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  1. Sure, why not: Chris Klieman - small school, Midwest guy for most of his career. Can he adjust to life in the SEC at this stage of his career? Also, is it worth it for Auburn to take another chance on another non-SEC guy? Lance Leipold - see above. Another extremely successful small school, Midwest guy with no SEC experience. Sonny Dykes - didn't exactly set the world on fire at Cal and in particular couldn't get it done against their rivals. A big reason for that was Dykes continually swinging and missing on his defensive coordinator hires. His success at SMU and TCU suggests he might have learned from his mistakes at Cal but it is worth noting. That said, these are my "names no one's mentioning" picks. Do I think any of them are serious candidates for the Auburn job? No. Would any of them be at the top of my wishlist? Also no. Do I think they might make excellent hires for another school now or down the road? Sure, probably not in the SEC but who knows.
  2. Even if we could get him, I think there are rational reasons to pump the brakes on Dabo. He's been less than enthusiastic about NIL. He's seemingly outright refused to make use of the transfer portal. Auburn's current roster situation makes both of those positions non-starters for the next hire. He's a fantastic recruiter and program builder, yes but his background means he's also much more dependent on his coordinators for the Xs and Os stuff. When he had Brent Venables and Tony Elliott, no problem. His choices to replace those two this past offseason however invite quite a bit of scrutiny. Given the contract it would take to pry him away from Clemson, these are not small concerns.
  3. Kirby Smart is 46 years old and has been at Georgia for six years. He is 4th in total games won in school history, first in winning percentage, already has an SEC title and NC on his resume, and appears on track to add another SEC title and possibly NC this year. He's arguably on pace to be the greatest coach in school history and you're telling me that this man, who still ranks 4th on Georgia's all-time interception list, is going to leave his alma mater to follow Nick Saban because.....why exactly?
  4. I honestly hope it's none of the names mentioned. I think there are serious, serious, serious red flags with all of them: Luke Fickell - was born, raised, and has spent the entirety of his coaching career in the state of Ohio. Swap Ohio with Idaho and you've got Bryan Harsin 2: Electric Boogaloo James Franklin - has spent most of the last decade as the Gus Malzahn of the Big Ten: wins plenty of games, loses a couple of head scratchers every year, and can't beat the titans of his conference, especially on the road. Thank you, next. Tom Herman - underwhelming at Texas. Under/unemployed since he was fired two years ago. I imagine there's a reason for that. Clay Helton - underwhelming (to put it mildly) at USC and a poor recruiter to boot. Talent pool-wise, USC is probably one of the five or so easiest recruiting gigs in the country and this dude beefed it. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Dan Mullen - brilliant offensive mind, excellent QB developer but famously on the (badly) losing end of Kirby Smart's "there's not a coach out there who can out-coach recruiting" speech. Nope. For candidates that aren't being talked about, I would put Chris Klieman, Lance Leipold, and Sonny Dykes before any of the names mentioned here.
  5. I think the more pressing questions for Dabo would be if his feelings on NIL and the transfer portal have changed? He's been fairly outspoken publicly against NIL and has pointedly not made much use of the transfer portal despite Clemson having some significant roster holes the past few seasons. To me that's a non-starter given where Auburn currently finds itself. There's also the matter of his coordinator hires. I don't think it's hyperbole to say that Dabo owes quite a bit of his success to Brent Venables and Tony Elliott. His decision to replace both of them with internal hires deserves quite a bit of scrutiny given their on-field results this year.
  6. I can't believe I have to explain this to you this but there is a world of difference between a post-game soundbite and how they conduct their professional business off the field.
  7. This right here. Coaches at this level are professionals, they don't think about these things the way most fans do. This is their career, their livelihood, and it is first and foremost a people business. People don't burn bridges over school rivalries, passionate as they may be. Dabo is one of the most respected names in this business right now. He's not putting that at risk because "he's got too much Bama in him"
  8. Coaching at Auburn IS difficult. You have to recruit against the best programs in the country. The schedule is one of if not the most difficult in the country year in and year out. The expectations are quite high. That being said, Bryan Harsin is the first Auburn coach in four decades who didn't produce an SEC title, undefeated season, or both. In the last two decades, Auburn has played for four SEC titles, won three, and played for two NCs, winning one. Three different coaches were responsible for those seasons. This is a program with ENORMOUS potential that has only barely been realized. The right coach can absolutely have Auburn consistently competing at the highest levels.
  9. "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity" Or in this case, incompetence. I don't think Bryan Harsin is a narcissist. Most coaches at this level have massive egos and Harsin's no different. I think he's a man who's known nothing but success in his career to this point and is now not only being confronted with the knowledge that he's not as good at his job as he thought he was but is also being publicly flogged for it on a weekly basis. Of course he's flailing and lashing out.
  10. At this point, the train is off the tracks. It's not getting back on, no matter how many games we win the rest of the way. The 15 extra bowl practices are always a plus but a. I do NOT see this team getting bowl eligible and b. I don't see us having a new coaching staff in place to take advantage of them even if they do manage to make a bowl
  11. Oh yes, the man who was just run out of Gainesville a season ago for his lackluster recruiting and inability to beat Georgia is just the guy to fix Auburn's lackluster recruiting and inability to beat Georgia.
  12. He inherited a house in need of a new roof and a fresh coat of paint and decided the best way to go about accomplishing that was to light the entire house on fire.
  13. With this staff, behind this line, is there any way to really tell?
  14. Good grief man, this is some "we have always been at war with Eastasia" level revisionist history. Here are the facts: 1. His freshman year at Baylor, Jarrett Stidham's completion percentage, yards per attempt, and passer rating were all significantly better than either of his two seasons at Auburn. He also threw only six fewer TDs despite only starting two full games and mostly appearing in mop-up duty. 2. Bo Nix threw for fewer yards, fewer TDs, more interceptions, and his passer rating went DOWN in year 2. 3. In 11 seasons as Auburn's HC/OC, Gus Malzahn-coached QBs finished in the bottom half of the SEC in passing yards 6 times, TD passes 7 times, and passer rating 5 times. Only twice did any of his QBs finish in the top 3 in any of those categories.
  15. AUAlumnTN


    Hey, let's give ourselves a little bit of credit, this happens at more places than just Auburn. I'm pretty sure "Fire someone average to hire someone worse" is painted on the walls in the NY Jets' headquarters.
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