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  1. But that does come with a period of immobility, 6-8 weeks or so, where only light lifting with the throwing shoulder. There are other techniques to maintain neuromuscular control but not the same obviously. I don’t care who the starter is, as I’m confident with this staff it’s the one who has shown to be most effective. TJ is raw, so everyday with a good coach is huge. Not sure why the angst, he may not be great or even average. That just means we are lacking in talent and he is the best we have. Looking forward to seeing his growth, and possibly a package for Ashford as he can do things with his legs others can’t.
  2. I thought this thread was going to be about riding a motorcycle really fast and without a helmet. Top Gun style.
  3. Just don’t understand the rotation just like the supers. My opinion doesn’t matter, of course. I just don’t get it.
  4. Walker is just painful to listen to. I swear he has called every AU game the past month it seems. Oh, mid to high thigh is a strike. Dude is a blockhead.
  5. It’s not a bad strat especially having to use guys that don’t pitch much. Keeps everyone available for tomorrow. Obviously you want to win but you aren’t going to ride one of your best bullpen guys to the point they can’t go tomorrow unless you have the lead. Next few innings will be key as we will see little used guys.
  6. I suspect Butch is going to do an inning by inning swap of pitchers. 30 pitches or less.
  7. This ump is not very consistent, outside of having a volleyball sized zone. Such non-sense for college umps to have such small strike zones. Even MLB has expanded and not nearly as tight. We know arms are valuable, a great way to save them would be to give pitchers a little more vertical zone. It’s nearly impossible to get good hitters out with aluminum bats as it is. Waist to knees and we have quicker games and less pitches.
  8. Huge answer back right there. Both teams hitting well, we need our bullpen to have themselves a night.
  9. Damn. Nice hit, but can’t give teams outs. Find the damn ball!
  10. Need to light this kid up here. Huge opportunity
  11. Need to make this kid work. Ump is tight so hopefully we can run his pitch count up.
  12. A nightmare start for the good guys. Will be interesting to see how Butch handles the bullpen.
  13. Scratching my head a little at not starting Barnett. 1st game so important esp on the road. Hope the bats are ready for a track meet tonight.
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