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  1. The south isn't too far different than Idaho for God's sake. SMDH.
  2. I've noticed a lot of us are too far down into the weeds to see the trees in the forest.
  3. Harsin is a good coach and will do well at AU if AU lets him, period. All the other granular nitpicky year-one stuff is just fan trauma and brokenness.
  4. The assumption that there would have been a more favorable outcome with different decisions made is short sighted IMO.
  5. Im always tickled at people wanting to see smoke coming from a coaches ears when things are going bad. The better coaches know when to dial it up and when to dial it back.
  6. What piss poor decisions caused them to lose games? And before you answer, ask yourself what alternative decision could have be made that the players were capable of executing...
  7. Our talent level is horrible. The only way out of this is consistent, incremental improvement. Nobody wants to hear it but you don't get the mold out of this program in one season. Firing the coordinators/etc just compounds the problem, because you're gonna make recruiting even more unstable.
  8. Yeah it sucks for Bo but I'm not ready to get pessimistic just yet.
  9. Honestly, I'm curious what Finley can do with a full week of prep as the starter.
  10. He's probably vaccinated but has antivax lunatics in his family that he doesn't want to hear from.
  11. Why can't Republicans meet the Democrats halfway and get some election security provisions and compromise on other proposals? Manchin was inviting this by adding in voter ID provisions but they won't even come to the table.
  12. OM will be tough but I think the cumulative effect of weeks of experience with HarsinBall under the belt of the team will make it tough on OM as well. Last week felt like a "turn the corner" game
  13. I keep being told that talent doesn't matter and it's all about heart and being the right "cultural fit". Oddly, the same folks are saying Gus left a bunch of 5 stars.
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