  7. I was a Chants fan until the trash they did to Zach Wilson after the INT at the end of the first half. Otherwise good story.
  8. My FiL had the same sentiment so let's just talk about Lsu vs the pass. Miss St passed for over 600 yards on Lsu. Mizzou passed for 400. Auburn for 300. That by itself should be all a coach needs to say if we have a QB who can pass that's what we're going to attack. Auburn's gameplan was outstanding and I loved seeing a balanced-ish attack 300 pass and 200 rush. Lsu's W's are Vandy and Carolina with Carolina being the 'quality' win, a team which Auburn lost to. Auburn beat a swiss cheese Lsu D. I'm glad for the W but other than a great confidence builder for the players I have trouble celebrating it more than that.
  9. Lucky isn't the right word. We all know what's in play and it's Auburn Jesus.
  10. My pinky doesn't just move arbitrarily. Glad for the W for Auburn and the kids on the field. It's fools gold for the sunshine pumpers.
  11. I'm no expert but if it isn't evident to whoever calls the plays that they need to calm down Bo, don't ask him to pass 47 times on the road, and run the ball more we can expect more of the same on offense.
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