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  1. No way Finleybcould make it at tight end. Tall and big are his only attributes. Bird do you see him transferring down to lesser school when he graduates to Quarterback ?
  2. Gave him the chance and he is selling Auburn and our program big time! War Eagle!
  3. Coach Freeze is working hard. I think he in two plus weeks has outworked previous Coach in two years recruiting.
  4. PayPal working good now. I added the 1.50 for their charge. Thanks for a great site. Certainly great information and insight plus great discussion.
  5. I like this hire. We gonna have some recruiting and teaching Coaches. War Eagle!
  6. I look forward and hope Coach Cad William's is rewarded and make Asst. Head Coach. He could be a huge help to Coach Freeze and a fast adapting to the Auburn fan base.
  7. Sanders is a solid hire and immediate recruiting tool.
  8. He gave everything he had and more. I believe with the right Coach he can be a good passer as well. Can't ask for more than he gave!
  9. After the last two seasons I had reached a point that I had never experienced as a life long Auburn fan. I could barely watch a game and actually turned them off with frustration and being upset with abbn seemingly totally uncaring, inept and statue of a SEC Coach. The last two games I have stayed emotionally invloved and glued to the games. Last night Cadi the crowd and players brought my passion and desire back for Auburn Football. The future and possibilities are endless for Auburn. With the fans, campus, students and top facilities we can be great again. Thank you Coach William's and other Auburn Coaches who are giving there all. You have inspired the players and me as a lifetime Auburn guy to not give up! War Eagle and I LOVE AUBURN!
  10. Excited for Coach Cadi and hope we have more tight ends blocking schemes.
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