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  1. 11 pages in the thread......about 3 pages of substance. Holy crap at the time invested in trolling this hard, just shows a level of "I have absolutely nothing better to do" that I don't recall seeing before. Well, a level of trolling I've only seen from one group of folks in my life. Maybe a cap on the percentage of posts in relation to number of posts in a thread? I am all about free speech, just not from members of the toothless nation
  2. DeMarco McNeil used to run the point back in the day. Damnedest thing I've ever seen on a basketball court. Tubs signed a number of guys after watching them play basketball, Sen'derrick Marks probably doesn't play at Auburn if not for Tubs et al watching him play round ball. Love seeing this!
  3. One of the toughest RB's I've ever seen. That 2005 LSU game is one of the greatest games by any Auburn RB, regardless of the fact we lost. He carried the offense. Kenny's 70 yards against LSU in 2006, for the win, was arguably the toughest, and most important 70 yards ever gained. The hitting in that game was unmatched. I was sore just from watching. lol. Love, love, love Kenny Irons.
  4. Harsin is making the nervous, obviously. It's a little early for the media to start publishing Saban's propaganda
  5. The cult of the bammer must be worried if they have their media minions writing these kind of articles already. What a worthless article.
  6. Did I just listen to 45 mins of an Auburn HC speaking and not hear a single excuse?! Harsin is straight-up, alpha boss!
  7. "Big Kat" ironic I know, will continue his mediocrity as he has for the past 3 years. Best thing for Bryant was to stick around and face some tough love, maybe he could reach his potential. Following Steele and the get-by attitude will do him no favors. Good luck and WDE to Big Kat!
  8. DC was brought in with the promise of having real input in game planning, preparation. DC tried to do his job, which as his title stated was Co-OC. His input was never welcome, which led to him becoming persona non grata to the Gus/Lashley duo. I was never happy Gus was hired as HC, but hearing the dude had a bigger ego than Saban, I knew the 2013 success was going to extend Gus' tenure way beyond it's expiration date. Folks should know by now, one thing is certain if you work for Gus, you will become his scape-goat one day.
  9. Probably a tough SOB. Having the same Dad as Sue, and all....
  10. Base 4i, sing it loud, sing it proud....
  11. Will Friend ain't the reason Tennessee sucks. They hired a dumbass hillbilly as coach, because he was the only Saban assistant they could get. The dude is a complete disaster, and was never qualified to be a head coach at the collegiate level.
  12. That's a W! War Damn, Richochet!!
  13. For once, I feel like we are winning in the coaching department, not settling. Feels damn good!!
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