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  1. There's enough film of teams shutting down Leach's MSU offense this season that Steele will almost certainly dial it in and shut them down, for the most part. I think AU wins this one by 10+ points.
  2. Sorry, I wasn't trying to make excuses for Gus, just trying to stay on topic. There are lots of threads here about Gus's problems, I'm just pointing out (as the OP did) that most everyone is struggling with Bama. Not trying to make it about Bama, sorry it it came off that way. I understand your frustrations with Gus - I see flashes of brilliance then games like USCe. It doesn't make sense to me that a guy can be so hot / cold. I just don't know how many options there are out there that will yield better results immediately. I think it would take time for Cristobal to have a real effe
  3. I think Cristobal is probably the better long-term candidate, but there's little question Freeze would bring wins right away. The baggage that comes with Freeze makes me wonder if he can keep it clean while operating a program far bigger than he's ever led before, but there's little question than man can coach.
  4. Bama fan here, I come in peace (AUDub invited me). I think it's difficult to measure a team against a team like Bama currently has, or USC had in the early 2ks, etc. When everything falls into place and these dynasties are humming along, comparing your program to those can lead to poor decisions. That said, few teams have stood toe-to-toe with Bama every year like Auburn has. So despite some of the lop-sided results, the reality is AU is likely as close as anyone (who plays Bama regularly) to competing with a program that's operating at essentially never-seen-before levels. Anyw
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