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  1. Looks to be a good positive hire. Welcome to the plains. Hope he can Coach up our receivers and recruit some good ones next year. Hope he finds one in the portal!
  2. Has Kiesau ever been a OC or Quaterbacks Coach?
  3. How quickly does Harsin move on an OC and what is his priority? Is it someone to work with Quaterbacks, recruiting or someone that hes knows and comfortable with from the past. I dont see him getting someone to calling the plays and turning the offense over to them at this point.
  4. Not very well attended or organized. I thought I had read where some players were going to attend?
  5. I think you've asked the question that needs to be answered now. My honest answer is no. cant say we have improved. I believe that stability in any organization makes you better. We have had anything but stability. Straight losses at end of season, quarterbacks not ready, Coaching carousel, high transfers, low recruiting numbers. I can't say we have improved our chances. Thanks for the question. I need to ask myself that.
  6. I agree. This has to be over and move on quickly or this will hurt the Yniversity as a whole a d not just Football.
  7. Sorry for asking Titan. Have they spoken to this on ESPN? I just am catching up. Been in the Smokies.
  8. If this happens and is for cause and can be shown that's the only way I see us surviving in my lifetime. We dont need another story Coach run off. I will admit I was excited to see Coach Harsin get in with the players in the weight room and his ideas to make Auburn football great. I cant deny that I've begun to question Coaches and players leaving and not getting some of the higher rated players. I also have worried about if his personality comming across friendly and outgoing. I will be honest. I wanted Hugh Freeze but I supported this hire. I just pray that this is not a made up hit job and if terminated it's for cause. I love Auburn.
  9. I'm trying to hold on to a 3 right now but it is hard to. Thank goodness for Bruce Pearl and our Auburn Basketball team. It keeps me hoping there will be some type of good news on our Football front.
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