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  1. Why don’t you say something hopeful, and righteous for a change….. watched it 100x’s with my Dad
  2. Great move. Gotta catch up from the mess the other dude created.
  3. It’s already being officially reported. Just waiting on PC from Okie State
  4. Loved JB as a player, and was excited when he got his first coaching gig. Thought that it would be great if he one day came home to Auburn. However, following his coaching career for years, it has not been one of a guy excelling at his craft. He has been shown the door more often than not. This will most definitely be used to recruit against us. Even my strongest pair of O&B glasses on, this isn’t a good hire. This points to no one else seriously considered the DL job. We are getting hammered in the media and now will be hammered even more on the recruiting trail. Mason and Eason leaving isn’t an easy thing to explain to top recruits that were considering us because of them. Just on résumé’s alone, which is huge in getting kids interested in your program, this is not a win for Auburn. Also, the things that have been rumored, stuff I posted about a month or so ago, is now going to be used as gospel. Time will tell, but Harsin’s rebuild is getting tougher by the day.
  5. Please no to JT Daniels. Dude is a head case. Not a whole lot of good from his time in Athens
  6. maybe we can get Tubbs to look at the roster and pick a few guys (TE,DL) that could move to OT. He was dang good at that.
  7. Forgive me if it’s already be posted, but Lee Hunter is gone, as well.
  8. Have to become a better rebounding team to make a serious run in March.
  9. You are exactly right. All this in-fighting about whether Calzada is the answer or not, well he probably is a better answer than what is currently on roster. Not a whole lot of quality QB’s to be selective in Auburn’s situation. I welcome Calzada to Auburn.
  10. Glad Anders is coming back. It’s going to be a tough road back, long time before he’s released to kick full-speed/effort, tough on kickers and golfers for sure. Looking forward to seeing him kick again for the good guys, though.
  11. We need help at lb’er in a big way. The buttcheeks bowl wasn’t a good showing for any backer not named Chandler Wooten. Mr Bright would be a huge addition. We need 2-3 experienced guys to help bolster what I see as the biggest weakness on defense. I’m constantly looking at the portal for OT’s and LB’s. We have to much to offer for those guys not to consider Auburn. Thanks for posting!
  12. Easily in my top 5 all-time college football players. Love how this young man plays middle-backer. Intelligent, dedicated, consummate teammate, and as tough as railroad spikes. Just amazing what he did the past 2 seasons. Defense just wasn’t the same when wasn’t on the field. Love this kid. War Damn, Ricochet Rabbit!
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