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  1. He's great at Coach speak! That's about all.🤔
  2. My main point along with no emotion. What Coach stands like a statue and does nothing one way or the other. No fire in him at all.. Not a Coach!
  3. Harsin sidetracked in his Coaching today thinking about all the money he's going to make. I think he wants to be fired!
  4. "Just Turrible " as Sir Charles Barkley wouldnsay!
  5. Two not so good teams and we are in a fight for our lives in our stadium.
  6. Exactly my feelings. Gonna be worse next year. Last in SEC recruiting, bit I forgot some are saying it still the Booster and powers that be meddling and now the media criticizing. I haven't heard him say it's on the Coaches some the way they have planned and Coached the last 8 games.
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