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  1. Probably because he was spending an exorbitant amount of time helping coach them.
  2. Don't think my post laid blame at any coach.
  3. All I know is a was damn glad to see Canion out there in the 4th. Head scratcher as to why he hasn't played much
  4. The video was poor form, borderline ignorant
  5. Sammy has no idea what is going on or why Corn was fired. Like many, its an emotional reaction without any knowledge of what truly transpired here
  6. And that in and of itself is a fireable offense. WR coach is tasked with hearing the call then making sure the right WR group is on the field. Without issue. Huge deal to constantly not have the right personnel on the field
  7. This could be way more than just underperforming WR's. It's the head coach's prerogative. If it turns in to a s***-show that'll be on Harsin. Corn could've done a number of things to warrant firing, we don't know the whole story. I don't like it, but I'm choosing to wait and see at this point
  8. Way too personal for him, it seems. He needed to sit this one out.
  9. There is a reason I've been saying he is the best in the SEC and the Nation for a year now. The man brings so much to the position, our D has to have him out there to be effective. This has been the case since he first stepped in to the starting role.
  10. Pointing at one's eye to tell a player to watch something, and picking your nose are the same these days. Gus folks are really stretching it to make Harsin look bad
  11. I know for a fact Davis can throw an accurate ball past 20 yards, fyi
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