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  1. That would eliminate you from that also. You're as thin skinned as it comes. And you don't know everything. Just another spoiled rich kid who thinks he knows everything.
  2. He will be a colossal bust in the NBA of epic proportions. He's not athletic, and his driving ability which is somewhat effective in college will have zero impact in the NBA. He's an out of this world passer and his court vision is amazing but he has limited athletic ability. He can barely dunk a basketball. Any team that takes him high will regret it. Also, to whoever made that bet with me, its not looking good for you. This team next year will be lucky to be .500. And it's pretty sad that Oates has already passed us in what, two years. We've pooped the bed in the pos
  3. No one can dribble or shoot, but we're going to win 25 games next year bayyyyybeeeee!!!
  4. This post is rich... You made this post and in the same thread have a guy that can't avg double digits in college, as a 1st round NBA DP, who belongs at Troy.
  5. Oh, Flanigan is going to be a first round pick? OMG... I'm done here. Good bye. Are you 10 years old?
  6. Brown has had a great career in the G League and has been signed by multiple NBA teams and Flanigan belongs at Troy.
  7. You are insane. You're dismissed.
  8. We will be better off without him as he's a net negative. He's a good defender but brings very little to the table offensively and is a black hole and makes horrific decisions for someone raised by coaches galore. His basketball IQ is seemingly low which given his background is strange.
  9. Harper and Brown and Okoro were dogs and killers. This bunch is NOTHING like those guys and never will be. Okeke was soft and passive like these guys but he was much more talented than them, also.
  10. How can it be wrong when its a prediction post? FWIW, this team stinks, is 2-3 games under .500 and the track record for teams that ever are that bad winning 25 games in the next season is let's say, not good. Duke gets 4-5 players per year as good or better than Jabari Smith and they stink this year. Praying that one guy is good enough to put this collection of current players to two-three levels above what they are now is colossally dumb to anyone with a brain. It's a WAY down year in the SEC and if these players had lasting talent, they'd be better than this. They aren't. And I do
  11. Substance: Cooper: Couldn't hit water falling out of a boat. Tries to do too much. Great passer of the ball, one of the best to ever play at Auburn from a pure passing POV. Flanigan: A somewhat solid SEC basketball player who probably would have been better suited to go to Arkansas-Little Rock or somewhere like that. Not a championship level player. Jaylin Williams: Average to below average SEC talent. Does nothing terribly, does nothing very well although at times can get hot from 3. Shorter than billed. Cardwell: A big dorky kid who tries hard but isn't very talen
  12. You're on and I'll say again, it's been nice seeing your posts. I think you're a delusional fanboy and this team isn't sniffing 25 wins. If Cooper and Powell aren't on this roster, they'll be lucky to make the NIT. And I don't want to hear anything about injuries, or that guy transferred or what have you.
  13. It's been nice seeing your posts. We'll miss you.
  14. He was, minus Powell. Cooper's lack of shooting ability in HS should have also been a red flag. You'll see.
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